Custom Fleshlight – How to Build Your Own

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Are you looking to create a custom Fleshlight, or want to figure out how to build your own?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you all about it in this article.

We’ll go over all the various cases, sleeves/textures and orifices you can choose from (and which ones to avoid!).

Read on to learn all about the different options, or check the current prices from the store by clicking the button below.

Options Galore

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and since you’re here on our site i’m sure you’re aware), then Fleshlight has become as close to a house hold thing as possible for a masturbator, and they’ve been around now for over a decade.

That shows in the variety of options available.

Overall Fleshlight has changed the way male masturbators look and feel. The superskin material is as real to the actual sensation of flesh and skin as you can get, which is why it’s the number one male sex toy around.

The traditional Fleshlight range is molded after the vaginas of famous porn stars such as Jenna Haze and Asa Akira, making them even more hot and steamy to play with.

There are literally dozens of variations of the Fleshlight, so there is something out there for everyone. However, if you can’t find exactly the combination you’re looking for, then you should probably build your own Fleshlight.

Thanks to Fleshlight’s customizable options, building your own Fleshlight has never been easier.

Let’s get into the nitty gritty!

Why Build Your Own Fleshlight

Perhaps one of the main advantages of building your own Fleshlight is the fact that you can combine various possibilities that are as per your preferences, taste and requirements. It’s more or less like building your perfect girlfriend.

Another bonus is that you can build a Fleshlight for pleasure, stamina or both. Aside from choosing the size, style and color of the casing, you will have access to a wealth of sleeves and orifices from which to choose.

So let’s take a closer look at what’s involved and how the process works.

The Color of Your Case

The color choices are black, blue and silver. The BYO or build your own package does not include certain color options like the gold case or the transparent ice casing. This is simply because these versions belong to specific models and are not sold as part of this option.

The good news however, is that the case color is perhaps the least personalized feature in your Fleshlight. So limited choices here is not really a train smash.

You can select your color from black, blue or silver

Choosing the Orifice

When it comes to the orifice, you have four options. This includes the vagina or lady orifice as it is commonly referred to, mouth, cheeks and butt orifice. One of the orifices that are not available here is the “Pure” orifice and it’s not included in this selection as it belongs to devices such as the STU and Flight.

The lady orifice is for intercourse pleasure, or if oral sex is your thing then the mouth shaped orifice is your best bet. For naughtier pleasure choices, the butt and cheeks are ideal.

Select either the lady/butt orifice

The Right Sleeve/Texture for You

There are approximately 12 sleeves/textures available for you to choose from. This is where it gets interesting and this is probably where you need to start making choices based on what you enjoy.

Choose between the 12 different textures

Sleeve/Texture Options

The Destroya sleeve is not for the faint at heart. The bumps, soft teeth, piercings and fangs make this sleeve fiercely stimulating. The deeper you go the more intense you can expect the stimulation to become.

Destroya Sleeve

The Mini Lotus on the other hand includes the texture of a real vagina and provides adequate stimulation.

Mini Lotus Sleeve

Although the Bi-Hive is not as intense as the Destroya, it contains pleasure points, soft rings and ribbons that gently massage your penis and bring you to climax.

Bi-Hive Sleeve

Wonder Waver is perhaps the best selling sleeve amongst first time Fleshlight users. The canal is textured and features wave-like structures.

The Original sleeve is smooth and flat. So it’s nothing fancy and is recommended for guys who have an overly sensitive penis. The smooth texture provides just enough stimulation to bring you to orgasm slowly but surely.

Original Sleeve

If you like it Super Tight, then this is the sleeve for you. Unlike the Speed Bump, the Super Tight is smooth and flat inside, while Speed Bump contains lots of ribbed textures.

Super Tight Sleeve

The Vortex sleeve is perhaps one of the craziest textures available. This sleeve will take you on a journey riddled with spiraled, hypnotic chambers.

Vortex Sleeve

The Super Ribbed sleeve will test your stamina. It feels good; however, it is rather intense and if you last more than 2 minutes in this sleeve, give yourself a pat on the back. This is an option for men who want uncontrollable pleasure.

The Heavenly texture is extremely stimulating and not for men with sensitive penises.

Heavenly Sleeve

If twisted canals and indentations are what you need, the Outlaw Tornado promises to take you on a journey.

Outlaw Sleeve

Finally the Barracuda textured sleeve will offer resistance when entering and ease you in as you thrust deeper.

Barracuda Sleeve

Accessories to Spice it up

The Shower Mount by Fleshlight is designed for hands-free pleasure. As a bonus, you don’t need to drill a hole in the wall to use it. It has a practical suction based design so you can easily stick it on the wall.

Spice it up with a shower mount

The Vstroker Virtual Sex Adapter

This is realistic virtual sex at its best. The adapter attaches to your Fleshlight and as you thrust in and out of the sleeve; your movements are transmitted to your virtual sex partner on your computer screen that will make all the necessary sound effects to get you off. It works according to your rhythm which makes the experience all the more realistic.

Cleaning your Custom Fleshlight

Your custom Fleshlight will need to be cleaned and maintained just like any other male masturbator. You may remove the sleeve from the casing to clean it thoroughly. For heavily textured sleeves, hold it under warm running water to eliminate all the lube and other residues appropriately.

You may also Use FleshWash which is Fleshlights very own cleaning product to gently yet effectively clean and sanitize the sleeve.

Sleeves with complex textures may need a little longer to dry and they may also need more ventilation. So if possible dry them near an open window or air conditioning unit to speed up drying time.

Occasionally, you should rinse your sleeve with Isopropyl to disinfect it and dust it with corn starch if you want to get rid of that sticky texture caused by the super skin material.

Reasons to Own a Fleshlight

If you’re a huge fan of self-pleasure toys, then buying a Fleshlight will prove to be an exciting experience. However, it’s nowhere as close to the exhilaration of building your own Fleshlight.  You will find all the information you need online if you want to know how to build a Fleshlight.

When you order a custom made Fleshlight it is according to your specifications and made especially for you. So you will like everything about it since it is made just for you.

Fleshlights are not just the most realistic male masturbators out there, but they are useful in so many different scenarios.

Men, who do not have partners and need self-love, will find that the Fleshlight is priceless. Additionally it is a much safer alternative to having multiple sex partners.

When it comes to the pros and cons of having a custom made Fleshlight, I guess there are only pros and no cons. For the fact that you are building your own Fleshlight, you’re getting a product that is made by you for you.

Where to Buy

Doing your research prior to buying your Fleshlight is well worth the time and effort. There are many stores out there; however, not all products are made the same. Lots of male masturbators make use of inferior materials in their manufacturing process and this leads to substandard products.

We have taken the time and effort to ensure that you make your purchase from reliable and credible sources.


When you build a Fleshlight, you are getting so much more than a sex toy. The fact that you are specifically putting together a device according to your personal preferences makes it unique to you and therefore has somewhat of a sentimental value to it.

Other sex toy companies out there don’t offer options like these and this is yet again another high point that sets Fleshlight apart from other male masturbator manufacturers. They have always been leaders in the industry and this is just another way to show the public why they are number one.

If you already have a Fleshlight, but are not entirely happy with one or two aspects of it, what better way to rectify the flaws than by learning how to build a Fleshlight? You can pick and choose everything from the color of the case to the specific texture of the sleeve.

You also have the option of building more than just one custom Fleshlight. If you enjoy variety then you may knock yourself out by building a couple of custom Fleshlights for your pleasure. Ultimately, it doesn’t get better than this.

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