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Men have been masturbating for centuries, and consequently, the existence of male sex toys have been around for decades. Male masturbators also known as fake vaginas or pocket pussies have grown in demand over the last few years, and there are many reasons for their popularity.

Aside from the fact that men need sexual stimulation every now and again, they no longer have to wait for their partners to experience a natural ejaculation. In fact, pocket pussies are lightweight and mobile enough for you to jerk off just about anywhere.

One of the leading names in the male pleasure toys’ industry is Fleshlight. Some people often confuse it with Flesh light or flashlight. However, what sets these pocket pussies apart from others is the realistic or flesh-like material that is used in the inner sleeve, and gives men the sensation of a real vagina.

One such pocket pussy is the Eva Lovia Fleshlight, molded after Eva’s own vagina and thanks to Fleshlight; you can now experience what it feels like to be inside Eva too.

About The Eva Lovia Fleshlight

The Inspiration behind the Eva Lovia Fleshlight

The model used for the Eva Lovia Fleshlight is none other than erotic temptress Eva Lovia. This dark haired Southern beauty hails from South Carolina and is of Spanish and Japanese descent which gives her irresistible sex appeal.

She was also Penthouse Magazine’s Miss December 2017 and received the Digital Playground Star award in 2015. Prior to becoming a Fleshlight girl, Eva was a sought after bikini model and later became a contract performer.

If you have ever fantasized about thrusting deep inside Eva and feeling every inch of her, you no longer have to. The Eva Lovia sex toy allows you to experience every inch of her vagina as it has been specifically molded from her very own intimate part.

The Texture

The Eva Lovia sex toy provides a variety of different sensations as you thrust through each of the four pleasure pockets.

Each chamber narrows and widens as you thrust in and out. Every chamber allows you to experience a unique sensation through a combination of ribbed walls and small and large bumps as you go deeper.

About the Company

The company behind these pocket pussies is owned by Interactive Life Forms and is commonly known as Fleshlight.

The motivation to create these pocket pussies came when owners and operators, Steve and Kathy Shubin experienced complications in their pregnancy which dampened their love life. The couple invested approximately $5 million to research and develop these products.

More than seven million male pleasure products have been sold by Fleshlight currently, and the company has been featured in media publications such as Gizmodo, Huffington Post, TMZ and MSNBC.

Aside from this Eva Lovia pocket pussy, also known as Eva Lovia sugar, Fleshlight has designed and produced the Eva Lovia butt Fleshlight. Both male masturbators have been a big hit and are highly in demand.  

How to Use the Eva Lovia Pocket Pussy

The Eva Lovia pocket pussy is around 9.5 inches long and starts with a narrow chamber of 0.5 inches. This first section gives you a tight, suctioned feeling with raised ribs circling around the inner sleeve and intensifying the sensation. The ribs are nicely spaced out to allow your penis to feel stimulation from different areas.

The second chamber interestingly widens and is filled with a layer of raised ribs that give the bottom of your shaft a pleasurable tickle.

The third chamber intriguingly tightens again and widens to reveal pleasure nodules. At first, you will feel small balls, and as you thrust deeper the balls become bigger and invite you further inside.

The fourth pleasure pocket is undoubtedly the most erotic and is filled with raised lines creating intense pressure and sense of stimulation.

Perhaps the best part about this pocket pussy is it allows for any size penis to find pleasure through a series of narrow and wide canals as well as varied textures created by the raised lines and bumps of all sizes.  

The use of Lube with the Eva Lovia Pocket Pussy

As always using a lubricant with your Fleshlight pocket pussy is recommended to heighten the experience. However, you should only use a lube that is compatible with your pocket pussy.

While you could use silicone and oil-based lube, over time, it will cause the material used on the inner sleeve to deteriorate. Water-based lube is preferable as it is explicitly designed for fleshlights.

Fleshlube is designed by Fleshlight and made for use with any Fleshlight pocket pussy. It is intended to give you maximum pleasure and at the same time prolong the life of your pocket pussy.

