Best Tounge Vibrator – Oral Sex Simulator Review

Best Tounge Vibrators Review

When you hear the words tongue vibrator, two different toys come to mind. The first one is a toy that’s meant to simulate the exact same sensations, movement, and effects that a tongue would. Consequently, it is also shaped like a tongue and is more or less an oral sex stimulator.

Secondly, the other kind of vibrator is the one that actually goes on your tongue, literally. That’s right, vibes aren’t just made for your fingers and your dicks, but your tongues as well. Some would add they don’t really see a point in it as you can just opt for oral sex. However, why just engage in oral sex when you can enhance the sensation.

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Tongue vibes are available in various shapes, sizes, colors and with various features and functionality. Each one is designed to deliver immense pleasure to any part of your anatomy. While many of them can be used on their own, some are designed exclusively for partner play. If you’ve never used a tongue vibe before, then you’re missing out on an erotic world of pleasure.

If you have experienced oral sex before, then you surely know the joy of the flicking tongue. However, what do you do when there is no one around to lend a helping hand or tongue? Well, that’s where tongue vibrators come in handy. However, like everything else on the sex toy market, you definitely need to separate the good from the bad. Below are some of the most popular tongue vibrators on the market today.

The Experts Choice

The Volta Flickering tongue

The Volta Flickering tongue

The Volta Flickering tongue is on the high-end vibe from the fun factory. It is much like the Mini Marvel, as it is designed for internal stimulation and includes a series of patterns and vibration levels. It is also made of silicon and is waterproof. So feel free to use it in the shower and wherever you like. It feels like a safe bet and perhaps one of the drawbacks would be that it needs between 5 to 6 hours of charging to deliver 45 minutes of play. The other drawback is that it costs over $150. However, for those with extra cash who don’t mind investing in a high-end tongue vibrator, this is the ideal choice.

The Contender

Mini Marvels Marvelous Flickers

Mini Marvels Marvelous Flickers

The Mini Marvels Marvelous Flicker tongue vibrator seems to be one of the most popular sex toys out there. People don’t seem to have a lot of negative things to say about it and there are quite a few reviews from sex bloggers stating how marvelous it is. When it comes to power charging, packaging, sensations etc., it seems to be keeping the ladies happy. However, the one drawback could possibly be the price to purchase which is upwards of $60. However, as the saying goes you get what you pay for and hopefully, that is the case with this device as well.

The Bargain

Lick It! Tongue Vibe

Lick It! Tongue Vibe

The Lick It tongue vibe is designed to give you a little more power during oral sex. It slips easily over the tongue and offers an impressive 40 minutes of continuous vibration. While performing oral sex, the vibrations deliver new sensations and when combined with your own oral sex techniques, it creates a world of pleasure. It comes with a seven-speed vibrating time, it’s skin safe, and make them silicone material which is also phthalates free. With a retail price of just $7, this tongue vibrator is ideal for those who want to get a feel for how a vibrator works without breaking the bank.

Other Tongue Vibrators We Took a Look At

The Tongue Teaser

The Tongue Teaser

The Tongue teaser is shaped just like a real tongue. And in fact, it fits seamlessly on top of your own one. It’s pointy, it’s pink and it packs quite a bit of punch. Ultimately this enhances your sexual experience with your partner. You may not be entirely convinced by the shape however, we believe the creators of this vibrator were going for mimicking the sensations of the tongue and they actually did a fantastic job at that. It may not replace oral sex for you however that’s actually not the point. The intention is to simply have a nice and smooth tongue providing some enhanced sensations during foreplay.

The Screaming O Lingo

The Screaming O Lingo

The Screaming O Lingo is another tongue ring vibrator that actually fits on your tongue during the process. It also has knobs all over to add some extra texture and traction.

However, this extra texture and traction may not be suitable for everyone. Some of you may prefer a smoother tongue as preferred to the added bumps. Ultimately it all boils down to personal preference and sensibility. Some people may also find the vibration a bit too much and if you’re one of those then you should opt for a milder stimulation based on what you know you can handle.

Utimi G-Spot Tongue Vibrator

Utimi G-Spot Tongue Vibrator

This is one tongue vibe that you definitely should try. It’s literally a gigantic tongue. It is shaped like the tongue and also has the color of the tongue. Surprisingly though, the look of the tongue is not its most distinctive feature. However, what excites users is the fact that it is actually insertable and stimulates your G-spot. So you can use it to stimulate your clit and you can also use it to stimulate your G spot. Basically, there’s no tongue vibrator as efficient as this one. In fact, this tongue may be much better than oral sex since it can stimulate your G spot as well.

