Fleshlight Turbo Review – The Thrust VS Ignition

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Looking to get the Fleshlight Turbo? Perhaps wondering if you should get the Ignition or Trust?

Wonder no more.

Our joyful monkey has put them to the test and shows you everything you need in our review.

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Signature Superskin

Fleshlight Turbo options are available in two textures, the Thrust and Ignition. Both equipped with the signature superskin material, making the sensation more real than ever.

Both of these devices deliver the ultimate blowjob experience as the textures provide intense stimulation.

Both the Thrust and Ignition models are available in a transparent version as well as a copper tone.

They also have a mechanical appearance, so they look nothing like a blowing simulator, and more like what male masturbators may look like in the distant future. However, they manage to get the job done exceptionally well.

Unlike the previous Fleshlight blowjob orifices, the Thrust and Ignition provide a more intense interaction by using tight canals and nub structures throughout the inner sleeves.

Our Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review

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Perhaps the most interesting part of the Thrust is its orifice. It has a rather neutral appearance despite being an oral masturbator.

Before you can enter the main sleeve texture, you must first get through the three separate holes which are all held apart from each other.

There are also four sections which are uniquely textured starting with bumps and raised ribs. The next section includes diamond-shaped bumps that have raised edges while the third part of the canal has bumps which are wide and square shaped.

Finally, you will get to experience the final part of the sleeve consisting of crisscrossed ribs going in opposite directions across the chamber.

The variety of textures and sections provide a full throttle until the very end, and even if you are not long enough to reach the final part of the sleeve, you won’t feel like you have missed anything.

The Thrust Texture

The Fleshlight turbo thrust consists of is made up of varying textures; however, they all serve a purpose.

The three-point stimulation present in the sleeve represents the lips, tongue, and throat.

The Thrust starts with four sections and five small chambers. These contain raised ribs, diamond-shaped bumps, and cross-ribbed textures until the very end of the sleeve.

How to Use the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

The Thrust has a three-part entrance, and ultimately it is designed this way to mimic the lips, tongue and throat experience. The lips and tongue section is what you will experience first as it holds on to your penis snugly.

You are welcome to play around at the entrance for as long as you want and when you are ready to enter the inside of the Thrust, more pleasure awaits you.

Twisted ribs and small bumps greet your penis, and the center section introduces you to large bumps that will draw you closer to orgasm.

The different textures may not be very noticeable once you are inside; however, you will definitely experience a pleasurable intensity that leads you to climax sooner rather than later.

The Fleshlight Turbo Ignition

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Perhaps the main distinguishing feature between the Ignition and the Thrust is the fact that the Ignition has a cluster of bulging nubs that occur once you reach 3 inches into the sleeve.

At first, the sensation is quite erotic as you have to push through these knobs gently and as you experience a little bit of added pressure, you are invited to thrust more in-depth and more aggressively into the sleeve.  

This is specifically due to the inward angle of the nubs so the pleasure you feel in the first part is gentle, thereafter the resistance and firm grip are included to provide you with a higher volume of stimulation.

The deeper you push, the more inviting the texture and sensations begin to get. However, unless you have an above average size penis, you probably won’t get to experience the last section and that it is a pity since it gives you such an exciting texture.

The Fleshlight Ignition Texture

The ignition texture aims to make the blowjob experience as realistic as possible to an actual blowjob. Therefore the three-stage design is meant to signify the lips, the mouth, and throat.

The beginning of the first chamber has a grid of short; longitudinal bumps that is soft and stimulating.

The second structure is more intense and has pyramid shaped blocks. However, the further into the sleeve you venture, the more level these pyramid shaped blocks become. The second section also has three cross ribs.

However, the heightened sensation is caused by the mushroom-shaped bump at the front of each of these pyramid shaped blocks. They are inclined towards the center of the sleeve and naturally point towards the penis head on its way to the chamber.

The final part of the sleeve has a ring of small and longitudinal ribs. They are inclined at a 45° angle towards the entrance of the sleeve. This part of the canal also has small rounded bumps at the beginning.

The edges of these structures give you a pleasant rubbing sensation, and due to the reduced height, they are relatively stiff which provides adequate stimulation.

