Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review – Our Take

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Fleshlight is one of the most innovative companies in the world when it comes to designing and creating male masturbators. The Fleshlight range is extremely popular amongst men of all ages, and the company is always coming out with the next best genius product.

Irrespective of whether you are a Fleshlight connoisseur or utterly new to the idea, you will enjoy every product in their range. One of the latest creations of the company is called the Fleshlight Quickshot Launch.

What is the Quickshot Fleshlight Launch?

In simple terms, this device makes the masturbation experience completely automated. This isn’t a new idea though and Fleshlight previously came out with the Fleshlight Launch which was designed to work with full-size Fleshlights.

However, there were a few things about the Launch that users were not entirely happy about. The touch-panels were difficult to use and what made it even harder was a little lube or sweat getting on your hands. In this case, it was even more of a challenge to get the touch surfaces to work.

It was also a large device and could be compared to the size of a football. Now add to that the extra set-up and preparation time just to get a session going and you would almost prefer to just use your hands. It also needs to be charged for hours just to get an hour or two of use out of it. The Quickshot Launch is perhaps better thought and refined.

How Does the Quickshot Launch Work?

The device is completely automated and meant to hold a Fleshlight Quickshot. Ultimately it is going to offer you quite a different experience compared to other auto stroker and blowjob machines.

One of the first things that stand out with this device is the fact that the handles are significant and look like controls on a spaceship. It immediately opens up for the Quickshot Launch and allows it to be used in just about every position that you could use the regular lunch but without risking your erect penis.

One of the improvements is that the touch panel has been done away with. There are buttons on the top of both handles that a perfectly molded for the thumb. They are also extremely responsive. So fumbling about is not something you’re going to experience with this device.

So both controls have different functions. The control on the right handle is used to adjust stroke speed and the button on the left handle controls the length of the stroke. So while the original launch was hard to use and the touch panels were finicky, the Quickshot Launch is easier to use and operate.

All in all, there are four different stroke lengths and four different stroke speeds. The fastest speed available is 250 strokes per minute or just about four strokes per second.

Another innovative feature is that you can get the device to focus on any part of the penis. So you can choose to focus on the base of the penis, the shaft or the tip. Thereafter, the two buttons can be used to further customize your experience.

It also contains a spot in the top for your Smartphone to be mounted. Ultimately if you want some visual appeal while you are doing your business, you are not forced to sit on the computer, and you can enjoy your session wherever you please.

Like the Fleshlight Launch, the Quickshot launch also has a battery that needs to be charged. On a full charge, you can expect to get a full hour of use out of this device before it needs to be recharged. However, a bonus is that you can use it while it is plugged in charging as it is pass-through enabled. So as long as you are within reach of power, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to enjoy a session on your Quickshot Launch.

The Fleshlight Quickshot Launch Review

The Smartphone mount on this Quickshot Launch is fully customizable which means that you can use just about any size a Smartphone in it. It holds a smart phone secure enough so that you don’t have to worry about it falling out of the device. The viewing angle can also be adjusted and tweaked by loosening and tightening a wing nut which is a convenient touch.

Next, in order to power up the device, you need to hold down the power button for 30 seconds. Thereafter you can tap the power button for control functions such as pause, and play. Holding down the power button for a further four seconds will switch the device off.

The handles are ergonomically shaped with grooves to fit your palms so it gives you a comfortable grip even if you have a bit of extra lube on your hands you will still be able to hold the toy comfortably. The bottom of the device is soft and sits nicely over the top of the skin.

The fastest setting on this device is intense and powerful. It will take a couple of sessions to get the hang of it and it offers just about every option you would want in an automatic masturbator. So when it comes to customization and sensations, this device is top-notch.

Ultimately, it’s also interactive and the intensity matches and syncs with the video you are watching on your phone. However, one of the fundamental differences between the Quickshot Launch and the original Launch is that you will need to decide exactly where you are going to finish prior to getting started due to the open end.

Who is the Device Designed for?

If you purchased the Fleshlight Launch and were disappointed by the finicky touch surface and overall design of that unit, then you definitely need to try out the Quickshot Launch. Ultimately, it is an overall improvement of the Fleshlight Launch. So it aims to rectify all the shortcomings of the launch and simply give you a better experience with this device.

However, unlike the Fleshlight Launch this version works only with the Fleshlight Quickshot. So if you already own a Quickshot, then this is a perfect addition to that collection. Alternatively, if you would still like to try out the interactive experience that you can enjoy from the Quickshot Launch, then, by all means, you can always purchase this device along with the Fleshlight Quickshot and get the full experience.


You may not necessarily need to clean your device after each use. However, in the event that you accidentally get lube or another residue on the device, you can simply wipe it away with a damp, warm cloth.

Where to Buy

During our Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review, we took the time out to ensure that you buy your device from reputable sources. While there are a lot of different shops that sells the product, getting it directly from Fleshlight.com is the always going to be your best option and is what we recommend.

Currently there are no coupons or discounts through a sale available. But click the link below to check the current available price.

Reasons to Buy the Quickshot Launch

If you liked the Fleshlight Launch, you’re going to love the Quickshot Launch. This device is slightly similar to the Fleshlight Launch; however, it is a more refined and improved upon version of the launch. Ultimately, the Quickshot Launch aim to rectify and improve on all of the glitches and shortcomings of its predecessor however, like the Launch it delivers a completely automated session. So it is entirely hands-free.

However, this specific device only works with the Fleshlight Quickshot. It contains a multifunctional power button as well as two other buttons on the left-hand and right-hand side of the handles to control stroking speed and length as well as optimize it to focus on certain parts of the penis.

Like the Launch, it also contains a universal Smartphone mount that allows you to incorporate virtual reality and porn videos into your session. Ultimately, the device syncs to the video you are watching and the intensity of the strokes is fully customized to the exact video that you are viewing during a session.

So when it comes to interactive sexual experiences, it doesn’t get better than this. As a bonus, the battery lasts as long as 60 minutes even while doing 250 strokes per minute. And the icing on the cake is that you can even use this device while it’s plugged in and charging.

So if you own a couple of fleshlights and you’re looking for a completely different experience, then according to our Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review and various other reviews online, this device definitely is the height of innovation.


Ultimately, this toy is worth the money you spend on it and perhaps the only improvement that could possibly be made is that there should be some kind of way to protect your Smartphone from the consequences of ejaculation. However, aside from that, the device works spectacularly and has received great reviews on Amazon and similar sites.

It is also lightweight, comfortable to hold and use and clearly a lot more thought has gone into this device as compared to the previous Fleshlight Launch. The fact that you can make use of it while charging it is also a bonus.

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