Fleshlight Girls – We Review The Best Pornstar Sex Toys

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We’ve taken a closer look at the Fleshlight Girls series from Fleshlight.com. They feature all your favorite pornstars from Riley Reid to Stoya.

So if you’ve been wondering if it’s worth investing into a new fleshlight to spank your monkey, we’ve got you covered!

We give you an up to date Fleshlight Girls review for 2021, including which one we think is the best.

So what are you waiting for, get reading, you’ve got some spanking to do!

All Current 42 Fleshlight Girls

There are currently 42 pornstar fleshlights featured in the Fleshlight Girls series. They are:

About Fleshlight Girls

Fleshlights are revolutionizing the way men are masturbating throughout the world. That said, there is no better way to experience ultimate male stimulation than by having your own Fleshlight.

Each Fleshlight is molded from the vagina of the most popular Fleshlight pornstars today, and we mean that literally. Each pornstar sex toy is an actual replica of your favorite Fleshlight girl’s vagina, butt hole or mouth.

Fleshlights are concealed as flashlights, and this gives you a clue as to where they got the idea for the brand name. These sex toys are great for solo action or foreplay for couples as well.

What makes Fleshlights so special is the supply and flexible inner sleeve material which is almost lifelike. It is meant to simulate the same sensations as actual sex with a real woman. What’s more, the sleeves begin with the sculpted lips of your favorite Fleshlight pornstars.

Due to the popularity of the Fleshlight range, the number of pornstar Fleshlight models has grown exponentially. There are now a total of 42 Fleshlight girls and each of their vaginas, and butt orifices are molded into original Fleshlight sleeves. Each sleeve is unique and contains a different texture, which ultimately provides a different sensation. With so many Fleshlights to choose from, we’ve decided to do a Fleshlight girls review to reveal the best Fleshlight Girls.

The Best Fleshlight Girl – Stoya Destroya

If you, like many other men, have fantasized about getting some action with the green-eyed, alabaster-skinned beauty – Stoya, you can now have your own piece of her signature Fleshlight.

Stoya’s pink pussy is molded from her own anatomy, which has her custom Stoya texture and is designed to feel like her own vagina thanks to the superskin material that grips your penis like a real life pussy would do.

There are other varieties of the pornstars’ anatomy such as the Swallow and Forbidden textures which mimic her mouth and anus respectively. The texture that replicates her vagina is also referred to as the Lotus texture.

This assertive and confident beauty is known as “America’s sweetheart of smut’ thanks to her no-bullshit attitude. So her pussy will most likely be in charge even when you take home her signature Fleshlight but in the best possible way. She is also a trendsetter and has been known to make outfits out of duck tape and wear them to the supermarket.

She discovered the porn industry through her keen interest in online fetish groups and BDSM. The adult industry star has won multiple awards with accolades from XRCO, AVN, XBIZ and Eroticline. She has no problem making out with women as she has proved in her various girl on girl scenes. She also attained a contract with Digital Playground where she acted in movies such as Cheerleaders, Babysitters 2 and Pirates II – Stagnettis Revenge.

Her latest venture includes teaming up with Kayden Kross to create a new platform for “curated smut”. The site is called Threnchcoatx, and you will be able to find her directorial debut, Graphic Depictions on this site.

This chick is a combination of hot looks and intellect. She has written for the New York Times, Esquire and The Guardian and also manages her Graphic Depictions blog.

You may refer to her as the Goth Girl Next Door or the Alt Porn Star, either way she is gorgeous, mind-blowing and although she is one of the new girls in the range, her Fleshlight is the best selling to date.

The Destroya Fleshlight

The Destroya Sleeve is unique to the Stoya Fleshlight and is 9.5 inches long. As mentioned before this best selling Destroya Fleshlight sleeve has been molded from the porn star’s actual vagina.

Inside the sleeve, you will find three canals, also referred to as pleasure chambers. This sleeve offers one of the most intense stimulations, and if that is what you are into, this is your best pick. Lots of men cannot even describe the feeling accurately, and you have to just experience it.

