Nikki Benz Fleshlight Review

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Nikki Benz is one of those women who makes heads turn. And this is not just because she is smoky hot but because she commands a presence and has won more awards than we can even mention. 

So this darling is one of the most prolific and celebrated strumpets in the world, but if you’ve been following her, then you already know this.

While the exciting news is that she has released the Nikki Benz Fleshlight in collaboration with Interactive Life Forms. Now you can own your own piece of Nikki Benz’ pussy. 

Keep reading our Nikki Benze Fleshlight review as we explore the ins and outs of her MVP sleeve. 

About the Nikki Benz Fleshlight

This is smoking hot sex Queen was born in Ukraine; however, was raised in Toronto, Canada. She started off as a popular model before becoming an exotic dancer. She’s always had a keen interest in the adult pron industry, so she decided to give it a try. Since 2002 when she made her first adult movie, Nikki Benz has been wowing men all over the world. 

MVP or the Most Valuable Pussy is a new Fleshlight texture introduced to the line. The sleeve has a variety of texture, but unlike the others, it isn’t straight. The chambers are curved upwards and downwards. 

Ultimately, this brings a distinct level of pressure and sensation to your experience. Additionally, you’ll find counterclockwise ribbons of tiny little pleasure walls. 

The Most Valuable Pussy is brought to you by Fleshlight, also known as Interactive Life Forms. The company is known for manufacturing high quality and premium range of male masturbation toys for well over a decade. 

How to Use the MVP Sleeve?

The first chamber is a complex one. However, you’ll be relieved to know that the entry to the sleeve is at least 1 inch wide so you can relax and ease into this sleeve. The second chamber is bumpy and contains a twisted section. The third chamber is filled with larger bumps that will have you begging for more. So the MVP sleeve really is priceless. 

However, you can have even more fun by lubing up. Just remember to only use water-based lube with the delicate super skin material in order to preserve it and make it last for years to come. Fleshlight does have its own brand of water-based lube that is designed specifically for use with Fleshlight sleeves. 

In order to enhance the experience further, you should try warming up your MVP sleeve. After all, there is nothing more realistic than body temperature. In order to do this, you need to remove it from the case and soak it in a sink filled with hot water for a few minutes. Keep checking on the sleeve, and once it reaches your desired temperature, you can remove it from the water and put it to use.

Fleshlight is well known for the durability of their products. The sleeve can be used on a daily basis without any breakage in sight. Ideally, you should wash and rinse out the sleeve after each session. This will remove the lubricant as well as any residues. The goal here is to prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria inside the crevices. After some practice, cleaning will get a lot easier.

Who is the Nikki Benz Fleshlight Designed for?

The Nikki Benz lady orifice is quite satisfying although the textures are quite basic. Ultimately, the sleeves design is interesting, but nothing that Fleshlight hasn’t released before. Ultimately, the sleeve is ideal for various size penises, and even if you don’t make it all the way to the end, you’ll still have the time of your life.

The MVP lady orifice is reasonably priced, as are all the sleeves in the Fleshlight Girls range. Considering that Fleshlights are the most realistic male masturbation toys created over the decades, it is well worth the price. You are also getting a product that is authentic, premium quality and hypoallergenic. 


  • Lifelike vaginal opening compared to other sleeves
  • Simple texture yet satisfying
  • Penetration sensation near the end of the sleeve


  • No penetration sensation within the first chamber
  • Easy to clean
  • texture may be underwhelming for experienced Fleshlight users

Tips and Tricks

As we mentioned before, there are so many different ways that you can make the most out of your MVP sleeve. It has interesting enough textures to have the time of your life; however, there’s still plenty of ways in which you can pump up the experience. Fleshlight does have a few accessories designed to enhance your sessions. 

For one, you can invest in the Fleshlight sleeve warmer, specifically designed to warm up Fleshlights. It is specifically designed for this purpose and does a great job at it. If you’re in the mood for some wet and wild aquatic fun, you should invest in Fleshlights’ shower mount.

Not only does this allow you to enjoy hands-free orgasms but you’ll get to do it as often as you take a shower.

If you’re looking to have some good old fashioned fun and don’t want to invest in accessories just yet, then you can secure your Fleshlight between couches, pillows, bed mattresses and just about anywhere your mind can imagine. 

There are no limitations on your options, so feel free to play out your wildest fantasies. 

Where to Buy

While conducting our review Nikki Bnez appeared in several searches, and this tells us that she is in demand.

This fact is also abused by various online sellers who try to sell unathentic pocket pussies as the originals. 

We have taken the time to sift out these unethical sellers and ensure that you only make your purchase from sellers that we recommend as they are trustworthy, transparent, and reliable. 


While Nikki Benz does have a butt orifice called Reign, her lady orifice is interesting enough to keep you busy for hours. Although the MVP sleeve textures are not new, it is still highly satisfying and will bring pleasure to both experienced and beginner Fleshlight users. 

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