Alexis Texas Fleshlight Review – Lady & Anal Orifice Sex Toy

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Throughout history, men have had the desire to make love to womanly shaped objects, and they have made do in various ways, until the release of the sex doll in the early 20th century. However, although these dolls did the trick, they were about as life-like as silicone, vinyl, and latex could be.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the answer that men have been praying for is here – the modern day fake vagina referred to by connoisseurs as the pocket pussy. They have the detail, texture and flesh-like material of a real pussy.

This is probably why millions of these products have been sold over the last few years. One such product is the Alexis Texas Fleshlight which as the name suggests is molded from the porn stars own vagina.            

About the Alexis Texas Fleshlight

The Inspiration

Alexis Texas is an acclaimed porn star of Puerto Rican and Norwegian descent, making her a striking beauty. One of her highlighted assets is her ass which has caused her to take home AVN fan awards for Most Epic Ass, Hottest Ass, and Best Butt. Alexis began her career in the adult film industry in 2007 and has never looked back.

She’s been featured in sex scenes involving everything from gangbangs to girl on girl action. If you’ve ever watched her do her thing, you will be pleased to know that you can now get in on some of that action by owning your very own Alexis Texas sex toy.

The Texture

The Alexis Texas Fleshlight sleeve has two main pleasure pockets, each of which is just over 2 inches long. Each chamber has broad connecting sections, and the width of the canal varies throughout the sleeve. Almost the entire inner sleeve contains small flaps and nubs enticing and stimulating your penis.

About Fleshlight

Fleshlights exists under the umbrella company, Interactive Life Forms LLC and is well known for creating male sex toys.

The idea for Fleshlight came about when owners and operators Steve and Kathy Shubin went through some complications in their pregnancy while expecting twins. This put a damper on their sex life as they were advised to refrain from having sex for the duration of their pregnancy. Thus the concept for Fleshlight was implemented and became one of their best selling products.

The company has been featured in various media publications such as Huffington Post, TMZ and Gizmodo and they’ve sold over seven million pleasure toys over the years.

Men looking to explore the pussies of acclaimed porn stars such as Alexis Texas now have the opportunity to so with the Fleshlight Alexis Texas lotus and various other molded parts from this sexy temptress like the Alexis Texas anal Fleshlight.

How to Use the Alexis Texas Sex Toy

The Alexi Texas pocket pussy commonly referred to as the “Outlaw” has small obstacles and bumped ribs throughout the sleeve giving you added intensity. This ultimately makes the orgasm more intense, while at the same time making you last longer.

There are 3 pleasure pockets and 2 special links. The first chamber is just a few inches long and has a limited texture; however, the connection between the chambers is what you need to look forward to.

Two rings are found in the initial chamber, each of which consists of long rounded discs with small bumps stretched in width.

When you get to the second chamber, the only difference is that this canal is reduced in diameter and is approximately 1 inch wide. However, it still contains rectangular bump blocks. After that another connection canal follows, which is more or less similar to the first one.

Ultimately, the second chamber consists of bumps just like the beginning. However, the whole area is a lot smaller and consequently tighter than before.

The third chamber has the raised bump blocks and delivers as much intensity as the first two pleasure pockets. What this ultimately does is make the stimulation as well as the penetration experience very pleasant.

Using Lube with the Alexis Texas Pocket Pussy

As with all Fleshlight pocket pussies, using lube just makes the entire experience more sensational. However, using the correct type of lube is key to not only having an intense orgasm but preserving the lifespan of your pocket pussy.

That said, water-based lube is highly recommended. Fleshlube is a lubricant designed by Fleshlight especially for use with their Fleshlight pussies and therefore will not damage the delicate material used on the inner sleeves.

Oil and silicone based lubes, on the other hand, should be avoided as they tend to have a deteriorating effect on the material used on Fleshlights.

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While the corridors on the Alexis pocket pussy are easy to clean the rectangular bumps may present a challenge as residue can easily hide between them, so careful attention should be paid to these areas when cleaning.

If you can, you should try and insert your finger into the pussy to reach those pumps and clean it thoroughly. This will also remove extra lube.

Thanks to the narrow canal, you will also need a minimum of 4 hours drying time, preferably in a dry and warm spot in order for it to be ready for use again.

To keep your pocket pussy in tip top shape, you may sanitize it every once in a while with Isopropyl alcohol. This will keep it smelling fresh and hygienic, so that you can enjoy it for a long time to come.

Who is the Alexis Texas Sex Toy designed for?

Fleshlight pocket pussies are designed for men who want to indulge in self-love. Most pocket pussies are created with the average penis size in mind, however, as per our Alexis Texas Fleshlight review, this one, not so much.

While the first and second chamber is easily accessible to men with small or average sized penises, the third chamber will likely only be reachable to larger or longer penises. So if you have a penis size of approximately 5.9 inches, then the Alexis Texas sex toy is just for you.

The Price of the Alexis Texas Male Masturbator

The Alexis Texas male masturbator retails for $79.95 and is the price set by the manufacturer. However, combo deals are available and will likely get you a better deal than if you bought the pocket pussy by itself.

Alexis Texas Pocket Pussy Pros:

•    The small, flat bumps provide almost the same subtle sensation of a real vagina

•    The three chambers provide enough intensity and tightness to satisfy men who prefer to keep it tight

•    Long enough for men with large or long penises

The Alexis Texas Pocket Pussy Cons:

•    Not recommended for men with small penises as they will likely not get any use out of the third and final pleasure pocket

•    The length, combined with the bumps could make cleaning tedious

•    It’s priced high

Unfortunately, penis length does play a role in getting the maximum enjoyment and pleasure out of the Alexis Texas male masturbator.

Reasons to Buy the Alexis Texas Pocket Pussy

Men have never been able to resist the temptation of an inviting vagina. Over the years, whether it was real or made from silicone slowly became irrelevant. Men have a need to jerk off every now and again. Not only is it for pleasure but it has various health benefits as well.

However, when you look at it from a sanctifying point of view, it helps men stay faithful to their partners.

Fair enough, Fleshlight advertises pocket pussies molded after the actual vaginas of Fleshlight girls Alexis Texas and others, but ultimately you are not sleeping around.

So situations where you cannot have sex with your partner for whatever reason, using a fake Fleshlight vagina (which feels very real), will give you pleasure while you avoid sexually transmitted infections and of course getting someone pregnant.

Those two advantages are enough reason to use a Fleshlight. As a bonus, there’s no more waiting for the wife to get home from work to get some love when you can get it from your very own Fleshlight pussy.

Where to Buy the Alexis Texas Pocket Pussy

The Fleshlight Alexis Texas promotes can be bought directly from Fleshlight. There are many imitations out there and to ensure that you are purchasing the authentic and original Alexis Texas pussy, you should go through Fleshlight to make your purchase.

During our Alexis Texas Fleshlight review, we’ve taken the time to ensure you only make your purchase from this credible and reliable source.


The ridges and rectangular bumps throughout the Alexis Texas pocket pussy make for a stimulating but subtle experience. The tightness experienced throughout the entire three chambers keeps the intensity going and builds you up to orgasm. For men with more substantial and longer penises, this Fleshlight will work wonders, and for those who are not so well endowed down below, the first two chambers offer adequate stimulation and intensity to carry you through to climax.

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