Cleaning Your Eva Lovia Pocket Pussy

The inner sleeve of your pocket pussy is intricate, so proper cleaning is imperative. Simply run it under warm water ensuring that the water gets to the little pockets where lube can build up. Thereafter, allow it to air dry for approximately 3 hours or you may use the cool air from a hairdryer to do the trick.  

Maintaining your Pocket Pussy

You can prevent the build-up of mold by rinsing it after a couple of uses with Isopropyl. Alternatively, another product designed specifically to clean pocket pussies from Fleshlight is called FleshWash and works wonders in ensuring the longevity of your pocket pussy.

Who Will the Eva Lovia Pocket Pussy suit

Fleshlight is one of the most renowned names in male sex toys. They have designed and sold millions of male pleasure devices to date. The Eva Lovia pleasure toy is one of Fleshlights most prized possessions and now it is available to every man who wants a little piece of Eva.

Thanks to variations in the size of the chambers and the plethora of textures created by the ribbed walls and bumps of various sizes, the Eva Lovia pocket pussy is suitable for the average man with an average penis size.

How Much Does the Eva Lovia Pocket Pussy Cost

The Eva Lovia pussy retails price can change, and at times there can be certain discounts and sales available. If they are we will update the article. But the best thing is to check the current price directly at Fleshlight site.

Eva Lovia pocket pussy pros:

•    It’s easy to use and deliver almost effortless orgasms.

•    The amount of suction is appropriate

•    The multiple chambers allow for a plethora of sensations

•    Tightness is produced exactly where it is needed

•    It is ideal for the average sized penis

Eva Lovia pocket pussy Cons:

•    The series of different textures may present a challenge when it comes to cleaning

•    May not deliver as intense suction as some men would prefer

•    It is priced high

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of this pocket pussy is that it is suitable for various penis sizes.

Reasons to buy the Eva Lovia Fleshlight

Male sex toys are a cost-effective way of having a natural orgasm. Pocket pussies are available at a once off cost and will give you years of ejaculating pleasure.

Pocket pussies are ideal for those situations that place restrictions on your sex life. However, it can protect the purity and sanctity of your relationship. In times of sexual arousal, when your partner is not around, you can simply and effectively enjoy an orgasm without cheating. It is also great for men who are not involved in sexual relationships as you may still fulfil your sexual needs by using a pocket pussy of your choice.

Given the rise of sexually transmitted diseases over the years, it is nice to know that you don’t have to compromise your health thanks to these pocket pussy gadgets.

Ultimately, a pocket pussy is one of the safest ways of reaching orgasm without any side effects.

Where to buy the Eva Lovia Masturbator

While there are many pocket pussies on the market, they vary in quality. The closest thing to a real vagina is the Eva Lovia Fleshlight pocket pussy and can be purchased directly from Fleshlight.

During our Eva Lovia Fleshlight review, we’ve invested the time and due diligence to ensure that you make your purchase from reliable, reputable and credible sources.


The combinations of narrow and wide canals, as well as the variations in texture offered by the inner sleeve of this Eva Lovia male masturbator ensure that you feel sensations that will blow your mind.

Although the suction is light, it’s not too light, and the pressure is enhanced when you enter the tightness barriers found throughout the inner sleeve. If you’ve watched Fleshlight girls Eva Lovia and others in action and dreamed of what it would be like to jerk off inside them, now you don’t have to. Thanks to Eva Lovia Eva’s Fleshlight can now be yours and you can experience orgasm after orgasm inside her molded and flesh-like pussy.

This Fleshlight pocket pussy is probably everything a man could want in a pussy and thanks to Fleshlight and sex goddess Eva Lovia, you can now have the pleasure of coming inside a pocket pussy made from the intimate Eva Lovia Fleshlight molding.

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banner with the eva lovia holding the fleshlight – fleshlight review