Tightest Fleshlight – The Super Tight Sleeve for Small Penis

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The Fleshlight Super Tight sleeve is the tightest sleeve in the Fleshlight range. It is actually a tighter version of the original sleeve created by Fleshlight. The device comes with the vagina, butt, cheeks and mouth orifice.

You can choose to just buy the sleeve, or you can get a Custom Fleshlight where you essentially build your own by choosing the case and sleeve together.

The Super Tight Sleeve and Texture

This is probably one of the most straightforward sleeves imaginable. It has a short and tight entrance and the chamber then widens a little as it transitions into a smooth-walled canal. This consistency remains for the entire 9 inches of the sleeve.

How Does It Feel

The lack of sophisticated texture may be underwhelming for some men however if you simply want the intensity delivered by a narrow chamber then this is for you.

The smooth surface inside the sleeve feels good as you enter and the added tightness can certainly be felt. The sleeve does lack variety of texture and also change in diameter which is what makes most sleeves interesting.

The absence of chambers also makes the lube drip out as there are no bumps, nodules or ridges to keep it all inside. So unless you reapply lube the sensation could become slightly uncomfortable.

Best Fleshlight for Small Penis

The Pink Lady Super Tight Fleshlight Sleeve

If you have a small penis and by that, we mean under 5 inches when erect, then this Fleshlight sleeve is ideal or you. Due to its tight canal, the sleeve provides an intensity and real-feel massage like no other sleeve.

The insert has been designed with a constricted, smooth chamber for those who want a tighter grip and less sophisticated texture.

Since it is super tight, you will need a generous amount of lube to enjoy the sensations.

The Key Features

  • It has a super tight case and insert
  • It gives the sensation of a realistic vagina, and the orifice is just as realistic.
  • The entire length of the sleeve is smooth, so it’s perfect if you don’t want too much texture.
  • It is created from Fleshlights signature SuperSkin material for a soft and real sensation
  • It is also compatible with water-based lube.
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More about the Super Tight Sleeve

The Super Tight sleeve is one of the classic fleshlights. It does not have any texture at all which is quite interesting. All it consists of is one long and narrow chamber.

It is ultimately for purists that want a fleshlight with a small width.

The Texture

There are no sections in this chamber, and it is just one long continuous canal. It has a width of 0.6inches and is 0.2 inches narrower than the original Pink lady Fleshlight. So thanks to its constriction, it fits much tighter around the penis than the original Fleshlight.

There are no structural elements in this sleeve, and because of there are no bumps, ridges and ribs, the sensations come from the friction inside the sleeve. It may not be the most stimulating or intense; however, if you have a penis that is small or under average, this is recommended you.

It is also recommended for first-time fleshlight owners. If you are one of those men who prefer a smooth pussy with little intensity then you will not go wrong with this fleshlight for small penis. The low intensity also means that you will be able to keep going for much longer before ejaculating thanks to the slow build up to orgasm.

The ultra-tight sleeve was for men who wanted a super tight grip and who found that the original sleeve is too loose for their liking. Unfortunately, this texture has been discontinued, but if you want to experience the same gripping and intense sensations, you can purchase the Super Tight sleeve.

The Super Tight Sleeve vs the STU

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The Stamina Training Unit (STU) Fleshlight is designed specifically for improving your sexual stamina and endurance. The unit consists of large bumps, that look like pillows and helps to prolong your sexual experience. If you suffer from performance anxiety and premature ejaculation, this is the sleeve for you.

The Super Tight Sleeve, on the other hand, provides a smooth chamber designed for men who like it tight and want less intensity. So if you have a particularly sensitive penis, this is our best bet.

Read up on other alternatives in our best Fleshlight sleeve and texture article.


Cleaning the Super Tight sleeve is super easy thanks to the absence of texture. All you need to do is run hot water through the sleeve and let it dry. Since the chamber is extra narrow, you will need to allow it to dry for several hours or maybe more.

Reasons to Buy this Fleshlight

Not all men are well endowed down below. Then again not every man wants an unrealistic and sophisticated texture. Some men just want a sleeve that feels as close to a woman’s vagina as possible.

If this sounds like you then you need to invest in the Super Tight sleeve. It is as smooth as the inside of a real pussy and as tight as a virgin. So if you relish long, slow, and gradual build-ups to orgasms, this is one of the best ways to go about it.

If you have tried other standard fleshlights and you also seem to be drowning inside them, then you need to downsize to this device. It is small and light enough to grip and satisfy even the smallest of penises.


If you have always wanted to try out a super tight sleeve, why not invest in this Super Tight sleeve. When it comes to being best for small penis, you won’t find another sleeve that is more suitable to under average sized penises. This insert is smooth and tight. Unlike other Fleshlights that have sleeves with lots of texture, this one is plain and simple. The advantage is that your orgasm is slow and gradual. So if you like to take things easy and go at your own pace, then you will be in control of this Super Tight sleeve. So why not go ahead and savour every moment of this fleshlight for small penis and see why it is recommended as the best selling fleshlight for men who like it tight.

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