Riley Steele Fleshlight Review

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If you know anything about Riley Steele, then you know that this notorious and buxom beauty has a reputation for transforming average dicks into rock hard cocks. 

The great news is that she’s collaborated with Fleshlight to bring an exact replica of her pussy to life so that the average Joe can now get closer than ever to fucking her. 

So stay tuned for our Riley Steele Fleshlight review as we take a closer look at her fleshlight texture. 

About the Riley Steele Fleshlight

Riley Steele, a California native, started working at Starbucks and at a golf course snack bar before making her debut in porn. It was only after meeting Jesse Jane that Riley decided to get into the business. She contacted Joone, founder, and director of Digital Playground, and has since been featured in more than 50 X-rated adult movies. Riley is currently represented by Riley Reynolds, Florida and California licensed and bonded adult talent agency called Hussie models LLC. 

This blonde bombshell is 5.7 inches tall, has long legs, long blonde hair, and mesmerizing blue eyes. 

Nipple Alley is the exclusive lady orifice by Riley Steele in collaboration with Interactive Life Forms. She does not have a butt orifice as yet. It does, however, have some differences that make it stand out from the rest of the sleeves in the Fleshlight Girls range. The structure of the chambers is based on the “speed bump” texture, which features tiny nipple-like nodes that sit on top of the various uniform bumps running down the inside of the sleeve.

Riley Steele teamed up with Fleshlight, also known as Interactive Life Forms to bring her pussy to the masses. Fleshlight is known as one of the leaders in male masturbation toys and has brought premium quality products to the world for well over a decade.

How to Use the Riley Steele Fleshlight

The Nipple Alley texture is much like the Speedbump texture and the Stamina Training Unit. All of these textures make use of bumps and no chambers. However, some of the implementations of the bumps are different between the textures. 

The Nipple Alley sleeve has special kinds of bumps, which you can refer to as small nipples. It comprises of a long straightforward canal, lots of bumps, no chambers, and it has one significant advantage, and that is special bombs.

The entire inside of the canal is full of big bumps. They have a very special shape and resemble small nipples. However, instead of a smooth rounding on the top, they have smaller bumps sitting on top of each big bump. So this creates the perfect nipple look. These slightly pointy bumps also produce a more intense pressure on the tip of the penis. So you’ll experience stronger stimulation, and it lasts the whole time since the bumps are evenly distributed throughout the canal. 

In order to get the most out of your Fleshlight, you should use it with lubrication. Lube simply makes the entire session go smoother, literally. However, it’s important that you only use water-based lubricants so that you don’t damage the delicate material of the sleeve.

Additionally, you can place the sleeve after removing it from the case in the sink full of hot water. This should heat things up to a more comfortable and desirable temperature.

Cleaning time is significantly reduced since there’s only one long continuous chamber. However, due to the many bumps throughout the entire length of the canal, you need to ensure that you wash and rinse the sleeve thoroughly. Thereafter, ensure that it is dried completely before packing it away.

Who is the Nipple Alley Sleeve Designed for?

The nipple alley texture is probably one of the most popular and highly sought after textures in the Fleshlight Girls range. Due to the unusual texture and the fact that there are no chambers but one continuous and pleasurable texture, it is suitable for men who enjoy a strong and intense stimulation. 

While some men may feel that the monotone layout lacks variation, others will appreciate the continuous texture that provides prolonged intensity.

The bonus is that since there are no chambers and just one long and continuous structure, it’s suitable for men with different size penises. So you can think of it as a one-size-fits-all pocket pussy.

When it comes to the price of the Nipple Alley sleeve, It is priced exactly the same as the other Fleshlight Girls sleeves. It is affordable, and considering you are getting a high-quality product made from premium quality materials that are built to last for years to come; it is worth every penny.


  • Designed for long sessions
  • Helps enhance endurance
  • Consistent texture


  • Not extremely intense
  • May not be satisfying enough for experienced Fleshlight users.

Tips and Tricks

Ensure that you only use your sleeve with water-based lubricants to prolong its lifespan. Additionally, ensure that you do not use harsh detergents when washing out the sleeve. A simple solution of soap and water will do. 

You may notice that your sleeve feels a bit sticky after a couple of washes, and this is normal. However, in order to restore it to its original condition, you should wash and dry it and then dust it off with some talcum powder. This will make the sleeve feel smoother.

When it comes to having fun with your Nipple Alley sleeve, there are many ways to do so. Feel free to invest in Fleshlight accessories or wedge your Fleshlight between couches and mattresses for a hands-free experience. In fact, you can do whatever works for you. 

Where to Buy

While conducting our review, Riley Steele came up on quite a few searches, and this confirmed how sought after she is in the world of porn. So ensure that you are not victims of unscrupulous sellers who sell fake products. Buy directly from the manufacture or only use sellers that we recommend as we have done the due diligence to ensure that they are reliable. 


The Riley Steele Fleshlight is great for men who don’t mind the monotone layout. It’s also great for a first Fleshlight for newbies. Ultimately, it’s easy to clean and maintain and provides consistent intensity, so it’s a unique Fleshlight to have in your collection.

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