Riley Reid Fleshlight – We Review the Utopia Sex Toy

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We’ve taken a close look at the Riley Reid Fleshlight, which as the name suggests is molded after the porn industries sexiest little dynamite’s vagina.

Pleasures toys for men have come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1904 when the first inflatable doll was created. However, thanks to digital awakenings in the 1990s, the internet has allowed men to discover a plethora of fake vaginas.

Although there were many variations since the 1990s, none have been as realistic and impressive as the Fleshlight. Designed and produced in 1995 by Steve Shubin, it’s by far the closest thing to a woman’s vagina.

What set’s Fleshlight apart from other male masturbators is that they actually look like real vaginas, since they have been molded from the intimate parts of actual porn stars.

We’ve put together a proper Riley Reid Fleshlight review to help you decide if this pocket pussy will put a smile on your monkey.

More about the Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

The Inspiration

In 2013, Riley was ranked eight on the list of porn stars who had the potential to be the next Jenna Jameson. After that, she received every XBIZ Award she was nominated for in 2014, and in January 2016 Riley made her debut as a Fleshlight girl. Riley has won several awards throughout the years, including an award from AVN in 2016 for “Female Performer of the Year.” Fashioned after Riley Reid’s tight vagina, the Fleshlight Utopia will not let you down.

The Texture

The Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight has an extremely ribbed and realistically textured internal sleeve which delivers a really intense and stimulating orgasmic experience.

The innovative coiled design leads to a number of pleasure pockets or chambers on the inner sleeve and the ribbed textured, and multiple, narrow pleasure chambers ultimately give you a tight squeeze of pleasure.

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight belongs to parent company Interactive Life Forms LLC and was made famous by creating the ultimate pleasure products for men.

Steve Shubin and his wife Kathy, who are also the owners of Fleshlight, were inspired to start the company after they had complications in their pregnancy. They have invested approximately $5 million into everything from equipment to researching and developing the product.

More than seven million adult sex toys have been sold by the company to date, and they have been featured on various publications such as TMZ, Gizmodo, MSNBC and Huffington Post.

Riley also promotes the Riley Reid anal Fleshlight, also known as the Fleshlight Euphoria and gives men the pleasure of fulfilling their deepest desires with Riley’s ass in hand.  

How to Use the Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight

According to our Riley Reid Fleshlight review, the Riley Reid sex toy has a total of 4 chambers for your added pleasure. The first pocket is covered with 360 degrees shallow ridges and has a bell design which gives the tip of your penis a great massage as you initially slip in.

The second chamber, or pleasure pocket as it is commonly referred to, is narrow at the beginning but leads to a broader canal that’s also covered in bumps all the way around.

If you’re looking for unique stimulation, you’ll be pleased to find that the third chamber is not only the longest but has the narrowest entry. To top it off the ridges and bumps make for extra pleasurable orgasms.

Lastly, the fourth chamber in the Fleshlight has the deepest interior with ridges all around.


The Riley Reid Utopia Fleshlight is easy to clean. The chambers are open, so water and other substances are not likely to collect inside. This also leaves room for thorough cleaning.

The sleeve can easily be removed and rinsed with water after every use. You can choose to dry it with a towel or let it air dry for approximately 3 hours. Using a hair dryer on the cold air setting will also work. However, be sure not to use the hot air on the Fleshlight as it will probably damage the material.


After a couple of uses, approximately four or five, you should clean your Fleshlight with Isopropyl alcohol and apply cornstarch to the inner sleeve. Do not use TALC as this will dry it out; however, you may choose to apply FL Renewing Power to it. This step ensures the longevity of your Fleshlight and keeps it in tip top shape.

The Utopia Fleshlight Feeling

The variety of physical stimulation you feel when using the Riley Reid sex toy is one of its most significant benefits. The added arousal should be credited to the 360-degree ridges that give your penis head a pleasant tickle.

Our Riley Reid Utopia review found that immense pleasure is experienced as you thrust deeper into the second chamber and your entire penis, shaft, and head receives stimulation.

The third chamber delivers sensations like no other. The combination of tightness, 360 bumps, diagonal ridges, and suction provides your penis with a real treat.

By the time you reach the fourth chamber, you will literally be exploding. In fact, you are a real champ if you manage to last 5 minutes in this Riley Reid pocket pussy.

Using Lube with the Riley Reid Pocket Pussy

The use of a water based lube is highly recommended when using the Riley Reid pocket pussy. This makes the experience more life-like and pleasurable. Additionally, water-based lubes, unlike silicone and oil based ones do not deteriorate the flesh-like material used on the inner sleeve of your Riley Reid Fleshlight.

The ideal water-based product would be Fleshlight’s own Fleshlube. It’s, of course, water-based and can be used with your pocket pussy for years to come.

Who is the Riley Reid Fleshlight designed for?

Fleshlight is the only company in the world that designs and produces male masturbators that are so close to the real thing. This is probably why they have sold more than seven million sex toys to date.

Millions of dollars have been spent to create a product like the Riley Reid pocket pussy. So now you no longer have to just watch Riley in action, you can have your very own piece of Riley’s tight pussy.

The Cost of the Riley Reid Pocket Pussy

If you’re interested in purchasing the Riley Reid Fleshlight Amazon has made it available for approximately $79.95. This also happens to be the price set by the manufacturer. However, if you buy a combo pack, you will probably get it at a lower price.

Riley Reid pocket pussy Pros:

•    The Riley Reid Fleshlight has a total of 4 pleasure pockets or chambers that all deliver varying types of stimulation.

•    If you enjoy strong orgasms and a tighter pussy then you won’t be disappointed with the intense stimulation that this pocket pussy provides.

•    It’s recommended for building stamina

•    It’s easy to clean

Riley Reid pocket Pussy Cons:

•    According to our Riley Reid review its priced high when compared to other Fleshlights.

Reasons to Buy the Riley Reid Pocket Pussy

Sometimes people in a monogamous relationship have to refrain from having sex due to health, medical complications or religious beliefs. While this may be easier for women to take with a pinch of salt, men will no doubt have a hard time. In situations like these pocket pussies are the next best thing to real vaginas and really help take a load off.

Pocket pussies also eliminate the need for men to sleep with multiple partners, therefore also removing the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. So consider it safe sex.

Since the Fleshlight looks like an actual flashlight sitting on your shelve or in your dashboard, it is discreet enough to carry it around without anyone really knowing.

If you’ve always fantasized about Fleshlight girls Riley Reid and others then now is your chance to get in on the action and own the most intimate part of one of the porn industries sexiest girls.

Where to Buy the Riley Reid Pocket Pussy

There are many Fleshlights out there. Some are inferior quality and will not last long. This is why it is advised that you purchase your Riley Reid pocket pussy from the manufacturer or alternatively, from reputable online retailers such as Amazon.

Since most buyers will not reveal that they are purchasing a Fleshlight, it can, on request, be discreetly packaged.

We’ve have done the homework to make sure that you only buy from credible and highly reputable online sources.


According to our Riley Reid Fleshlight review, there are a lot of different intensity levels and a variety of textures to make any man explode with pleasure.

Then again, thanks to the intense stimulation, you can learn how to delay your orgasm and ultimately last longer, building up your stamina over time.

If you’ve watched the Riley Reid Fleshlight video, you’ve already gotten a glimpse of the multiple pleasure pockets and ribbed canals that make this Riley pocket pussy one of the best on the market.

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