Lena The Plug Fleshlight Review

The well-known YouTube sensation and a Snapchat Queen Lena the Plug, has decided to dip her toes into the adult industry. She is now officially a Fleshlight Girl.  

So we’ve put together this Lena the Plug Fleshlight review so you can find out all about her new Fleshlight sleeve and why you should own one. 

So keep reading as we explore her Honey sleeve in more detail. 

About the Lena the Plug Fleshlight

Lena was born on June 1, 1991. The Gemini beauty is 5.2 inches tall and has brown hair and eyes. She made a name for herself in the porn industry by doing dozens of sex scenes on camera and is now known for her Fleshlight Honey sleeve. 

The Honey sleeve is Lena’s lady orifice and has an exciting canal filled with all kinds of structures and unseen bumps. Her butt orifice is known as “Perfect” and delivers a novel anal experience. 

Lena teamed up with Fleshlight, also known as Interactive Life Forms, to bring her Honey texture to life. The company is known for its high-quality male masturbation toys made from their signature super skin material. 

How to Use the Lena the Plug Fleshlight Sleeve? 

What stands out about this texture is that it has a high degree of variety throughout the entire canal. The cone-shaped ends also give it a unique change in diameter, and the intensive center is tight and consistent. 

There are many ways to use the Honey sleeve. However, in order to get the most out of it, consider using lubrication. Ultimately, this will help to heighten the experience and reduce friction. Ensure that the lubricants you use are safe for the delicate super skin material of the sleeve.

You may also choose to invest in some accessories such as the Fleshlight sleeve warmer to heat things up and make it more desirable. Alternatively, if you haven’t yet invested in anything, you can place the sleeve in a sink with hot water and leave it there for a couple of minutes until it reaches your preferred temperature.

Due to the high degree of variety inside the sleeve, washing will prove to take longer. Drying time will also increase due to the many interspaces inside the canal.

Who is this Sleeve Designed for?

The Lena the Plug Fleshlight, is unlike any other sleeve. It has a combination of wide and narrow diameters which makes for interesting twists and turns as it slowly increases the pressure from the sides. The fact that it has an interesting tight constriction in the center of the canal makes it perfect for men with shorter penises. The cone-shaped end is the grand finale and provides an intense tightness that makes you scream with pleasure.

The Honey sleeve is priced in the same range as the rest of the Fleshlight sleeves. And when you consider that it is made from the signature super skin material designed to last for years, the product is well worth the price. 


  • High level of variety
  • Wide and narrow diameters
  • Ideal for short penises as well


  • May not be stimulating enough for some
  • Men with larger penises may not prefer it
  • It just doesn’t do it for some

Tips and Tricks

There are so many ways to have fun with your Honey pocket pussy. For starters, you can let your partner in on the action and take your sexual experiences to the next level. This could be just what you need to reignite the flame of passion in your love life. 

Alternatively, if you want to go solo, several accessories will work with your Fleshlight sleeve. The shower mount is one of them and delivers an entirely hands-free experience as you enjoy wet and wild orgasms. 

The Fleshlight sleeve warmer is also a great option for warming up your sleeve to a more realistic and fleshy temperature. However, a sink filled with hot water works too. 

If you just want to experiment with your options, then try wedging your Fleshlight between some pillows, couch cushions, and even mattresses to thrust away hands-free. Heck, you can even use a shoe to hold your pocket pussy!

Where to Buy

During our review, Lena the Plug, appeared in several online searches. This shows that the sex goddess is extremely popular and sought-after worldwide.

That said, you can be sure there are lots of unethical and opportunistic sellers trying to pass off fake Fleshlights for the real thing.

To protect you from these unscrupulous sellers, we’ve taken the time and done the due diligence to ensure that you only make your purchases from the most reputable and reliable sources. 

As always, it’s recommended that you purchase directly from the manufacturer but when that is not possible, stick to the sources that we recommend as they have been verified.


Not only is Lena the Plug a desirable and unusual Fleshlight Girl, but the unique texture and structure of the Honey sleeve are highly satisfying. It offers lots of variety, which leads to a greater sense of stimulation and contains a particular composition recommended for most penis sizes, especially short penises. 

Ultimately, the super skin material and construction of the chambers inside the Honey sleeve makes it great for all penis lengths. So if you don’t already own a Fleshlight pocket pussy or if you want to add onto your collection, why not go with the Lena the Plug Honey sleeve a sweet and exciting experience.