Kimmy Granger Fleshlight Review

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Do the words cute and sweet come to mind when you think of Kimmy Granger? Well take a moment to watch some of her hard-core porn performances, and you’ll see why the words Rebel and Mischief are more fitting.

This green-eyed and white thighed temptress seems to leave men a little confused at times, and this is why we’ve decided to write this Kimmy Granger Fleshlight review. 

Stay tuned as we discuss the insatiable porn star, her Rebel Fleshlight and exactly why it should be a part of your pocket pussy collection.

About the Kimmy Granger Fleshlight?

Kimmy Granger is a very fetching and petite 5.1-inch beauty who was born on May 17, 1995, in San Diego, California. This sweet and sultry beauty was a gymnast in middle school and initially worked as a cocktail waitress at the gentlemen’s club Little Darlings in San Diego before she became a dancer at the same club. 

She had her debut in 2015 when she started performing in explicit hardcore scenes in Miami, Florida. The porn star has worked with various adult websites such as Mofos, Third degree, Hustler and Sticky Video, among others.

Rebel is her exclusive pussy texture that was released in September 2018. She also has a butt orifice known as Mischief. 

However, her Rebellious sleeve makes use of lots of different textures. Each part of the sleeve uses a repeating set of nubs and bumps of the same size and shape. You’ll find the nubs and bumps within the first and last chambers while the ribs occupy the center chamber.

The Rebel sleeve is brought to buy Interactive Life Forms, and they have been creating realistic and affordable pocket pussies for over a decade.

How to Use the Rebel Pocket Pussy?

The first section of the Rebel chamber provides a pleasant gripping sensation which feels amazing on the tip of the penis and then slowly moves onto the shaft as you glide further in. However, for a heightened sensation, you may want to put on some water-based lubricant.

The second part of the canal consists of ribs creating a pleasant pulling stimulation. This is where the lubricant will come handy.

Feel free to use Fleshlight’s sleeve warmer to heat things up or simply place the sleeve in a sink of hot water for a few minutes until it reaches the desired temperature.

Due to the middle canal having so much texture, cleaning up tends to be prolonged. The ends of the sleeve have more interspaces, so it is much easier to clean. Ensure that you clean the sleeve properly before drying it out completely and storing it away. 

Fleshlights Renewing powder can also be used in the event that the superskin material starts to feel sticky. Wash and dry the sleeve completely before dusting it off with the renewing powder to restore the smooth feeling of the superskin material.

Who is the Rebel Fleshlight Designed for?

If you’ve always had a bone to pick with Kimmy Granger, then this Rebele sleeve is for you. In fact, it’s even more intense and satisfying than the real thing, which is why it is great for improving stamina and performance.

So if you’re looking to add more spice to couples play or simply searching for a self-pleasuring routine, then this Fleshlight will improve your performance while allowing you to engage the most lifelike male masturbation toy on the market. 

Irrespective of whether you want to liven up partner-play or simply add this to your existing Fleshlight collection, this sleeve will do just the trick.

The sensation is tight, and intense, while the suction is quite strong, so it is designed for men with different penis sizes and those who want to improve their stamina and experience amazing sensations.

It’s also priced in the same range as the other existing sleeves, so it is affordable at the same time.


  • Same trusted quality by Fleshlight
  • Improves stamina and performance
  • Great intensity and sensations


  • May be too intense for first time Fleshlight users. 

Tips and Tricks

When it comes to the different ways that you can use your Fleshlight, you are only limited by your imagination. The Rebel pocket pussy can be used while you are seated down and slightly reclined, or you can also use it while standing up or laying down. The size of the Fleshlight makes it versatile enough to sandwich between your mattress or a few pillows so you can thrust away doggy-style. You can also wedge it into a shoe and try it missionary style.

Irrespective of which position you are attempting, using Fleshlights water-based lubricant always makes the experience better.

Fleshlight offers a range of accessories that are all compatible with the Rebel Fleshlight and helps to spice things up whether you’re going solo or using them with your partner.

Where to Buy

While writing up our review, Kimmy Granger appeared in quite a few online searches which confirmed just how popular she is. This fact, however, may be manipulated by unscrupulous online sellers who will try to sell fake Fleshlight products.

We have therefore invested the time and effort to ensure that you only buy authentic Fleshlight products from trusted and reputable online retailers.


The Kimmy Granger Rebel Fleshlight provides good stimulation from beginning to end. There’s lots of variety and different kinds of structures which all create a rich and intense experience. The long outstretched nature of the canal is suitable for men with longer penises and allows you to take advantage of the best parts.

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