Fleshlight STU Review – Stamina Training Unit & Endurance Trainer

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Lasting longer in bed is probably a desire of all men. There are some that experience premature ejaculation and then there are others that simply feel they don’t last long enough. However, thanks to Fleshlight and the STU or Stamina Training Unit, you can improve your going time. The STU is designed to help men who want to last longer before ejaculation.

So if you’ve tried various lubes, creams, lotions and pills that haven’t worked for you, perhaps it’s time to try something a bit more practical. The Stamina Training Unit introduces you to an advanced technique and rhythm which ultimately provides more intense orgasms and helps improve your going time prior to ejaculation.

The truth of the matter is that while it does take a considerable amount of practice to last even 10 minutes with this toy, it will probably help you last 20 minutes in bed with your partner. Ultimately, the Stamina Training Unit helps you build up our endurance and at the same time you can have a great time doing it.

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review

The Fleshlight stamina trainer, which we also voted as one of the best fleshlights, is by no means small or discreet; in fact, if that is what you are after, you would be better off with other more compact versions.

This unit is large, masculine and attractive. The gold casing is also rather sexy and it is made from the same high quality materials as the rest of the range.

It’s also ergonomically designed for a friendlier grip considering the amount of time you will be using it.

The STU is a high-quality male masturbator that is highly appreciated by all men that use it. The sleeve has a tight fit with smooth bumps and this provides a simple yet very intense stimulation. Ultimately, not only do the bumps provide the much-needed texture, they are also responsible for training your penis to last longer.

Ultimately, like all devices and products, the effectiveness of the unit will ultimately depend on how you use it. If you choose the pink lady artifice, it looks very idealistic and this is a part of the appeal. It’s also extremely easy to use and helps with many things, one of which is premature ejaculation. However, it can also help you practice different techniques and rhythms and achieve stronger erections and orgasms.

The STU Texture

The Stamina Training Unit is the Fleshlight choice for men who enjoy intense orgasms of those would like to increase their stamina by lasting longer in bed. The STU is available in the pussy orifice version, also referred to as the Pink Lady model. It’s also available in the Pure hole version which is nothing fancy and perfect if you like to keep it simple. However, for men who want a pussy orifice, the Pink Lady version is recommended.

The sleeve of both versions is a fairly simple design and has just one texture and a regular width throughout the chamber. The STU is also one of the tighter sleeves with a width of approximately 0.6 inches. The entire chamber is lined with round and raised bumps. The bumps are densely packed and encompass the penis on all sides.

How to Use Fleshlight STU

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit comes complete with an instruction manual for guidance. You may want to use the manual until you are comfortable using the device without direction.

Perhaps one of the only things you will need to take note of when using the STU is how long you last each time. After all, it is meant to help you last longer. So timing yourself during each session is a recommended step.

You may have to use it for a couple of days or even weeks before you notice a difference in your ejaculation time, so training your penis should be a daily affair.

It also comes with a shower attachment, which is great for your morning routine.

The more you push yourself to last longer, the more results you will see. Ultimately, you may combine breathing techniques to help you during each session and learn to stop before you reach the breaking or in this case, coming point.

You may also try out the different suction levels, speeds and angles that work best for you.

Cleaning the STU

The dense texture of this STU makes cleaning a bit cumbersome. You will need to ensure that you rinse it thoroughly, preferably from both ends. This is also imperative when removing stubborn residue.

Drying time will also increase due to the dense bumps all along the chamber and you should allow at least several hours in a warm spot for your Fleshlight Stamina Trainer to dry completely.


  • It provides increased sexual stamina while giving you intense pleasure
  • It come sin one standard size which is suitable for men between 2 to 9 inches and provides adequate penis head stimulation
  • You can easily customize your experience b y adjusting the caps on the ends
  • The inner sleeved can be cooled or warmed depending on the sensations you prefer
  • There are two orifices from which to choose
  • It is hypoallergenic, phthalate-free and made from 100% latex
  • The caps can be removed to make washing easier


  • The risk of desensitizing your penis due to the intensity and tightness of the sleeve is possible
  • The device is heavy
  • It is not compatible with all Fleshlight devices

Where to Buy

During our Fleshlight Stamina Training unit review, we took the time out to ensure that you only buy your device from credible sources. While there are lots of stores selling similar sex toys, the quality may not be the same from each retailer. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you make your purchase from a reputable seller.

Also keep an eye out for a special price when buying combos or a STU kit.

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Reasons to Buy the Stamina Training Unit

While it is purely up to personal preference how you choose to increase your endurance, some ways are better than others.

Pills and creams may promise to build stamina, give you a stronger erection or make you last longer, but few of them, if any actually work. Then there’s the risk of side effects.

So why not invest in a masturbator that is designed to resolve a number of issues that men experience.

The Fleshlight STU is geared towards men who experience mild to moderate erectile dysfunction. It is also great for couple’s play or going solo.

Getting off has never been easier thanks to the many sensations, varying suction and also techniques that can be used with this device. You can improve your stamina from five and ten, to 20 minutes with regular practice.

This device also has interchangeable inserts that you warm up to body temperature making the feeling even more realistic. The use of this device is also fully customizable and delivers results.

The STU vs Other Fleshlight Models

When compared to the traditional Fleshlight, the STU is the clear winner. If efficiency and variety is hat you are looking for then this Fleshlight stamina trainer is exactly what you need. The STU is also more textured and intense than the Fleshlight Turbo which feels a bit dull after using the stamina trainer.

Although the Fleshlight Ice allows you a great view of the action, it is nowhere close to the intensity and stimulation that the STU provides. So or building stamina, the STU comes out number one yet again.

What Else Can It Do?

According to our Fleshlight stamina review, the stamina trainer works with the Fleshlight Launch and is also compatible with a few other Fleshlight accessories such as the sleeve warmer and shower mount.

It comes with a manual for its very own online stamina training program, headed by Teagan Presley and shows that some considerable thought actually went into making this Fleshlight model.

A Fleshlight STU video will soon follow, so keep your eyes peeled.


Thanks to many Amazon reviews, there is no perfect product on the market, especially when it comes to male masturbators, however the STU is as close as it gets.

Although there are some minor design flaws, the product does exactly what it claims to do and is much cheaper than other Fleshlights on the market, which is great considering that it is still made from the same premium quality materials used to make the original Fleshlights.

A little lube also goes a long way thanks to the patented skin like material. Unlike other apparent treatment options for premature ejaculation, this device really does work and results are achieved after using it as instructed for a couple of weeks.

Ultimately this unit is cheaper than the traditional Fleshlight range and is also the ideal option for any man who wants to build their stamina.

It is designed to over stimulate the penis and if you want to take control of your endurance, then this is the way to go. However, if you are afraid of desensitizing your penis, then you probably should go for a different version of Fleshlight.

The unit is quite powerful and as such is noisy as well. So do not use it in the open or when company is around.

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