Claire Castel Fleshlight Review

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Have you always dreamed of banging a French porn star? Well, we have too and this is why we’ve decided to create the Claire Castel Fleshlight review. 

Read on to find out more about how this tight-pussied French Dorcel Girl will leave you wanting for more. 

While the French have brought us cheese, wine and liberty, you would agree that the most valuable asset we have thanks to them is French porn stars like Clair Castel. 

This Dorcel girl has been making men all around the world hornier than ever, and now they have a chance to bring their fantasies to life.

About the Claire Castel Fleshlight

Claire Castel is a slim and sexy 5’5″ pron star who was born in Bordeaux, France, on January 15, 1986. Growing up in a privileged home, she attended the best schools in France. Her endeavor in the adult entertainment industry began when she entered the world of stripping. 

She was encouraged to make the leap into hardcore porn by a close friend. This French temptress currently works exclusively for the company Video Marc Dorcel.  

This special new texture known as the Dorcel texture is exclusively available with the Dorcel Girls. Unlike the Fleshlight Girls, that all have their own unique texture, these girls all share the same texture as their combined exclusive Fleshlight. However, it’s only available with them and none of the other girls. 

Claire Castel is one of the four girls used for the Dorcel sleeves. The only difference perhaps is the lady orifice of the sleeves, which is unique to each girl. 

The Dorcel texture includes very tight passages, novel structures and a variety of sensations inside much like a butt sleeve. If you’re looking for intensive orgasms, then look no further.

This product is brought to you by Interactive Life Forms company, Fleshlight who have been creating male masturbation toys for almost a decade. The company is known as a leader in the sex toy industry, and thanks to their constant innovation and dedication to high-quality products, they have remained the number one go-to company for adult sex toys. 

How to Use the Dorcel Orifice?

The Dorcel sleeve is filled with a variety of textures and a total of three chambers. This gives you more than enough textures and sensations to use the sleeve as is. 

However, if you’re looking for a heightened experience, then you should try warming up the sleeve before use. To do this, you can place it in a sink filled with hot water for a few minutes, alternatively, make use of Fleshlights dedicated sleeve warmer. 

Due to the variety of textures and intensity of the sleeve, it is recommended that you use extra lubrication with this sleeve.

Because of the textures inside the sleeve, cleaning can tend to be tedious and time-consuming. There’s a series of bumps and ribs of various sizes and in various orders. In addition to this, the general diameter is very tight. Therefore, when cleaning, you’ll need to make sure that all of these interspaces are completely free of residue.

Once you’re done cleaning your Dorcel sleeve, you should thoroughly dry it by placing it near a radiator or simply hanging it up to dry thoroughly.

Ensure that it is completely dry before packing it away because of the delicate super skin material.

Who is the Claire Castel Sleeve Designed for?

The Dorcel sleeve is ideal for men looking for a pocket pussy that’s going to give them great stimulation, intensity and penetration. The tightness and suction effect on the sleeve is very good, and it provides the level of realism that men are looking for. 

In addition to this, the many chambers series of different textures inside the sleeve makes it exciting and gives you something to look forward to as you reach each chamber.

 When it comes to value for money, this product is right there with the best. Due to the delicate super skin material which is soft and smooth, the product is consequently Phthalates free, and while it is discrete and unpretentious, it’s also incredibly satisfying. 


  • Variety of textures
  • Three different chambers
  • Intense and stimulating


  • Variety of textures and interspaces makes cleaning tedious.

It is also suitable for men with different penis lengths thanks to the many chambers and variety of ribs and nubs inside. 

Tips and Tricks

The Dorcel sleeve will bring you undeniable pleasure. The intensity and variety of textures inside the sleeves are all you need to have a mind-blowing experience.

However, to spice things up, even more, you can invest in some Fleshlight accessories to make your experiences even more memorable.

If you don’t feel like investing more money just yet, here are a few other tips such as placing the sleeve under a pillow and then penetrating the toy as you assume the missionary position. 

In addition to this, you may remove the casing that comes with the sleeve to make the sensation a little less intense. Alternatively, if you want to tighten things up, start by tightening the caps on both ends of the case to create a vacuum-like feeling. 

Where to Buy

During our review, the Claire Castel sleeve was found to be the most popular of the Dorcel sleeve range. While many unscrupulous sellers will try to capitalise on this information and claim to sell the original product, you should always be wary of counterfeits and inferior quality products.

We’ve put in the time and effort to sift out the scams from reputable and trustworthy sellers.


If you like it tight and intense, then the Dorcel lady orifice is for you. The narrow corridors and bumps and ribs will keep you enticed and looking forward to more. The wide spots only last for moments and are far and wide inside the sleeve. 

Ultimately, you’ll experience one sensation after the other with this Claire Castel pocket pussy, and once you try it out, it will become your favorite male masturbator of all time. 

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