Fleshlight Vibro Review – Does the Pink Lady Touch Cut it?

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Fleshlight is all about options. The company started created these innovative male masturbators over a decade ago is still going strong.

They have sold more than seven million sex toys over the years and you would think that you couldn’t possibly see anything new from this Fleshlight range, but they surprise you yet again.

The Vibro Fleshlight may look like other Fleshlights; however, it is significantly different. This Fleshlight increases and intensifies the stimulation by vibrating.

So just when you thought that Fleshlight couldn’t get any better, the Fleshlight Vibro is here.

About the Fleshlight Vibro

The Fleshlight Vibro takes a unique approach to male sex toys in that it includes vibration. According to our Vibro Fleshlight review, vibration was a main feature in women’s sex toys only.

So this may be a new approach to men’s sex toys and quite a daring one at that. There may be men out there who do not approve of this feature; however there are lots of men who feel that women shouldn’t be the only ones gaining pleasure from vibrating devices.

So aside from the fact that this product looks like most Fleshlights and functions in much the same way, it really does blow you away with its vibration.

The Vibro Texture

There are three pockets that surround the entrance, which is also where the battery is inserted. These pockets are shaped like little bullets and are only accessible when the sleeve is removed from its case.

So this feature must be activated before inserting the batteries. Depending on your preference when it comes to how much vibration you want to experience and how wide you want the chamber, you may choose to insert between one to three bullets.

If you are thicker than most men, you may remove one or more inserts to widen up the diameter of the chamber and the entrance to the canal.

The inner sleeve has long, stemmed bumps that stick out into the center of the canal at a 45 degree angle. This texture increases your stimulation when the penis brushes against them as you thrust in and out.

The texture is constant throughout the chamber so irrespective of penis length, you will enjoy every bit of it.

How the Fleshlight Vibro Feels

The entrance to the canal is tight but pleasant and gives you a great sensation as you push through. The tightness is controlled by the amount of bullets you use. So ultimately, inserting three bullets is very tight and one bullet will give you a bit of slack, literally.

So if you have a thick penis, you may want to use just one bullet as opposed to all three.

The bumps swirling around your penis gives you an intense sensation as you thrust in and out, while the vibration just heightens the stimulation.

The vibrations are subtle in the beginning, but gradually increase and become more intense the longer you are inside the sleeve and the closer you get to orgasm.

There is no switch to turn off the vibration from the outside, so they will remain until you climax and withdraw from the sleeve. This is something worth noting.

Using Lube

It is recommended that you only use water-based lube with this device. Depending on your personal preference, you may use a little or a lot. Avoid silicone and oil based lube at all costs as it may damage the superskin material used on the device’s inner sleeve.

To keep your Fleshlight in great shape, rinse it with Isopropyl once in a while and dust it with cornstarch.


The sleeve must be removed from its case and washed thoroughly. It is best to use warm to hot water for rinsing out the sleeve.

Using FleshWash makes the cleaning process easier and keeps the sleeves hygienic.

After washing the sleeve, let it air dry for approximately 20-30 minutes in a well ventilated part of the room. Leaving it near an air conditioner would speed up the drying time even further.

The Dimensions

The Vibro or as it is also referred to, Fleshlight Vibro pink lady touch is around 1 inch wide and 10 inches long. The entrance to the chamber is 4 inches wide and as you go deeper it finally ends at 2.5 inches wide. So this is great if you have a 9 inch penis when fully erect, with a 4 inch girth.   

How Much Does the Vibro Cost

If you are looking for an innovative feature in a male sex toy, it doesn’t get more innovative than this. So get what you pay for and this explains why the Fleshlight Vibro is priced high.

Reasons to Buy this Device

Men are becoming increasing more fascinated with sex toys these days and this is what has lead to such a unique range of male masturbators. The Vibro is also waterproof and easy to clean, which means hassle free pleasure.

The batteries provide around 13 hours of vibration which is great if you want to take it along when traveling.

It comes in a masculine gun metal case and has a sexy pink touch texture that transfers vibrations along the entire shaft.

For men who need a little self love this is a great option. You can pleasure yourself safely at home without the risks that come along with multiple partner sex.

Men that have partners who are working late, tired, angry or just not in the mood can also experience the pleasure that this pocket pussy has to offer.

What You Need to Know about the Vibro Fleshlight

While the Vibro resembles traditional Fleshlights, it is definitely not a typical Fleshlight. It still has the same 8.5 inches of insertable length and has a cap on it but this model takes a unique twist or shall we say vibration.

It contains three bullet holes that are designed to house three bullets that cause the vibration sensation.

The device is powered by watch batteries and additional batteries are included with the package.

The sleeve has its own texture and includes a bunch of tube like structures that are present throughout the chamber.

The superskin material is a combination of a specific blend of TPE or thermoplastic elastomer and is safe to use. This material also gives the sleeve the realistic sensation.


  • The sleeve feels very realistic
  • The Vibration builds up gradually


  • It is priced high
  • Vibration is not stimulating as some men would like

Where to Buy

You should only purchase this item from a reputable and reliable seller. There are various online stores out there, but to ensure that you are getting an authentic product, make your purchase from a credible source.

Who is it designed for?

The Fleshlight Vibro is designed for men who want a unique experience. If you have tried the traditional Fleshlights and some of the smaller ones, you may want to give this one a try.

The unique vibration feature is the first of its kind in this Fleshlight range and while some men may be sceptical, others cannot wait to try it out.

So this product is definitely for men who have quite a few Fleshlights in their collection, but want to own or add something a little different to their range. So if vibration turns you on, this is the device for you.

What’s not so great?

Using the Vibro requires preparation. In fact, the insertion of the bullets and also making sure that the batteries are working and present in the device makes using it a little cumbersome.

This is one of the aspects that can put some men off. So if you want a device that is read to go each and every time, with little to no preparation, this is probably not for you.

However, if you want a little vibration in our orgasms and don’t mind a minute or two to prepare it, by all means go ahead in add this to your collection.


According to our Fleshlight Vibro review, this device is probably one of the best Fleshlights out there.  While it looks similar to the rest of the traditional Fleshlights and functions in much the same way, it does have its differences.

It is long enough to accommodate men with an erect penis up to 8.5 inches long. So irrespective of how big or small you are, the heavily textured canal will provide you with immense pleasure.

It is just as big as the first Fleshlight, but could be mistaken for an actual flashlight as well. This should give you some motivation to travel with it. Alternatively, it is great for everyday use in the comfort of your home or couples play to spice up your sex life.

It is unfortunately one of the highest priced Fleshlights in the entire range. This is possibly due to the vibrating feature. However, it should be noted that you get what you pa for and when you use this device, the high-quality materials and robust construction lets you know that it is anything but cheap.

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