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Are you reading Fleshlight reviews to figure out which one to choose, or if you should choose on at all?

We’ve been there, pondered that.

The selection of new products from Interactive Life Forms (the parent company of Fleshlight) is constantly getting updated, and it can be difficult to figure out which one to choose.

Perhaps you’re even questioning wether it’s worth the money at all.

Luckily we have an army of rampant spanking monkeys that does nothing else but stay up to date on the latest male sex toys. We have 70+ deep dive reviews of various Fleshlights on this site. So safe to say, we know a thing or two about the subject.

In this article we’ll cover all the different facets of what Fleshlights actually are, what the top sellers are and help you find your way to a product that can suit your needs.

So let’s get to it!

What are Fleshlights Anyways?

Although lots of people refer to all male masturbators as “Fleshlights”, it is not just a generic term for any male pleasure toy. Fleshlight is a premium brand name and has earned this status due to its reputation, history and loyal following.

Fleshlights are also sometimes commonly referred to as pocket pussies and are basically hollow tubes, lined with soft, skin-like material which is designed to feel as close to a real vagina as possible. These inserts, also referred to as sleeves are available in different orifices which are made to mimic the vagina, anus and mouth.

The name Fleshlight stems from the appearance of the outer case, which resembles a flashlight. The idea here was to create a mind-blowing sex toy that could be stored discreetly at the same time.

Inner Sleeve Material

The inserts, which are the actual sleeves inside the Fleshlight provide the sensations you will experience and are made from a soft, patented material the company calls SuperSkin. The intention was to create a male masturbator that feels like a real vagina and when the sleeve is warmed and lubricated, it really does feel like a real pussy.

Most sleeves are pink in color, or as close to the natural skin tones as possible. Some sleeves are available in an ice design which means it is made from clear or transparent SuperSKin.  The Freaks range contains inserts in grey, blue and green for those who like their pussies a little freaky.

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Even the cases themselves comes in different versions

The Orifices

The Fleshlight range comes with three standard orifices or basically openings to the sleeves. These are the vagina, butt and mouth orifice. You will also find a cheeks design, and it includes a small, mounded replica of butt cheeks. These orifices come with a couple of popular textures.

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Vagina or butt orifice are the two main options

The Textures

Fleshlight has released more than a hundred textures over the years. Some has been discontinued; however, the company is continuously releasing new textures, so there are always more textures than anyone can use at once. The range includes everything from realistic textures to super intense and of course sci-fi.

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There are many different textures to choose from

Different Types of Fleshlights

The Fleshlight Turbo

The Turbo is an oral sex alternative, meaning that it is intended to simulate a blowjob. There are two variations of the Turbo, which are the Thrust and Ignition. Both are similar in form; however, they do have subtle differences.

Turbo Thrust

banner with turbo thrust

The Turbo Thrust sleeve has a non-anatomical orifice which means that it doesn’t resemble a vagina, ass or mouth. However, the sensation it delivers more than makes up for that. It is designed to give you a fully customized blowjob but without all the gagging, complaining and scraping.

It has three initial insertion points that are intended to deliver an intense sucking motion. The Thrust is quite a large Fleshlight and hard to conceal, so it’s definitely not a travel buddy; however, the bulkiness does help to provide a balanced weight during your manual blowjob session.

The copper color may not be very realistic looking, however, the pleasurable experience from the stimulation will make up for that.

It delivers the best performance when it’s warmed up and used with a generous amount of lube. The material can also tend to get sticky, and you cannot use it with the Launch which is a Fleshlight add-on.

Turbo Ignition

banner with turbo ignition

The Turbo Ignition is similarly designed with the three insertion points; however, it is ice blue in color. The transparent material is ideal for those men who like to watch themselves in action. Other than that both variations of the Turbo are just a matter of aesthetics and they function the same.

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The Fleshlight QuickShot

The QuickShot is designed to provide maximum pleasure. It is also created to be discreet and mobile. Therefore it makes an excellent choice for those looking for a male masturbator that requires a minimum amount of cleaning and maintenance.

QuickShot is available in two variations which are the Vantage and the Boost.

The Vantage

banner with fleshlight quickshot vantage

The Fleshlight Vantage is transparent and is commonly referred to as the Ice version. So while this makes it hard to mask or hide, it also gives you that visual element that some men will find appealing. This is especially if you enjoy watching yourself in action.

