Emily Willis Fleshlight Review

If you’re like most men, then you want a woman with seductive curves, but not too much. You like a woman with a delicate balance between curvy and petite. 

Well, if that’s the case, then you will surely love Emily Willis. This petite adult porn star has the perfect balance of curves and the petite built, which all goes well with the girl-next-door innocent face.

Well, Emily is such a huge sensation in the online adult industry that we wanted to write this Emily Willis Fleshlight review to learn more about her.

Keep reading as we explore her pussy orifice and find out why men all over the world are squirting with pleasure.

About the Emily Willis Fleshlight

Emily Willis was born in Argentina and raised in a Mormon household in Nevada. This gorgeous porn star got into the industry after filming a steamy scene with her then-boyfriend. 

Her career officially took off in 2018, and she has covered a lot of ground in a short amount of time. Her scenes include facials, interracial sex, swallowing, anal, cream pies as well as blow-bangs and much more.

Emily recently received the “Best Anal Sex Scene” award at the 2020 AVN awards, however, and she’s in line for lots more. When she’s not actively taking part in porn, she takes to social media and also enjoys fishing and outdoor life in her spare time.

Emily’s lady orifice is called “Squirt” is the ultimate pleasure experience from this glamor girl. It has a corkscrew entry point transitioning into a gauntlet of ridges, knobs and alternating spines. 

The lady orifice is just as versatile as Emily herself. You can use varying stroke lengths to get the most out of each of these mouth-watering sections.

Emily’s sleeve is brought to you by the leading male masturbation toy manufacturer Fleshlight. The company has been in the sex toy industry for over a decade and are well known for their unique and signature super skin material featured in their Fleshlight Girls range.

How to Use the Emily Willis Fleshlight Sleeve?

If you own a Fleshlight or three, and you are expecting a tight sleeve, then you won’t be disappointed. In fact, with the squirt texture, you will get a snug fit all the way from the entry through to the finish. 

Once you get past the 5-inch depth, you’ll feel a completely different set of textures from the initial corkscrew entry texture. In order to get the most out of this beauty, you should alternate your stroke lengths and experience a mind-blowing orgasm. 

The squirt sleeve is designed to deliver a snug fit from start to finish and therefore is perfect for those seeking intense pleasure. 

However, to make the experience more pleasurable you can use Fleshlights FleshLube to make things more fluid and also use the dedicated Fleshlight sleeve warmer to heat up the sleeve to body temperature, and this will give you a sensation as close to the real thing as possible. 

Cleaning the sleeve may prove to be a little bit more tedious due to the plethora of structures contained inside the canal, however, by spending a little extra time ensuring that all residues are out, you’ll be able to get it squeaky clean and a short while. 

It is also imperative that you allow the sleeve to dry out thoroughly between all of the ridges, knobs and grooves to ensure that it is hygienically clean and lasts you for as long as possible. 

Who is this Sleeve Designed for?

The Emily Willis Fleshlight is definitely not designed for the fainthearted. In fact, this is for men with great stamina. So if you’re looking for a pocket pussy that’s going to grip your shaft from beginning to end, then this is the one for you.

Since it contains a multitude of intense structures from beginning to end, it’s also suitable for men with various sized penises. Even if you don’t make it till the end, you’ll still be able to enjoy a multitude of different sensations inside the canal. 

The Fleshlight sleeve is also available at an affordable price range which gives you value for money, and the bonus is that it is made from body-safe materials, so it’s going to last you quite a while. 


  • Tight and gripping texture
  • Provides intense orgasms
  • Suitable for various sized penises


  • Some men may not enjoy the gripping and tight sensation.

Tips and Tricks

There are many ways to have fun with your squirt pocket pussy. Getting your partner in on the action is one of them. Using it inside the shower is also another exciting way of getting wet and wild.

However, the fun doesn’t have to stop there. There are some weird and wonderful ways to enjoy your Fleshlight. You can use a shoe, couch, pile of pillows, mattress, couch or even an inflatable pool toy to hold up your pocket pussy. 

If this seems a bit too amateur for you, then get your hands on the Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch Masturbator. Not only does this deliver the same hands-free experience as the shower mount, but it can be enjoyed in absolutely any location you want.

So there you have it, enjoying your Fleshlight can be done in so many different ways, so get creative and see what you can come up with. 

Where to Buy

While conducting our review of Fleshlight Girls, Emily Willis continuously popped up on Google’s pages as one of the most frequently searched porn stars in the industry. For this reason, lots of sellers are capitalizing on the fact and selling fake products.

Therefore we have invested time and effort in ensuring that you only make your purchase from trusted and reliable sources.

Where possible, always purchase from the manufacturer. However, when this is not possible, we are here to provide you with alternative, reliable sources. 


The Emily Willis Fleshlight is probably one of the best sleeves in the Fleshlight Girls range.  This is especially in terms of penetration and a variety of textures. Once you’ve used this sleeve, you’ll probably understand what all the hype is about. 

However, if you prefer going in the back door, then you’d appreciate the Smash sleeve which is an exact mould of Emily Willis’s butt hole. Either way, the sleeve will give you hours of delightful pleasure, at your fingertips.