Best Finger Vibrator Review

The best finger vibrators

Solo sex can be fun, but there are times when you want to get off without having to work too hard at it. There’s nothing like the targeted action delivered from manual masturbation but after a long day on the job, or a long night, the thought of doing anything besides lying on your back and getting off is just too much to bear. Sometimes even holding a vibrator seems a little too much work.

Now that’s where finger vibrators come in. Yes, they do exist and yes they had to change your solo sex sessions for good. Now you can get the precise stimulation which is offered by the combined intensity of the vibrator and the manual masturbation.

If you’re looking for all over stimulation, then this is definitely something you need to try. It can also enhance nipple play, masturbation, couples play, massages and much more. To put it simply, anything your hands can do, a finger vibrator can do much better.

The Experts Choice

Happy Rabbit finger vibrator

a woman hand holding a finger vibrator

The Happy Rabbit finger vibrator is waterproof and perfectly angled so the nose and ears can nestle as closely to your clit as possible. You can also use the flexible ears for pinpoint vibration but also to encompass the clitoris, nipples and just about anywhere else you may desire.

It has a cute little tail which also doubles as a fingertip grip allowing the vibe to feel almost like an extension on your hands. You can holding it against your body for solo or partner play. The small little rabbit delivers strong vibrations and has a total of 12 modes which are three intensity speeds and nine vibration patterns. It is rechargeable and a long button flashes when charging and also when it’s ready to go.

Approximately 150 minutes of charge gives you 120 minutes of use. In order to activate it all you need to do is press the button down for two seconds. Once the vibe is switched on, all you do is continue pressing the button between the different speeds and patterns until you find one you like the feeling off. It also has a lock and it can be activated or deactivated by simply double-clicking a button.

Some features that you like the flexible stimulating yes, the handheld design, the fact that it is rechargeable and waterproof are also a big bonus.

The Contender

The Fifty Shades of Grey Secret Touching Finger Ring Vibrator

If your aim is to tease every inch of your lover’s body and make them experience stirring sensations, then you are in luck. The Fifty Shades of Grey Secret Touching Finger Ring Vibrator is powered by a single speed bullet and has a soft silicone finger sleeve with a slender stimulator. It also has a textured tip for extra stimulation. There’s a loop that keeps a vibrator pressed against your index finger for five finger freedom and total dexterity.

The finger stimulator can supplement your foreplay with your partner or it’s great for solo play as well. When touched against your clit, during penetration, it will help you to climax and experience the orgasm of your life. Some of the key features of this finger vibrator are that it is made of silicone and has a textured tip for added stimulation. The single speed bullet is also removable and can be used separately. It’s ideal for use during foreplay or intercourse.

The Bargain

The Color Pop Fing O Tip Pink Finger Vibrator

The Color Pop Fing O Tip Pink Finger Vibrator is possibly the tiniest tingling minis vibes on the market today. It has a convenient design that comfortably fits on the end of any of your fingers. The tiny micro massagers delivers13, 500 RPMs into a compact shape that sends stimulation to your erogenous zones with ease. It has a simple stretchy strap which is designed to stay in place at all times. FingO tips are made using body safe materials that also happen to be lab tested, and SEBS material. This ensures that it is off the highest quality and will last a long time. Irrespective of whether you want to tease or tickle your clit or you’re looking for foreplay with a partner, this adds an enhanced and heightened arousal to any of your sessions.

Trojan Finger Tip Vibrator

The Trojan fingertip vibrator attaches to the finger and provides you with enhanced stimulation. The touch intense personal massager allows you to experience big thrills all at your fingertips. Since it fits snugly on your finger, it has the flexibility and motions that your finger has. Ultimately, it simply enhances the motions to deliver pure pleasure. The Trojan fingertip vibrator is enclosed in a soft casing that is gentle to the touch.

The Trojan finger vibrator has the only one-speed setting and the battery life lasts approximately 30 minutes. Ultimately, if you’re looking for something that will add a little oomph to your sex life, this definitely will do the trick.

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  • Rockbox finger thrusting vibrator
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More about Finger Vibrators

Finger vibrators may look unusual however; they are a great start for someone who has never used sex toys or vibrators before. It’s ideal for partner play, solo play or for a full hands-on experience. They do have quite an unusual appearance, to say the least. They sort of look like mixing sci-fi pleasure with a piece of kitsch jewelry.

However, the traditional design consists of a stretchy or adjustable ring that sits on the finger and the part that delivers the vibrations sits on the pad of the finger facing outwards. Although small, these lady toys actually pack quite a punch. As with many things vibrating and pulsating, the power will vary from one vibe to another. What’s good to remember that when choosing your finger vibrator, is that the bigger the bullet the more powerful it will be.

Lots of people struggle to find a way to use their finger vibrator because they are so used to holding sex toys in a certain type of way. Although these vibes are small, they still need lubrication. They’re made of textured materials which are actually quite harsh against the clit, however a water-based lubricant will help to soften it up and provide a maximum amount of glide against the body.

