Tori Black Fleshlight Review

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Tori Black is a bisexual, 34BB naturally breasted porn star with the sex appeal of the girl next door. If you’ve been keeping an eye on her, then you already know this.

Luckily, Tori has teamed up with ILF to bring her Torrid sleeve to the masses. We are so excited about this texture that we decided to put together this Tori Black Fleshlight review. 

Continue reading as we discuss the Torrid Fleshlight in more detail. 

About the Tori Black Fleshlight

This long-legged, slender beauty was born on August 26, 1988, in Seattle, Washington. The brunette has been a dancer since the age of 7. She also played football and participated in boxing growing up. Tori began doing hard-core porn in her late teens. She has since won numerous awards from AVN, XRCO, and CAVR to name a few. 

Her Torrid sleeve delivers unbelievable intensity due to the high number of bumps. Each of the five chambers consists of different types of bumps with one thing in common; they are entirely covered in them. If you’re after intense and tight orgasms, this sleeve is for you.

Tori brought her fleshlight sleeve to the masses after collaborating with Fleshlight. The company is also known as Interactive Life Forms or ILF. They have been creating male masturbation toys such as these pocket pussies for over a decade and have earned a reputation due to their premium range of fleshlights. 

How to Use the Torrid Sleeve? 

The Torrid sleeve consists of 5 chambers with a tight entrance. Some flaps divide each compartment and deliver extra pressure while stroking the head of the penis in a seductive and orgasm-building way. Although the chambers are wider than lots of other sleeves, the stimulation is still pretty good. 

So it doesn’t take much else to enjoy your Torrid sleeve, aside from the sleeve itself. This doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up a little. Although the Fleshlight is made for solo use, you can choose to let your partner in on the action, and you both may gain pleasure from this Torrid sleeve. 

Alternatively, you can warm things up a bit by using fleshlights dedicated sleeve warmer or placing the sleeve in a sink filled with hot water. You should let it sit there for a while or until you think it’s hot enough for some action.

Once you’re ready to use your pocket pussy, don’t forget the lube. Yes, you will need water-based lube to avoid friction and make the session go smoother, literally. 

Cleaning the sleeve is not much hassle thanks to the wide canal; however, you still need to ensure that all the residues are out and that it is thoroughly dried before using it again. Never leave a used sleeve to lay until morning as it can attract bacteria and ultimately mold. So try your best to wash it immediately after use. This will keep it clean and sanitary and ensure you use it for a long time. 

Who is the Tori Black Fleshlight Designed for?

Although it has a wider canal, the Torrid texture is still highly stimulating and somewhat intensive. There is a mix of wide and narrow connections that keep things interesting. Ultimately, it provides excellent penetration and texture-rich chambers for variety, which, after all, is the spice of life. 

That said, it is suitable for men with different sized penises since you can gain pleasure from any of the five chambers. It is, however, more suited to men who don’t mind a wider canal. 

When it comes to how much the Torrid sleeve will set you back, you dont have to worry. It is reasonably priced even though it is made from super skin material that is hypoallergenic and phthalates free. So it is well worth the price you pay. 


  • The texture and feel of the sleeve is intense.
  • It looks attractive
  • The entrance of the sleeve is welcoming.


  • It takes a long time to dry.

Tips and Tricks

Feel free to wedge your Fleshlight between anything that can hold it for a hands-free session. You may use couches, mattresses, pillows, and even shoes when you don’t want to use your hands or simply want to experiment with different positions. 

Alternatively, why not have your partner hold on to the fleshlight for you while you have the ride of your life. 

Fleshlight does sell a variety of accessories that all work with fleshlights. So when you are ready to invest, have a look at them.

Where to Buy

While doing our review, Tori Black came up on quite a few searches revealing how popular she is in the adult entertainment industry. This is why we believe that lots of sellers will try to sell fake fleshlights of the porn star.

So we’ve taken the time and invested the due diligence to ensure that you only buy from honest sellers. 


The Torrid fleshlight can’t be compared to an anal or butt texture, but for those men looking for a medium tight pussy, this is the one. Thre are a variety of subtle sensations, and although it may not appear to be intense at first, it is a slow and long build-up to orgasm. If taking it nice and easy is how you like it, then you won’t go wrong with this Torrid sleeve. 

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