How to Use the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition

A generous amount of water-based lubricants is recommended before using the Ignition Fleshlight. You will immediately notice that the Fleshlight has a slightly sticky feeling which is caused by the super skin material used to make the sleeve.

You’ll also notice a slight chemical smell the first time that you use it; however, it’s nothing, and it does go away after the first use.

Ultimately when using it, you will notice that the entrance is designed to feel like lips and even though the hole is quite small, the sensation is rather convincing.

Once you venture inside the sleeve, you should notice the dome-like structures that are softer than real teeth and feel amazing. The lips of the sleeve tend to provide a firm hold on the penis, and you could spend as much time as you like just playing around with the entrance of the sleeve.

Once you venture past the second section, the textures become more subtle and are designed to stimulate the feeling of a deep throat blowjob.

The entire sleeve contains a variety of textures that are all stimulating and subtle at the same time. However, reaching orgasm should be sooner than you anticipate.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust vs. Ignition

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The outer appearance may be almost identical however; there is a slight difference to the textures found inside each version. Firstly, the Thrust does not have the initial resistance points that the Ignition has.

Also, the texture inside the Thrust is more subtle as compared to the Ignition. So while the Ignition urges you to thrust in deeper and more aggressively, due to the gripping textures, the Thrust allows you to slowly but surely build-up to orgasm at your own pace.

While both models offer a unique experience, it all boils down to what type of orgasm you are looking for.

How to Clean the Fleshlight Turbo

Since both models contain a lot of texture, you should make sure you get all the lube build-up out of the sleeve before rinsing it out.

Try inserting a finger and then scooping out the residue left behind, while running it under a tap.

Drying time is increased due to the varying textures as well as the narrow points in the chamber. So give it at least 4 to 5 hours to dry completely before packing it away or using it again.


•    The three-stage design is unique and provides a very realistic sensation

•    Both devices offer a balanced design that is ideal for a manual blowjob

•    The transparent sleeve provides a great visual experience

  • You can use it with the turbo flex Fleshlight stand for a hands-free experience


•    It does require a considerable amount of time under hot running water in order to warm up and feel real

•    The material can tend to be sticky when there is no lube on it

•    The device is entirely manual; therefore you will need to ensure that you hold it appropriately and balance out your weight when using it.

•    These models do not work with the add-on known as the Fleshlight launch.

The Turbo not to your liking? Check our Fleshlight review for more alternatives.

Reasons to Buy the Fleshlight Turbo

If you are a die-hard Fleshlight fan and already own pocket pussies and other Fleshlight orifices, this would be the ultimate addition to your collection.

Also, if you’ve never experienced an actual blowjob before, the Fleshlight Turbo simulates the real sensation, if not better. These devices are also designed to provide maximum pleasure anytime you feel like it.

This also means no more waiting for the wife to get home from work and what’s more, you can experience an over the top blowjob without the gagging and complaining.

What You Should Know about this Device

These devices do make a squeaky noise as you thrust in an out of them; however, considering that dead silence would be creepy, this is more of an advantage than a drawback.

You will also need to have a penis length of more than 5.9 inches to experience the final part of the canal, however, the rest of the sleeve as enough texture to make you enjoy a wonderful climax.

When it comes to appearances, you can choose between a clear, ice blue sleeve and a futuristic-looking copper colored one.

Keep an eye out for our Fleshlight turbo video coming soon.

Where to Buy the Turbo Fleshlight

While many online stores are selling male sex toys, you should remember that all of these devices are not made the same.

During our Fleshlight Turbo review, we took the time and effort into making sure that you purchase your Turbo device from credible sources.


During our Fleshlight turbo review, we found that the most impressive features of the Fleshlight Turbo range is the three-layered entrance point. This texture gives the user a taste of what they can expect throughout the sleeve.

The rest of the sleeve is filled with an abundance of different textures, and although the devices may feel big and bulky at times, they definitely are worth the weight.

If you would like to find out more about what the Fleshlight Turbo range has to offer, why not invest in one of these devices for yourself and experience why Fleshlight is the one of the best selling products on Amazon. It wont disappoint, trust us. There is a reason why we also had it amongst our best fleshlights.

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