The texture of the Vantage is slightly sticky, and that’s probably due to the clear insert. The insert is also tight.

The Boost

banner with fleshlight quickshot boost

The Fleshlight Boost has an opaque black color. This makes it easy to hide away or camouflage among your other belongings. It is also exceptionally easy to conceal it when traveling as it does not resemble a sex toy at all when both end caps are on. In fact, it looks more like a high tech device.

The Boost insert is also a little less sticky than the Vantage.

The texture in both versions are slightly different and can be compared to the texture used in the STU or Stamina Training Unit.

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The Fleshlight Ice

banner with black and white legs and fleshlight ice

The Fleshlight Ice is unique and transparent. The case and sleeve itself are clear, and this means you can see right through this Fleshlight.

This is perfect for men who want to watch all the action as it happens. It is available with three orifices, which are the vagina, ass and a pure orifice. However, you can expect the same texture in all three sleeves.

The inner sleeve is filled with a variety of textures such as bumps, ridges and narrow passages that all make for a mind-blowing orgasm. The entire insert is a mixture of visual effects, intense stimulation, and tight constrictions.

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The Fleshlight Flight

banner with flight fleshlight

The Flight range is smaller than the traditional Fleshlights and has a sleek appearance. The Flight range is available in three versions. These are the Flight Pilot, Flight Instructor and Flight Aviator.

The Flight Pilot comes in a black case, the Instructor is available in a white case and the Aviator comes with a clear case.

The orifices in this range look more like jet engine turbines than pussies and its meant to be discreet.

The Flight range has a sophisticated design and is visually appealing and this is why we gave it a high fleshlight rating. The small size makes them easy to handle and also hideaway. They are also portable and ideal for travel. It is also reasonably priced considering its quality.

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The Fleshlight Go

The Fleshlight Go is one of the smaller Fleshlights on the market but packs quite a punch. There are two sleeves available in this range, and that is the Surge and Torque.

Although they are smaller than the traditional Fleshlights, they are still large enough to accommodate men with a penis size of 8 inches long.

The Go Surge

banner with go surge fleshlight

The Fleshlight Go Surge is pink, and the orifice is shaped like a real pussy. The insert contains lots of ribs and raised blocks which provide the stimulating texture you will experience.

The Go Torque

banner with go torgue fleshlight

The Go Torque has a transparent sleeve and is considered one of the ice sleeves. It also contains the soft SuperSkin material although it is entirely clear.

The texture is much like the crystal ice sleeve only it is smaller.

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The Fleshlight STU

banner with stamina training

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit is designed to over-stimulate the penis and according to our fleshlight review, it dos a good job of that. The goal here is to help you improve your stamina so you can last longer in bed.

You have the choice between the lady orifice which is the vagina or the pure hole which is non-anatomical. That said, the texture of the sleeve is quite intense although it is relatively simple at the same time. There is one texture throughout the entire sleeve consisting of raised and rounded bumps. These bumps are packed densely, so there is no escape.

The entire designed is meant to help you train our stamina and last longer in bed. So there is no slow build-up, and it is an intense sleeve that is not for the faint-hearted.

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banner with fleshskins fleshlight

The Fleshskins Grip range is somewhat different from the traditional fleshlights as it does not contain the outer casing. This allows the user complete control over the tightness of the sleeve and overall more control.

The outer casing on the fleshlight is designed to provide suction and therefore if you have attempted to use a sleeve without the case in the past, it may not have been everything you hoped it would be.

The Fleshskins range is different. It is designed to work without the outer case, and there are four holes for your fingers, so you have better control. It is also smaller than a standard fleshlight sleeve, and it is open at both ends, much like the Quickshot. But thanks to no outer casing it is flexible enough to accommodate all penis sizes.

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The Fleshlight Vibro

banner with vibro fleshlight

The Fleshlight Vibro is somewhat different to other fleshlights because it contains battery powered vibrating inserts that of course cause a vibrating sensation during use.

Since the three pockets designated for the batteries can only be accessed when the sleeve is removed, you will need to insert the batteries prior to your session. Depending on the level of vibration you are looking for, you may insert between one to three batteries.

You cannot control the vibration from the outside of the device, and you need to remove the sleeve if you want to adjust the vibration.

The entrance is tight, and the bumps are soft and stimulating. So if you are looking for something different, this would be a great option.