The finger vibrator can be used on your nipples, inner thighs, buttocks, hips and any other place you deem to be erogenous. This allows you to get new sensations and figure out exactly how the toy moves against your skin.

When trying to stimulate the kids, finger vibes can feel overwhelming however you need to use the body of the five fast before daddy team the ultrasonic conversations directly onto your cats and other sweet spots.

If you are struggling to keep the plane place then you may not have to adjust how the vibrator is sitting on your finger. If it’s dipping it unwisely and you mean to put further down your fingers for the tip hangs over the edge and gives you more control. If it’s too rigid and have much grip strict loving father towards the top.

5 Ways to Maximize your Finger Vibrator Experience

How to Use a Finger Vibrator

Finger vibrators truly deliver the power to your fingertips. Although there are different types and styles to choose from, all of them deliver immense pleasure. Some are made to fit on just a single finger while others are designed to fit on two or more fingers. They are G spot tips and those that are made specifically for stimulating the clit. Irrespective of how weird or wonderful your desires may there is something out there for you irrespective of how creepy it may sound.

Mini masturbation – When women masturbate they usually concentrate on the clit, since this is extremely vital for orgasm. This is usually done with their fingers or using a vibrator. However what better way to change things up a bit than to have a fingertip vibe that simply enhances your entire solo play session.

Manly vibes – Contrary to popular belief, women are not the only ones who can benefit from finger vibes. Men also enjoy vibrations. They can use it to gently stroke the penis head while sensual vibrations are delivered to the most sensitive part of the penis. I’m sure that would be extremely pleasurable for him.

Pulsating pleasure – During foreplay, your partner runs his hands all over your body. Now imagine them doing this with an added fingertip vibrator. It becomes extremely thrilling and could pretty well lead you to climax sooner than you may think.

Focused fingering – It’s no secret, but women love it when you stimulate their clitoris with your fingers. It is the epicentre of female pleasure in the vaginal area. However, imagine what would happen if your fingers are no longer just fingers but instead vibrating, magical, buzzing and erotic tools of pleasure. This could lead to multiple orgasms, in fact, finger vibes that have a G spot attachment can provide even further and more focused pleasure. This is a worthwhile investment f that is something you are interested in.

BJ buzzing – men often get the short end of the stick when it comes to different types of vibrators. Most people believe that vibrators are purely and specifically for women. However so consequently, this can be used as an extremely exciting BJ while you are petitioning your partner.

How to Clean your Finger Clit Vibrator

how to clean finger vibrators

Irrespective of whether you have chosen a bullet vibrator, rabbit vibe, cock ring or finger vibrator, it’s vital that you know exactly how to clean and care for your sex toy.

Your sex toy should firstly be stored in a cool and dark place in order to avoid discoloration and possibly even melting. Simply throwing it into your sock drawer is a big no-no. Sex toys made from materials such as rubber, TPE, PVC, and silicone should never be stored together in the same place. The only exception to this rule is if you store it in individual bags. These materials often cause a chemical reaction when placed together.

It’s vital that you use water-based lubricants on your sex toys. This will not only prolong its life span but ensure that it stays in tip-top condition

Please ensure that you clean your sex toy properly after each use. Failure to do so could lead to the buildup of microscopic bacteria and germs that can damage your health. Consequently, it can damage your toy as well. So it’s important that you use the specific and appropriate cleaning products when sanitizing and disinfecting your toys. Antibacterial soaps are typically designed for cleaning sex toys especially anal sex toys. Unless your vibrator is waterproof, you should use a sex toy cleaner and damp cloth to carefully clean it. Non-waterproof vibrators, as well as those that are waterproof, should be dried thoroughly before putting it away.

The Verdict

Irrespective where you look these days, sex toys are all over the place. When you open up your favorite magazine, when you’re browsing online and even when you walk around the city, there are adult toy stores all around you. This is mainly due to the positive transformation in the way females view having orgasms and climaxing and simply indulging in self-love.

There are a variety of different types of sex toys out there and vibrators are the most popular and sought after kinky toys for women. They come in all shapes and sizes and each type has a slightly different feature and function compared to the next. However, if you like something small and discreet and you’re just entering the world of sex toys, then a mini finger vibrator is your ideal choice.

It is not huge, it is not as noisy as a large vibrator and ultimately it will help you get more accustomed to using a tiny little vibrator. When you are used to using a finger vibrator, have better control over it and you feel like you are ready for a bigger step, then you can go for a normal-sized dildo or vibrator such as a G spot vibrator, rabbit vibrator, bullet vibrator and so on. However as a start, if you are a beginner, a finger vibrator is your best option.

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When it comes to Amazon finger vibrator sales seem to be booming. However, the finger vibrator range WalMart supplies is top notch too.