Nicole Aniston Fleshlight Review – The Fit Sex Toy

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Porn star Nicole Aniston has been making adult movies for approximately 19 years and has acted in more than 300 adult films to date. Although she has a background in customer service and sales, Nicole soon realized that this is not where she wanted to be.

In 2012, her nomination for New Starlet of the year at the XBIZ Awards was just the start of many awards including an award by Penthouse and Trophy Girl at the AVN Awards.

Her passion and dedication for her work is what ultimately lead her to team up with Fleshlight and create the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight.

About the Nicole Aniston Sex Toy

So we all know that men love to masturbate, and we know why. However, aside from the obvious pleasure involved in the act, male masturbation has various health benefits too.

It benefits your immune system and keeps you in good health. Masturbation also helps to release stress and tension, ultimately lowering your blood pressure in certain stressful situations.

Masturbation also helps to fight depression in men since climaxing releases mood altering substances such as dopamine and serotonin into the brain.

On a lighter note, it is also the epitome of safe sex. Perhaps the bonus of male masturbation is sexual relief without performance anxiety.

So there are many reasons for men to masturbate and what better way to do it than with your very own Fleshlight pocket pussy.

The Fit Texture

This Fleshlight orifice contains a total of five chambers, a variety of textures and tight constrictions. The first chamber has three ribs lining it and these ribs continue throughout the chamber while twisting and spiraling as they go along.

The second chamber has smaller, circular bumps and a couple of rings with varying textures. This second chamber becomes tighter until the third chamber is entered and the sleeve widens.

This third chamber has rather unusually shaped triangles which are elongated and look as though they are sloping at one end.

About the Company

Fleshlight came about when Steve Shubin and his wife Kathy went through a high-risk pregnancy. This ultimately motivated them to let their creative juices flow and come up with the idea for Fleshlight pocket pussies.

The couple who are also the owners and operators of the company spent $5 million to research and create these products, not to mention invest in equipment.

However, they have since reaped the rewards and sold more than seven million male masturbators to date.

The company was also featured in publications such as TMZ and Gizmodo. Now thanks to Nicole Aniston and Fleshlight, you can have your very own Nicole Aniston fit Fleshlight.

How to Use the Fit Fleshlight

The pocket pussy molded after Nicole Aniston’s vagina is anything but boring. There are five chambers in the device and each one is significantly different in texture, although the length of each chamber is more or less the same.

The first chamber is 2.4 inches long and contains a rib-like texture with additional bumps. The ribs curl to the right giving it a spiral effect. The second canal has eight bumps as you thrust towards the middle of the chamber.

This second chamber has quite a lot happening with long, circular bumps and one to two small bumps per row. The width also decreases and you are met with two small rings that consist of a groove in the gap between them.

The first three bumps in the third chamber stretch throughout the canal and are triangular with tops that have an edge. After thrusting through 7 inches of the fit, you reach its’ centerpiece, and this is where the suction and stimulation gets intense.

The fourth chamber delivers intensity and tightness with the four bump rings at the beginning. The rings have inclined bumps, with pointy tops all in the direction of the entrance of the chamber.

The fifth chamber has a series of tiny nodules that draw you in. The complexity of this Fleshlight texture implies that it is not meant for beginners, but rather for those looking for an intense, stamina building experience.

The Use OF Lube

Lubricant should be used to avoid friction that could lead to bruising. The lube also makes the thrusting in and out more pleasurable by heightening the sensation. However, water-based lube is recommended.

FleshLube is designed by the company and is meant to be used on Fleshlight products. Using oil or silicone based lube is a bad idea because it can damage the delicate material used on the inner sleeve.

So stick to water-based lubes to ensure the longevity of your pocket pussy.


Due to the intricate textures and several chambers in the Nicole Aniston Fleshlight, cleaning will take longer. It will also require more attention to detail and effort to get all the lube and semen out.

However, by using lots of warm running water, you will be able to get rid of residues.

You should leave the sleeve to air out for several hours in a dry and warm spot before using it again or packing it away. This will prevent the build-up of mold and keep the unit hygienic.

You may also use isopropyl to sanitize the unit and give it a sprinkling of corn starch to keep the material supple and ready for use.

Who is this Pocket Pussy designed for

If you are not new to Fleshlights and are looking for a super intense orgasm, this one is for you. There are so many different textures inside this Nicole Aniston fake vagina that it’s hard to keep up.

It has unique textures and bumps shaped rather bizarrely; however, it still delivers a pleasant yet intense orgasm. Anyone who has ever used a Fleshlight before would be able to tell you that it was designed for building stamina.

So this is definitely not for the weak at heart. If you are easily stimulated, this may not be the best option for you. Although it has intense suction, when properly lubricated, it can be an enjoyable experience.

So basically, this Fleshlight fit is designed for men who want to venture out of the comfort zone and try a truly intense and stimulating sexual experience.

The Cost of the Nicole Aniston Male Masturbator

According to our Nicole Aniston Fleshlight review, this pocket pussy is priced high. However, when you consider the fact that it is of superior quality, the price may sound more reasonable.

There are many fake vaginas sold online, but they are all not made the same. Many companies use cheap materials to manufacture them, and this leads to quality issues and reduces the longevity of the device.

However, Fleshlight uses premium quality materials in the production of its Fleshlight devices, and this is evident when you use them. So you really can’t put a price on quality and longevity.

The Pros:

•    It is designed for men who want an intense ejaculation

•    It is durable and made to last a long time

•    If you are looking for stamina training, then this is your best bet

•    It contains four highly textured chambers, so you’ll never be bored

•    Each chamber has a uniquely different texture

The Cons:

•    It is too intense for beginners

•    It can be challenging to clean and dry the inner sleeve due to the number of textures available inside

Reasons to Buy this Fleshlight

There are times when having sex with your partner may not be possible. In times like these, using devices such as pocket pussies can be priceless. Not only are they designed to provide you with sexual gratification, it has other benefits as well.

You will be avoiding sexually transmitted diseases by not sleeping around. You also don’t need to worry about getting anyone pregnant. These male masturbators also have amazing health benefits such as boosting immune health, lowering blood pressure and enhancing your mood.

We’ve learned from our Fleshlight fit review, that if you need to work on building your stamina, there is no better tool to use than the Nicole Aniston Fit sex toy. The intensity, variety of textures and suction delivered by this Fleshlight is ideal for men who want a powerful ejaculation.

Where to Buy?

It is crucial that you only buy Fleshlights from a company that you can trust to send you the authentic product. There are many cheap knock-offs available, and you need to ensure that you get what you pay for.

While conducting our Nicole Aniston Fleshlight review, we took the time out to make sure that you purchase your Fleshlight from a credible source.


This is an excellent Fleshlight for those men looking to build up their stamina and last longer in bed. However, if you are a beginner who does not have much experience with pocket pussies, it is advisable to opt for a different model that delivers less intense stimulation.

However, unlike the Stamina training unit that stimulates you to the point where you are sore, this Fleshlight still has a pleasant sensation. Ultimately the different diameters and tiny constrictions all add to the mind-blowing orgasm that you will experience with this Fleshlight Nicole Aniston promotes.

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