Multi-Speed Powerful Silicone Flickering Tongue Vibrator

Oral sex is no doubt the height of sexual pleasure. The touch of a button, you’ll be able to send pulses straight to your hotspot. The sleek tongue is made from a silky and smooth silicone material. Since it has a wired remote, your partner can take turns using it too. Some of the key features include the vibrating clit stimulator, ergonomically curved to fit the contours of your body, three intense speeds of vibration and its waterproof for use in aquatic environments

How to Use a Tongue Vibrator?

This is probably a question you find yourself asking often if you’ve never owned a vibe before. After all, the only thing better than you using your vibe is using it to the best of its abilities. The best answer to this question is just to take your time, relax, experiment and just follow where your body leads you. Since you are different, the best way is to simply experiment and try a few different ways to determine what arouses you the most.

When getting a new toy, you’ll probably want to play with it. However, the best piece of advice would be to play with it first before using it on yourself. Different tongue vibes have a variety of speeds and patterns and it’s nice to know how they work and how they affect you. This helps you to get to know your vibrator and also avoids a scenario where you accidentally flip past a setting you are loving and find yourself frantically trying to change it back. Ultimately, you need to put it on different setting speeds and vibration patterns to find what works for you.

Furthermore, you’ll want to move gradually towards your target. It’s important to determine exactly where you want to direct stimulation. In doing so you need to start on a lower vibration setting and start a little away from the hotspots gradually working your way in. It’s a great way to build heat and tension and also avoid being over stimulated and getting numb.

Partner Play

Irrespective of what type of vibrator you are using, it’s not strictly for solo play. If you enjoy using your vibe, the probability is your partner will too. So try using your tongue vibe creatively the next time perhaps during intercourse with your other half and explore your body with your vibrator as a form of foreplay.

Using Lubrication

Some people are under the impression that lubrication is only for those people don’t have enough natural lubrication. However, something that you need to know is that lubrication levels fluctuate with your mood, your cycle and perhaps even the weather. However the more lube you have the more comfortable you will be and the longer you’ll be able to play. This is true even when you are using a tongue vibrator. The smallest amount of vibration against your skin is a form of fiction and is bound to add or cause some degree of irritation if the vibe is not lubricated. So just a tiny bit of lube or a generous amount depending on what you prefer is ideal to avoid any uncomfortable skin irritation.

How to Clean Your Tongue Vibrator

If your tongue vibrator is waterproof, then feel free to wash it with warm water and soap or a cleaning solution of your choice, just as long as the delicate material it is made from is safe. However, if your tongue that is not waterproof, then you have to settle for simply wiping it down with a wet wipe or damp cloth and disinfectant. Ultimately, it needs to be left to dry thoroughly before using it again. You can maintain your tongue vibe by keeping it away from lint, cotton and other fabrics that tend to stick to silicone and similar materials.

How to Purchase a Tongue Vibe

If it’s your first time purchasing a tongue vibe, then here are a few things to look out for. You should always ensure that your sex toys are made from body safe materials. This is also non-negotiable. Sex toys that are not made from body safe materials usually are made from low cost, materials that are made using chemicals and contain phthalates. These plasticizers allow toys to stay soft however they have negative consequences for you. They may even cause any action such as a mild chemical burn or skin rash. So always ensure that you look for toys made from silicone or ABS plastic as these are body safe options.

Many of the latest tongue vibes are rechargeable and they charge much in the same way as a smartphone, by USB or while being docked in a special charging station. This is an essential feature which is nice to have and you don’t need to carry around batteries around all the time.

Also, ensure that you find out whether or not it is waterproof so that you don’t accidentally submerge it. It’s also good to ensure that you pay attention to where the controls are located to make use more convenient. Furthermore, when deciding which vibe to buy, ensure that the buttons are located in a spot that is ergonomic and convenient for use.

Another important point is that you should always make a purchase from reputable companies as if you have any problems with defective products, they stand behind the products they manufacture.


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While tongue ring vibes seem to be extremely affordable and practical, the truth is that they usually don’t make it past the “one-time use” or novelty category. Aside from that, with regards to the performance tongue rings tend to slip off the tongue quite often. If you want a toy that flickers them your best bet for some great options would be the high-end tongue vibrators offered by various reputable sex toy online shops.

Ultimately, the tongue sex toy or oral sex simulator that you choose will depend on a number of factors. Personal preference, how it looks and feels, the variety of features and functions it has as well as the budget will all determine the choice you make. However, if money is not an issue to you then you have quite a few options available including a convincing tongue-shaped vibrator and in fact, you could very well afford the best tongue vibrate on the market.