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The Fleshlight Launch

banner with launch fleshlight

The Fleshlight Launch is an example of what happens when you combine technology with sex toys. The Launch controls the speed and length of strokes during your session and helps you to customize your orgasm.

It is designed to work with your smartphone and connect to a site called FeelMe, and the Launch then simulates the porn you are viewing on your phone.

It is light and weighs only 1.4kg. It’s also very quiet and this a significant bonus. There are buttons on the outer casing that are used to control the different functions, and you may use the device in manual or interactive mode.

In essence, this is a virtual reality toy that takes male masturbation to a whole new level, and it is compatible with most Fleshlights.

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The Fleshlight QuickShot Launch

banner with quickshot launch

The QuickShot Launch allows you to have a completely hands free experience during masturbation. It is similar to the Launch that came before it; however, this version is designed to work with the Quickshot Fleshlight.

There are also no touch controls on this version, and you will find buttons only. There are two buttons on this device that control speed and length of strokes. The fastest speed is 250 strokes per minute.

You can also use this version of the Launch to focus on specific parts of the penis such as the head or shaft. Once fully charged you will be able to use it for an hour before it requires charging again.

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The Fleshlight VStroker

The Fleshlight VStroker allows you to take your masturbation sessions to a whole new level. This device is designed to make masturbation more interactive.

The Vstroker also referred to as the Virtual Stroker is a new concept. It basically combines masturbation with VR or virtual reality to deliver a truly interactive session.

You can use it with your favorite fleshlight as it is an accessory which is easily attached and detached from your fleshlight. The VStroker allows you to download virtual content from your PC’s hard drive and puts you in the middle of that action. So you not only get to be in the action, but in control of it as well.

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How to Buy a Fleshlight

Fleshlight has created approximately 100 different textures to date. This makes the task of choosing a fleshlight challenging to say the least. There are a variety of textures, orifices, casings and they are all available in various shapes and sizes.

So if you are looking to buy your first fleshlight, you should do your homework. There is no “buy before you try” option, so you need to be sure that you are investing your money on something you are going to enjoy.

However, it is also essential to remember that you should not get so caught up in over-thinking it that you miss out on your experience with a Fleshlight. Irrespective of which type of sleeve you choose, each and every single Fleshlight is designed to give you immense pleasure, and if the first one wasn’t exactly what you expected, you can choose better the second time around.

Where to Buy

Many online stores sell these products; however, there are just as many cheap knock-offs out there. So during our Fleshlight review, we took the time out to make sure that you only purchase your Fleshlight from credible sources.

How to Use a Fleshlight

You would think that masturbating with the Fleshlight is one of the most effortless and most natural things to do. It is, however, there are some things you can do to enhance your experience and make it even better.

For starters, a warm fleshlight feels more like the real thing than when it is cold. So you can soak the sleeve in some hot water or use the fleshlight sleeve warmer to heat it up electronically.

Thereafter you should use a generous amount of lube to make sure there is no friction against your delicate skin. Water-based lube is recommended and you should stay away from oil and silicone based lube which damages the SuperSkin material used on the inner sleeve.

You may choose to use your fleshlight manually, or you can use an automatic stroker such as the Launch or Vstroker for a hands-free experience.

There are two caps included with the fleshlight. The first one which covers the orifice is used to keep dust and debris out and the second one can be adjusted to increase or decrease the suction and this affects the intensity of the sleeve.

How to Clean Your Fleshlight

Your Fleshlight is an investment, and you should take proper care of it to ensure it lasts a long time.

It needs to be cleaned after each session. You can do this by removing the inner sleeve and running some hot water through it to get rid of lubricant and semen trapped inside.

Thereafter you should allow it to dry for several hours until it is completely dry.  You may choose to leave it next to an open window or use a fan to speed up drying time.

Conclusion – Wrapping Our Fleshlight Review

Finding the right Fleshlight is easy if you know what you want. Alternatively, if you already own a couple and want something different, consider building your own Fleshlight. This option is available from the manufacturer and allows you to choose your own outer case, sleeve and orifice. Ultimately, Fleshlights are a worthwhile investment into self-love and pleasure, so take your time to read our Fleshlight review of their products and narrow down your list based on your personal preferences, budget and of course penis length. Once you’ve done this, choosing the ideal Fleshlight for you should be much easier.