The first chamber consists of three rings of bumps, along with notches and gently grabs your penis as you enter. Next, you will slide through the pleasure dome of larger and more pointed bumps that cover the entire surface of the inner sleeve.

As you thrust deeper into the sleeve, you will feel deep rows of fangs that are meant to stimulate your penis head. It’s probably the favorite part of the canal for most men because while your penis head is being massaged in the current chamber, your shaft is being pleasured in the previous one. This feeling is further enjoyed when you are pulling out.

The sleeve then narrows down after six inches into three inches of rib-like texture. So the latter part of the nine inches is pure pleasure. This Fleshlight product is the best selling and most popular amongst Fleshlight connoisseurs because it provides the most intense stimulation.

Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Review

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The Runner up – Eva Lovia

Runner-up in the best Fleshlight girl’s category is naughty but nice pornstar Eva Lovia. Her vagina was molded to create her signature sleeve with the unique sugar texture, while her ass was molded to create the spice texture.

What’s unique about the sugar texture is the nubs, combined with the series of twists and turns. The spice texture also introduces its own pattern of suckers, ridges and much more.

Eva Lovia is the recipient of a Digital Playground contract and also the newest Fleshlight girl. She’s also the first Digital Playground Star Winner. If you’ve ever wondered how anyone could turn out this beautiful and stunning, then we guess that can be credited to her mix of Japenese and Spanish genes. At 5.3 inches tall, with slender legs, perky boobs and a great ass, she also has a body to die for.

She was Penthouse Magazine’s Miss December 2017. Prior to becoming a Fleshlight girl, Eva was a sought after bikini model and later became a contract performer.

The temptress began her career in the porn industry a few years ago and only did lesbian scenes, initially. This is due to the fact that she is more comfortable being with women in front of the camera than she is being with men. She has mentioned this many times. She also wanted to prove that it is possible to earn a living doing girl on girl movies exclusively.

However, after two years of creating girl on girl action, she decided to give her fans some boy on girl action too. Her first movie of this kind is called Reality King’s Production where she stars alongside Mick Blue.

The Eva Lovia Fleshlight

Like the Destroya the Eva Lovia Fleshlight is also 9.5 inches in length and has a light pink color that is much the same as her real vagina. The outer casing is white, and there are four separate chambers of pleasure inside the sleeve. The first is a 0.5-inch entry point molded after her vagina.

A raised, rib pattern covers the first chamber as well as the entire canal. There are ribs placed strategically to provide the ultimate pleasure. The next canal is wider than the first and has layers of ribs that run diagonally which significantly enhance the stimulation and sensation.

Now the third chamber is where all the fun starts. There are small balls covering this entire chamber, and they just multiply the deeper you go. The sensation here is also completely new.

Ultimately, the penis head is stimulated here, and the previous two canals stimulate the penis shaft.

The final and fourth chamber includes raised lines that add an intense stretch for your penis.

Eva Lovia Fleshlight Review

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Second Runner up – Riley Reid

Undisputedly one of the adult industry’s hottest stars is none other than Riley Reid. Her fresh face, genuine affinity for sex and confidence allow her to give an award-winning performance every time she gets in front of the camera.

She starred in what is known as the best anal film called Being Riley, which was produced by Tushy.com. Some of her other films include Grease XXX Parody and Ultimate Fuck Toy among dozens of others.

The megastar has also received XBIZ and AVN awards. She’s also an avid reader and talented chef who loves everything about Disney. The porn star as an undeniable zest for life and believes in making lemonade out of lemons.

She owns her own website which she maintains when she’s not creating epic movies for others. Her fans can see more of her at ReidMyLips.com.

Riley Reid Fleshlight

The Riley Reid Fleshlight consists of the Utopia sleeve and considered by some a Fleshlight for experienced Fleshlight users.

It has an innovative coil texture with four separate canals. Each of these chambers offers tight stimulation for your penis as well as ribbed surfaces to increase the sensation.

The reverse bell shape design is what greets you in the first chamber, and this is covered by 360 degrees of shallow ridges. These textures gently massage your penis head.

