What We’re About

Spanking the monkey, jerkin’ the gherkin, beating the meat or simply jacking off. Whatever the term you prefer to give it, we all do it.

We’re here to empower more men to take full advantage of the benefits that can come from using a pleasure toy. Either alone or together with a partner.

For a long time, sex toys were mainly something that only women were able to enjoy. However, with a constant stream of new exciting products catered to men hitting the market, having a device stored in the night stand is becoming increasingly more common.

We think this is a great development, and want to encourage more men to feel comfortable buying and using a sex toy.

With that in mind, we do the hard work (quite literally, wink wink) in researching and keeping on top of the various toys available in the market today. We put them to the test, get feedback from users and compare them to similar products. All in order to help you navigate your way to either your first purchase, or to simply add another product to your collection.

So check out our dedicated product reviews and recommendations, or start by reading our in depth guides to get more familiar with the exciting world of male sex toys!

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