Jessica Drake Fleshlight Review

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Her name is jessica drake, yes it is all lowercase. She is one of the most recognizable faces in the adult porn industry. However, she’s also a performer, writer and director. 

This highly educated, sexy and seductive porn star has caused a huge stir in the adult entertainment industry, and if you’ve been following her steamy scenes, you’ll no doubt want to get into this Jessica Drake Fleshlight review.

Stay tuned as we discuss how her mouth-watering Fleshlight sleeve has men all over the world picking a bone with her.

About the Jessica Drake Fleshlight

This glamor girl entered the porn industry at the tender age of 25 and approached it like the typical American entrepreneur.

Things started looking up for the sex goddess after she signed a contract with Wicked Pictures. As she says, this was a turning point in her career, and she started looking at the big picture. She started becoming more interested in what goes on behind the scenes of making adult movies and this led her to the writing and editing scene.

Her list of achievements includes extensive charity work as well as speaking out for sex education and safety. So not only is she smoking hot but an all-round nice person.

Jessica teamed up with Interactive Life Forms company Fleshlight to bring her “Heavenly” sleeve to life. The sleeve is nothing short of exciting as it incorporates bumps, waves and chambers into a tight little tunnel, making it one of the most complex designs in the Fleshlight series. 

It is definitely one of the most intense structures that stimulate the end of your penis when you’re all the way in. The last two sections use round, raised bumps and a final sensation stimulates the tip of your penis.

At this time, Fleshlight has not released a butt orifice. 

How to Use the Heavenly Sleeve?

The first half of this lady canal is designed to be extremely tight; however, there is no lack of diversified textural elements with this Heavenly sleeve. These structures have been combined in an entirely new way to create an exceptional multi-chamber texture.

The diverse stimulation, combined with the tightness and wideness of the sleeve means you don’t really need any accessories to enjoy yourself.

However, to heighten the realistic sensation, be sure to use plenty of lubrication. 

Cleaning the sleeve can be difficult, especially during the first half of the canal since it is tighter than the rest of the sleeve. However, pay extra attention to the first half, ensuring that you get all of the residues out and ensure that it is fully dried before storing it away or making use of it again. 

In the event that your sleeve starts to get a bit sticky and this will happen after the first few washes, throw some talcum powder over it to restore the natural feeling of the super skin material.

Who is the Jessica Drake Sleeve Designed for?

The Heavenly sleeve is designed for men with various penis sizes. This is because the first half of the chamber is fairly tight while the rest of the chamber widens out.

The tunnel is the ideal sensory experience as it grips your penis tightly and moves along the base never letting up. The firm grip is probably one of the best things about the sleeve, and it delivers constant pressure along the penis as you thrust in and out.

Considering the variety of structures as well as the intensity of the sleeve, it is still available at an affordable price range.


  • A complete sensory experience
  • Lifelike vagina opening
  • Temperature responsive canal


  • Designed for tightness aficionados, so may not suit those with weak stamina.

Tips and Tricks

Although the sleeve is suitable for various penis sizes, you will need a penis size of at least 5.1 inches in order to get the most out of it and experience the structures at the end.

However, using the Fleshlight sleeve warmer to heat up your sleeve and using FleshLube will also heighten the experience for you.

Fleshlight has also created a number of accessories that can be used with your Fleshlight sleeve to give you a bit of variety and ensure that you can enjoy your pocket pussy in more than one way.

However, if you’re not in the mood to invest in these extras, then there are also a number of creative ways that you can make use of your pocket pussy.

You should feel free to use pillows, shoes and even couches to grip your pocket pussy as you thrust in and out, making the best of the moment.

One accessory that is definitely a must-have is the Fleshlight shower mount which allows you to enjoy a completely hands-free experience.

Where to Buy

While researching for our review, Jessica Drake appeared in several searches which tells us that she is a well-known name in the adult porn industry.

Due to this fact, many online sellers are trying to capitalize and sell fake Jessica Drake pocket pussies. So we’ve taken the time and the due diligence to ensure that you only make a purchase from trustworthy and honest online sellers.


The Jessica Drake Heavenly sleeve is probably one of the most exciting Fleshlight pocket pussies in the range. It stimulates you in a variety of different ways and is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.

If you’re looking for a tight but not super intense sleeve, consider this one. It’s probably not the best choice for a first Fleshlight or an unusually large penis, however, if you want to tight and tantalizing sleeve then this is one of the best options available.

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