Janice Griffith Fleshlight Review

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If you’ve been following Janice Griffiths’ steamy porn scenes, then you’ve no doubt been gripped, tingled and aroused at every opportunity. Well, the good news is that she has that effect on men. 

It’s also one of the reasons why we decided to write this Janice Griffith Fleshlight review. The release of her ‘Eden” sleeve has caused a huge stir in the male masturbation market, and we’ve decided to find out why.

So keep reading as we explore Janice Griffiths Fleshlight and find out why it’s being dubbed the most realistic Fleshlight of all time. 

About the Janice Griffith Fleshlight

Janice is of Indo – Caribbean descent. It may be hard to define her race, but who needs to do that when clearly she is a petite, slender and golden-skinned beauty. Janice is in her early 20’s, but due to her talent and passion in the adult porn industry, she’s created more than 100 porn scenes and some features. The smoking hot beauty has thousands of followers on Twitter and Instagram. 

Janice is one of the newest members of the Fleshlight Girls range since she joined in 2018. Her pussy texture is called “Eden”, and she is one of the few girls with a darker skin tone to have a Fleshlight moulded after. Her golden-brown skin tone is replicated in her sleeve.

Her lady orifice naturally strikes the eye. Perfectly molded after her labia and containing her signature next to it, this sleeve is mouth-watering. However, behind all of the exterior, the truth is her sleeve features surprising structures of high-intensity and incredible tightness. 

Don’t be surprised to find narrow transitions and diverse structures similar to her butt orifice with Eden texture. Also, prepare for blocks of knobs and round bumps in various sizes.

Janice’s Eden texture is brought to you by Interactive Life Forms company Fleshlight. They’ve been the leading manufacturer of male sex toys for over a decade, and one of the reasons why they’re so popular is because of their signature super skin material that feels so close to the real thing.

How to Use the Eden Sleeve?

The most accurate way to describe this sleeve is intense, tight and tidy. Not only does it have a visually appealing look, but it feels snug and grips your shaft tightly. As we mentioned earlier, this resembles a butt orifice and is therefore perfect if you want a super tight feeling during penetration.

The sensation of the sleeve is further enhanced by making use of Fleshlights FleshLube as well as their dedicated sleeve warmer to heat the sleeve up to body temperature.

Considering the sleeve closely resembles a butt canal in structure, cleaning it can prove to be quite exhausting. The deep grooves in the center, as well as the interspaces between the knobs, would require lots of firm rubbing in order to get all of the residues out. 

These grooves and gaps are also tight in diameter which increases the drying time so; therefore, you will need to be patient and ensure that it is thoroughly dried before storing it away or using it again.

janice griffith fleshlight texture

Who is the Janice Griffith Sleeve Designed for?

Although the sleeve itself closely resembles a butt orifice, it does contain suction control which means that you can tighten and loosen your strokes as you go along. 

Due to the tight and tidy structure of the canal, it is suitable for men with small penis sizes. So you’ll be able to come to enjoy each and every bump, groove and ridge from start to finish.

The Eden sleeve is available at the same affordable price as every other sleeve in the Fleshlight Girls range. And considering the build quality, great feel and performance,  it is a bargain. 


  • Suction control
  • Soft and realistic feeling
  • Unique skin tone


  • Very tight 
  • Cleaning is tedious

Tips and Tricks

While there are many ways to enjoy your Eden sleeve, one of the main points to remember is that you need to take good care of it in order to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

So while you can use your sleeve with various accessories such as the shower mount and you can heat up the sleeve to body temperature using the sleeve warmer, you should also ensure that you clean and dry your sleeve properly after each and every use.

In order to do this, you can make use of Fleshlights cleaning solutions and if your sleeve starts to become sticky which is normal after a couple of washes, feel free to take some talcum powder and dust it all over your washed and completely dried Fleshlight sleeve. This will restore the great feeling back to your Eden pocket pussy.

Where to Buy

There are many places that you can purchase your Eden pocket pussy from these days. However, while conducting our review, Fleshlight Girls like Janice Griffith appeared to be relevant adult porn stars of the 21st century. And due to this fact, you’ll find lots of online sites advertising and claiming to sell her pocket pussy. 

However, we’ve done the due diligence to ensure that you only make your purchase from credible and reliable sources.


This is one of the first beautifully brown Fleshlight pussy’s that the Fleshlight Girls range has seen in a long time. The texture is absolutely incredible and well made with a combination of intense structures and tight passages. 

You’ll also find some novel structures paired with old classics. Ultimately, the Eden definitely will test your stamina, and the orgasms will make you want to start all over again when you’re finished.

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