Fleshlight Flight Review – The Aviator, Instructor & Pilot Masturbator

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The Fleshlight Flight series is one of Interactive Life Forms most popular range of Fleshlights. They are available in three models, and these are the Aviator, Pilot, and Instructor. However, these three models have one thing in common, and that is the cases are aerodynamically designed. They are also much smaller than regular Fleshlights making them discrete, lightweight and easy when traveling and carrying it around.

The fact that the length of the sleeve is only 6 inches, it may not be suitable for men who are hung like a horse.

The material used is the same super soft, smooth and high-quality material used on the original Fleshlight range.

If the discrete look is what you are after, then the Fleshlight Flight range is definitely your pick. Not only is it much smaller and more compact than the traditional Fleshlight range, but it also looks like something totally unrelated. It is however highly likely to be mistaken for an air purifier or grooming kit.

The product design itself is somewhat masculine when you consider the style and black and white outer casing.

The Fleshlight Flight Pilot

image with fleshlight flight pilot

The entire length of the Fleshlight Flight Pilot is just 6.9 inches. This is ideal for average penises; however, bigger guys may prefer something a bit roomier.

The Pilot is also slimmer than usual, so if you have a really thick penis, be aware that the sleeve may feel a bit tight. The super skin material is designed to be stretchy, and the sleeve will accommodate any penis size, but you still need to use your discretion and choose a device suitable for you.

During our Fleshlight Flight Pilot review, we found that the smaller and more compact design means easier handling. It also makes it great for storing and traveling. The smart appearance also makes it look more like a grooming kit than a masturbator.

The inner sleeve is much like the Stoya Destroyer and has a swirl-like opening and much the same for textures as the destroyer chamber. The first chamber has small bumps, followed by long-stemmed bumps and in the next section, you’ll approach a tight constriction along the chamber with more long bumps and then a ribbed texture. Lastly, the final part of the canal is a densely ribbed passage.

Perhaps the only difference between the Fleshlight Flight and the Stoya Destroya sleeve according to ours and many other reviews is that this does not narrow down towards the end.

The dimensions are much smaller on the sleeve, so the textures are more emphasized and accessible.

The Fleshlight Flight Aviator

image with fleshlight aviator

The Fleshlight Flight Aviator is just fewer than 8 inches long and approximately 2 inches shorter than the traditional Fleshlight range. The sleeve is smaller, so it is much easier to handle and also remain discrete in a drawer or amongst your luggage. The Fleshlight Flight Aviator is what is often referred to as a travel masturbator.

The same super skin material that Fleshlight is known for is what’s used to make the Fleshlight Aviator. The Fleshlight Aviator is made from a transparent ice colored material, and the advantage of this is that you get a good look at the action for what its worth.

The inspiration for the Aviator orifice comes from the aircraft turbine engine. So it does not have the look or appeal of a real pussy like the traditional Fleshlight range.

The texture inside the sleeve consists of rectangular blocks that form a ring around the inner chamber. The edges of the blocks form notches along the sides of the canal, and this creates the stimulation. The texture might look harsh at first; however, according to the Fleshlight Flight Aviator review we’ve just conducted, it is gentle and arousing.

Fleshlight Flight Instructor

fleshlight with flight instructor

One of the main advantages of the Fleshlight Flight Instructor is its small and compact design makes it extraordinarily discreet and easy to store between your luggage.

It is more refined at approximately 8 inches long. So even if you have an above average penis length, you will be able to enjoy penetration till the end of the sleeve. However, it is still approximately 0.2 inches shorter than the regular Fleshlight.

However, on the plus side, a traditional Fleshlight is huge and bulky while the fleshlight flight instructor seems to be just right when it comes to appropriate size.

The entire design of the Fleshlight Flight Instructor has been modified and in fact, refined. You’ll notice that the stylish casing is made of high plastic and has tiny recesses to reinforce your grip. The slanted case gives the impression of a luxury device.

As the Pilot and Aviator, the Instructor orifice is also non-anatomical and actually inspired after a jet turbine engine

The canal is quite narrow therefore it provides a snug fit. The first two or three sections of the Fleshlight consist of a couple of rows of simple bumps while the final section is wider and does not contain any texture.

Fleshlight Go Vs Flight

If you are considering investing in either the Fleshlight Go or Fleshlight Flight device, you should know that the flight series is slightly shorter than the Go range.

Another advantage that the Fleshlight Go has over the Flight is the fact that the handle on the Go is shaped better giving you more comfort when gripping as compared to the Flight models.

If you’re looking to be discreet, then the Fleshlight Flight series definitely wins here. While the Fleshlight go is much smaller than the traditional Fleshlight series, it has the same shape making it easy to spot. The Fleshlight Flight, on the other hand, is more discrete and easier to hide and travel around with.


•    It has a sophisticated design. Unlike other Fleshlight sleeves, the appeal of the flight can’t be denied as it blends seamlessly into the background.

•    The small size also makes it easier to handle which is definitely a bonus if you have small hands or want to engage in foreplay with your partner

•    Easy to take along when traveling as it slips easily between your luggage.

•    Reasonably priced


•    The width of the sleeves are quite narrow and for those who have an above average penis size, it can feel tight

•    There are limited textures in the Flight range

If neither options seems like a good fit for you, we’d recommend you take a look at our Fleshlight Review article for additional options.

How to Clean the Fleshlight

Although the Flight range may feel strongly textured, it is not that difficult to wash. Since the edges inside the chamber are not deep enough to hold onto a lot of lube, simply running some water through the sleeve is enough to clean it.

However, the narrow chamber does mean that it will take a bit longer to dry than other Fleshlight sleeves so it is recommended that you leave it for several hours in a warm spot before packing it away or using it again.

Who is the Flight Range designed for

The Fleshlight Flight series is definitely designed for men who want to increase their stamina and quickie lovers alike. However, this product is enough to stand on its own. The fact that it is so discreet is another huge bonus especially when it comes to traveling with it.

Ultimately, if you have an above average penis size and you enjoy masturbating for long periods at a time; this is probably not for you. As per our Fleshlight Flight review, you probably won’t last longer than 5 minutes tops in this range.

So if you simply want to jerk off quickly and discreetly throughout the day, this is your pick.

What You Should Know about the Fleshlight Flight Range

This specific range is much smaller than the original Fleshlight series and therefore is suitable for men with small or average sized penises.

If you have a large penis, it will not be suitable, unless you enjoy the tight and constricted feeling.

By applying a water-based lube, you will help to heighten the sensation and also make thrusting in and out easier.

The Flight range is much cheaper than the original Fleshlight series and is also compatible with a shower mount.

Where to Buy

While doing our Fleshlight Flight review, we’ve taken the time out to ensure that you only make your purchases from credible sources.


If you’ve never owned a Fleshlight before, this would be a good place to start. Alternatively, if you are looking to build your stamina then this would be a great choice as well.

Another bonus is the fact that the aerodynamic design of the outer casing on the Fleshlight flight range is extremely discrete and more often than not your device will be mistaken for an air freshener or grooming kit.

You also have a choice between the different models all of which consist of the turbine engine orifice.

So if you’re not too particular about anatomical appearance, this would be the perfect choice for you.

Alternatively, if this is your first time investing in a male masturbator, and you are on a budget, the flight range is affordably priced.

Cleanup and maintenance are also relatively quick and easy, so this is just another reason to invest in a Fleshlight Flight sex toy.

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