Fleshlight Destroya Review – The Stoya Sex Toy

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Stoya is best known for her work in the alt-porn industry which mainly features alternative styles and fringe subcultures. She’s been involved in the sex industry for over ten years and has been nominated for seven industry awards, six of which she is has won.

Stoya has also earned 60 acting credits for her roles in adult movies and scenes. However, she has much more going on for her than her erotic acting skills and hot looks. In the past, she has written for Vice, New Statesman, The New York Times and Esquire. She’s also worked for the Verge as a sex columnist.

Although it has taken Stoya longer than usual to get into the adult entertainment industry, this porn star has established herself in the BDSM, alt and fetish markets thanks to her soft-core porn efforts.

After entering into an agreement with Digital Playground, Stoya has starred in various adult films. If a multiplatform social media presence, work as a sex columnist and podcast was not enough, Stoya has teamed up with the innovators of Fleshlight to bring the Stoya Fleshlight to life.

About the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

If you are a man, I’m sure you find yourself asking “is a pocket pussy right for me?” Ultimately, this is a question that only you can answer for yourself. Some men are pocket pussy fans and then there are those you are not sure on which side of the fence they fall. However, perhaps the only way to find out if it is right for you is to try it out.

Although pocket pussies are created for fun and pleasure, lots of men use it for stamina training. So ultimately, it can even be used to improve your sexual experiences by making you last longer in bed.

Pocket pussies are available in a variety of different sizes, textures, prices, and appearances. If you are considering purchasing a pocket pussy and you’re not sure where to start, continue reading our Stoya Fleshlight review to help you make up your mind.

The Destroya Texture

The Fleshlight Destroya is 9.75 inches in length and is filled with a variety of different textures to deliver an intense, stamina building orgasm. At the opening of the sleeve you will find three small things, and after that, you will feel the 360° pleasure dome. If this was not enough to deliver an amazing sensation, men who ventured to the end of the chamber will have the pleasure of experiencing the last row of tooth-like structures that gently stroke the shaft.

The sensation inside the Fleshlight Stoya can be compared to a bunch of smooth and tiny teeth that gently tug and pull your penis.

The variety of bumps, rings, and teeth like structures inside the Stoya Fleshlight combined with the super skin material almost makes you feel as if you’re really inside Stoya’s vagina.

About The Fleshlight Company

Interactive Lifeforms LLC owns Fleshlight. The company began when owners and operators Steve and Kathy Shubin experienced complications in their pregnancy when they were approximately 40 years old.

Due to their complications there advised to refrain from sexual intercourse and this inspired Steve’s curiosity, so much so that he had an idea for pocket pussies.

Ultimately Fleshlight was brought to life after the couple spent approximately $5 million investing in the research, development, and creation of these flesh-like pocket pussies.

To date, Fleshlight has sold more than seven million sex toys and been featured in popular publications such as Huffington Post and Gizmodo.

Men all over the world can now experience intense and pleasurable orgasms thanks to the flesh-like Fleshlight vaginas brought to you by this innovative company.

How to Use the Fleshlight Stoya Destroya

The Stoya Fleshlight is made up of a variety of different chamber shapes. There’s a tight tube at the beginning which is approximately 10 mm wide and partly covered with small bumps that allow it to expand to an 18 x 18 chamber shaped like a sphere.

You can also find several long looking bumps inside the chamber which are position face-to-face and cover the entire sphere of the chamber. Thereafter, you enter a small chamber which is 10 mm wide and expands to a bigger chamber which is 16 mm and also much longer.

It is while being inside this bigger chamber that you find the ring of bumps that are rectangular and flat in shape. These bumps are closely followed by another set of textures which are more pointed and protruding at a 45° angle towards the entrance of the canal.

The next chamber is approximately 7 mm in width, while the final chamber has a light, rigid texture and 2 mm ribs.

The variety of tight and wide chambers work together to give your penis a tight feeling and then release as you enter the inner part of the sleeve. The main chamber massages the head of your penis with a ring of spiked bumps that provide enough stimulation to deliver an intense erotic sensation.

Unless you are more than 15 cm long, you’ll probably not be able to enter the last chamber; however, the rest of the Fleshlight delivers enough suction and texture to deliver an extremely intense feeling till orgasm.

Ultimately, if you miss the Stoya swallow Fleshlight, and you enjoy a tight, intense and powerful orgasm, the Stoya destroyer Fleshlight will definitely get you there.

Using Lubricant with the Fleshlight Sex Toy

Using lube with any of the Fleshlight models is highly recommended since it delivers a more pleasurable experience. However, the type of lube that is recommended is a water-based lubricant. While there are silicone and oil-based lubes available for use with sex toys, due to the super skin material used on the inner sleeves of all fleshlights such as this one, it is recommended that you only use water-based lube since it will not damage the material on the inner sleeve.

FleshLube is intended for use with all fleshlights. Alternatively, if you would like to heat things up or cool them down, you should invest in the FleshLube fire and ice pack. The fire variant warms up on contact with the skin, while the ice variety cools on contact. Both of these water-based lubes are hypoallergenic, paraben-free and gentle on sensitive skin.


During our Fleshlight Destroya review, we found that it will take a considerable amount of time to clean thoroughly. This is due to its complex and narrow, texture-filled chambers. You may opt to run endless amounts of water through the canal or gently turn the sleeve inside out and rinse it out.

The Sleeve will also need approximately four to five hours to dry properly.

Who is This Fleshlight Designed for?

With a length of 9.75 inches, it’s safe to say that men with an above average penis length will get maximum pleasure out of the Fleshlight Stoya lotus. However, this does not mean that men with a small or average penis size cannot get intense pleasure from the initial tight chambers filled with an abundance of soft, teeth-like structures.

If you’re into real looking vulvas, then the Stoya pussy would suit you better than other pocket pussies such as the pink lady Fleshlight. Men who want to have a powerful orgasm whenever and wherever they please will enjoy using this Stoya sex toy.

The Price of the Stoya Male Masturbator

While the Stoya male masturbator is a priced on the higher side as compared to other pocket pussies, the realistic feeling provided by the super skin material and variety of textures makes this Fleshlight Girls pornstar toy one of the best sex toys on the market..

The Pros:

•    Lots of different textures to arouse and stimulate your penis

•    The chambers narrow the deeper you go delivering a more intense sensation the further and longer you are inside the sex toy.

The Cons:

•    The Fleshlight is heavy

•    The inner sleeve is sticky and cannot be used with lube

•    It is on the expensive side

Reasons to Buy the Stoya Pocket Pussy

Pocket pussies can really help you out in situations where you are not able to have sex with your partner. It also a much safer alternative than sleeping around and consequently keeps you safe from sexually transmitted infections and diseases.

It is also an excellent self-love tool for men who do not have partners and lots of men have admitted that it helps build their stamina, making them last longer in bed.

Where to Buy the Stoya Pocket Pussy

There are many online shops offering pocket pussies such as the Stoya fake vagina and Fleshlight Stoya forbidden. However, to ensure that you are getting an authentic product you should only buy from a reputable company.

During our Fleshlight Destroya review, we’ve invested the time and effort to make sure that you only purchase this item from credible sources.


While this Fleshlight sex toy delivers a plethora of sensations thanks to its tightness and combination of rigid teeth-like textures, it may not be for those who prefer a looser feeling, especially at the time of orgasm.

The sensation is also more realistic than a real vagina, and if you are all about extreme textures, then this is the pocket vagina for you.