Fleshlight VStroker – Read Our Review Before You Buy

If you are a technology geek who also enjoys a little self-love, then you have definitely heard of Fleshlight. This innovative company has been designing realistic and unique male masturbators for over a decade. They have sold close to 8 million sex toys over the last two years and continue to grow strong.

The Fleshlight Vstroker is one of the most advanced accessories designed to work with the Fleshlight range. In a nutshell, what it basically does is fits into the bottom of your Fleshlight and monitors the speed of your strokes and ultimately places you in the middle of the action.

How Does It Work?

You need to start by plugging in the batteries and then screwing the cap, into the bottom of your Fleshlight. There are a number of videos for you to choose from and purchase. So when you change your pace, the intensity of the video changes along with you.

So irrespective of whether you like it super fast, super slow or jackhammer the device will sink to your movement. The cap transmits data wirelessly by incorporating user motion control and on-screen motion response. There are a number of porn stars that you can choose to get some action with. So whether you fantasize about Asa Akira or Christy Mack, you can now make your dreams come true.

The Fleshlight Vstroker device has two parts to it. The first is your normal Fleshlight which there’s nothing special about. So your normal Fleshlight comes with the normal material and feels amazing without this tech device included. However, once you combine your traditional Fleshlight with this tech gadget, which is the second part of the equation, the magic really begins.

The sensor is used to record the movement of the Fleshlight and then transmits these signals to a USB receiver which is connected to the laptop or other smart devices that stream under the Vstroker website. The sensor and the receiver connect seamlessly, and you won’t have to spend additional time and effort struggling with the Bluetooth and figuring out why the toy keeps disconnecting like other wireless products on the market.

Vstroker has its very own website containing adult content. There are literally thousands of videos of the best porn in the world. However, what you should know before purchasing this device is that if diversified porn is what you’re looking for, you’re not going to find it here. Although they have a huge library, it’s filled with white women and white men having sex. Although this is not a train smash, its worth knowing before purchasing the device.

Ultimately a Fleshlight connects to the website as you start stroking the device. And the current video changes accordingly. In order to simplify matters, as you start reaching the climax, the girl on the website will also do the same. Ultimately this is the real beauty of this advanced device.

The Fleshlight VStroker Site

The Vstroker website is more of a two for one deal, and that appeals to many users. In most cases, content and sex toys are usually created by different parties, and this tends to be more expensive for you. Vstroker gives you free membership for a limited time that was quite attractive to say the least.

One of the reasons as to why you would want to invest in the content is they keep it fresh and updated. Another bonus is that the Vstroker device is just an accessory, so you don’t have to purchase an entirely new device but just an affordable add-on.

There’s also a number of stamina videos which makes the Vstroker stand out. These videos are designed to encourage endurance and stamina, and the length of the videos actually corresponds with this end goal.

Another interesting point is that the Vstroker doesn’t just offer live-action videos but they also have a bonus area called virtual Sexvilla. This is an experience similar to the Sims but completely modified to work seamlessly with the Vstroker. This option, however, is just as enticing and appealing as other options on the site.

Using VStroker in Virtual Reality

In this section of the site, everything is programmable. So you get to create the scenario, location and pick the girl as well. So these virtual women are more fluid and seamless when it comes to synchronization.

Another feature that is yet to be added onto the site but is eagerly awaited by many users is the one on one live cam session. This is also fully automated to sync with the Vstroker device. So it either going to be a big hit or the other hand it could go in the other direction as well. Perhaps the bonus of using the virtual options is that it’s pre-recorded and off the grid which gives you a sense of security and privacy.

Reasons to Buy

So if you are still not too sure as to whether you should invest in the Vstroker device or not, then here are a few reasons why this device is a great investment. For starters, it’s affordable for a high-tech virtual sex system. It’s also compatible with the classic Fleshlight, except the clear version. If you have certain versions that are not compatible with it, you can also purchase an extra add-on that will make it work with the Vstroker.

When you purchase the Vstroker device, you get two full videos absolutely free. The fact that it can be used wirelessly to provide a more passionate and liberating experience is a big bonus.

If you’re looking for a wide selection of downloadable content with dozens of porn stars, this is exactly where you can find it. Another advantage is that when it’s used in combination with a Fleshlight stamina training unit, it can really help to build your endurance and this can have a huge impact in your real sex life.

The Pros:

•    It fits on the bottom of any Fleshlight

•    The batteries are included

•    It also comes with a USB receiver that fits into your USB computer port

•    You get a complimentary subscription for seven days to the member’s area


•    Some videos are too sensitive

•    The videos lack diversity

•    Might be priced high for some buyers

Who Should Buy this Device?

If you love incorporating technology into every facet of your life, then this would be a nice addition to your collection of gadgets. If you already own a Fleshlight, then all you need to do is purchase this add on and take your experience to the next level.

If you are also into virtual-reality games and videos, then why not also incorporate this into your sex life. If you already enjoy watching POV or point of view porn videos, then this will just make the whole experience more interactive.

It is also designed for people who have partners that are away from them for long periods of time. This accessory will allow you to get sexual gratification irrespective of whether your partner is around or not.

The best part is that you don’t have to sleep around or cheat in order to enjoy sexual pleasure.

The unit is great for building stamina as well. This could assist you in your normal sex life with your real partner too. So that is a real advantage.

If you’ve been using the traditional Fleshlight for years, it may just be time to take the entire experience to the ultimate level and there s nothing more state of the art than combining cutting edge technology with high end male masturbators and virtual reality.

Where to Buy

During our Fleshlight Vstroker review, we took the time to ensure that you make a purchase from credible sources. One of the best places to make your purchase is directly from the manufacturer’s website as this will ensure that you get an authentic product and if you experience problems, you can always return the item and get a refund.


Aside from the fact that the Vstroker fleshlights is a highly advanced device it actually has real benefits as well. When used in conjunction with the stamina training unit and you watch the stamina training videos, it really can help to boost and increase your endurance. This ultimately has an effect in your own sex life and this is a big bonus.

Not only is it affordably priced, but there are Fleshlight Vstroker videos that you can watch to learn how to use the device correctly. Ultimately it’s not rocket science, and it’s very easy to use. The major bonus is that it is fully integrated with the Vstroker website which has a wealth of content to pleasure you during each session.

Men who purchase this device are looking for an interactive or virtual-reality experience. They have also been using Fleshlight devices for years and want to take things to the next level. So if this describes you, and you have read our Fleshlight Vstroker review, why not take the next step and invest in this device as soon as possible.