The second canal consists of a narrow flap which moves onto a broader chamber that is entirely covered in bumps.

The most extended chamber is the third one, and it also happens to have the narrowest entry. The varying width and textures throughout the chambers create a plethora of sensations for you to enjoy.

Once you reach the fourth chamber, you will once again feel a ridged texture all around your penis. This Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight offers varied and constant stimulation. So if extreme stimulation is your thing or you want to increase your stamina, this is your best bet.

Riley Reid Fleshlight Review

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How is the Fleshlight Parts Molded?

If you are wondering how the vaginas and butt orifices of these porn stars were molded, you are not alone. In fact, we’re sure it’s something that everyone wonders about the Fleshlight range at some point.

Another question is whether it is actually real or not? Well, the truth is that the orifices, be it a vagina, butt hole or mouth are all one hundred per cent unique to each Fleshlight girl, and this is how it is done.

Your favorite porn star lays on a table and is washed and dried. Thereafter, liquid molding clay is poured on her private parts, and some of this clay is injected into her pussy and ass. Once the clay dries, it is removed and left to set. The finished mold is used to design and manufacture exact replicas of these porn stars vaginas and asses. The super skin material also enhances the realistic sensation.

The process itself seems far fetched, and this is why Fleshlight is known as innovators in their field.

Other Top Selling Fleshlights

As we also talked about in our Fleshlight review, the Lisa Ann Fleshlight is recommended for men who want more suction out of their pornstar sex toy and with this Barracuda sleeve, suction is definitely what you will get.

The Asa Akira Fleshlight with Dragon sleeve is suggested for men with above average penises. It has a longer chamber and a diameter between 0.5 and 0.7 inches making it one of the widest sleeves and a good fit for larger men.

If versatility is what you are after, the Dillion Harper Fleshlight is just for you. The Crush sleeve texture features three pleasure chambers. The sleeve is intense and versatile. So for those who want to experience many different sensations in one sleeve, this is for you.

The Alexis Texas Fleshlight with the Outlaw sleeve gets tighter the further you penetrate. It is designed for men who like really tight vaginas.

The Christy Mack Fleshlight sleeve is known as the Attack. It is probably one of the most realistic sensations and as close to a real vagina as the company could get. So it does not have the intense and unbelievable textures that the other sleeves have so like a real vagina it slowly but surely builds you up to orgasm.

If you also want to take a look at some of the options outside of the Fleshlight Girls series, you can check our article about the best fleshlight.

Where to Buy Pornstar Fleshlight

During our Fleshlight girls review, we took the time out to ensure that you make your purchase from reputable and credible sources. So you may purchase directly from the manufacturer, and if you have a coupon code, you qualify for a discount off the total price. The Fleshlight range is available for sale in the US and EU as well.


There is an ever-increasing list of existing and upcoming Fleshlight girls, so it may be hard to keep track of all of them. According to our reviews, the girls mentioned above are the most successful and sought after Fleshlight girls in the adult entertainment industry.  

We recommended the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight sleeve as the best since it is popular amongst lots of men. It is also best for the larger majority of men out there who prefer substantial stimulation and intensity, along with a plethora of variance and tightness.

However, if this is not necessarily your thing, the good news is that there are dozens of pornstar Fleshlight girls and sleeves out there. We recommended some of them in this review and explained who they would be most suitable for. However, you still have the liberty to explore more options in the Fleshlight range until you find the Fleshlight that gets you off.

There’s also an initial trial and error process with these products as is the case, with any product you purchase, so just because a specific Fleshlight does not live up to the hype, the first time around doesn’t mean you should write it off.

Every Fleshlight offers something different so irrespective of whether you are single and want some self-love, want to increase your stamina so you can last longer in bed or simply want to relieve yourself of sexual tension when your partner is not around, there is a Fleshlight out there for you.

You also have the opportunity to build your own Fleshlight, and this gives you a more customized version of the sleeve you want. So thanks to Interactive Life Forms and the Fleshlight range, you now have a variety of options to suit every personal and sexual preference imaginable.

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