Dillion Harper Fleshlight Review – The Crush Sex Toy

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Male masturbators are used by millions of men around the world each day. Pocket pussies are the latest and most innovative ways of jerking off in this day and age.

Not only does it give you sexual gratification, when you need it, it’s also available in a variety of materials, shapes, and textures.

However, the company that put pocket pussies on the map is known as Fleshlight, and if the name doesn’t give it away, they are responsible for creating Flesh-like fake vaginas.

One of those vaginas is called the Dillion Harper Fleshlight, and it is actually molded from this porn stars’ pussy.  

About the Dillion Harper Fleshlight

The Inspiration

Dillion Harper received the motivation to record cam shows and send them to production companies, after running out cash at the age of 19. She took the advice of a friend and decided to give porn videos a try. After being turned down by a few companies, she was noticed by New Sensations and Diabolic videos. In 2012 she started appearing in films made by these two companies and was named the Hustler Honey of the Year in 2013. The rest, as they say, is history.

This American beauty has won many awards since then and been featured in magazines like Hustler and Penthouse. This is why Fleshlight decided to team up with her to bring the Dillion Harper Fleshlight to life. Molded from her very own vagina, you may never have the courage to approach her, but you will still get to feel the inside of her pussy.

The Texture

The Dillion Harper Crush Fleshlight is approximately 8.8 inches long and tightens soon after your penis enters. Thereafter, it widens and introduces you to the first of three chambers.

The first chamber is the broadest and is almost 5 inches in length, so it’s safe to say that it takes up half the sleeve. For the first 3 inches, you will feel a series of ribs and bumps as you begin to thrust in and out of the 1.3-inch wide canal. Soon after that, you will gently and effortlessly slip into the next part of the sleeve that has 5 nodules all pointing to the entrance of the Fleshlight.

The second pleasure pocket is narrow at .6 inches in diameter. You will start to feel a stroking sensation from the small cubed surfaces and rounded edges as you slip in and out of this second part of the sleeve. Finally, you’ll get a taste of the spiral ribs at the very end of the sleeve.

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight is a concept that was brought to life after Steve Shubin and his wife encountered complications in their pregnancy and could not have sex. Steve and his wife are also the owners and operators of Fleshlight.

They have invested close to $5 million into researching and developing these products and have sold close to seven million pleasure products for men over the years.

Consequently, the company has been featured in publications such as Gizmodo and the Huffington Post.

The idea behind Fleshlight is not just to create male masturbators, but mold them after actual women’s vaginas. And what better candidates than some of the sexiest, most acclaimed and desired porn stars in the industry.

Dillion Harper is one of those porn stars that men don’t just get to watch and drool over while jerking off, but thanks to her generosity, you can now jerk off inside her Fleshlight pussy.

How to Use the Dillion Harper Fleshlight

Water-based lube is recommended when using the Dillion Harper crush as it is with all Fleshlight pussies.

Once you enter Dillion’s pussy, you will get to experience the unique sensations from three separate chambers.

The first chamber is the longest and takes up half the inner sleeve. The next two chambers are equal in size, but the textures are noticeably different.

However, according to our Dillion Harper Fleshlight review, the first chamber provides the highest amount of stimulation and intensity. This amazing sensation can be credited to the series of ribs and bumps and run throughout this initial pleasure pocket. The further into Dillion’s pussy you go the flatter, and wider the bumps between the ribs become until you reach the end that contains an elliptically shaped bump.

Ultimately the variety of textures allows you to experience something new the deeper you go.

Using Lubricant with the Crush Fleshlight

The unique texture incorporated into the Dillion Harper sex toy has been named “crush”. Contrary to the name, the sleeve has a variety of textures and delivers a gentle stroking sensation as most of the canal is more wide than tight.

So when it comes to using Lube, less will be more. This may also heighten the sensation you feel as you thrust your penis in and out of her orifice.

What you need to know, however, is that oil and silicone based lube is not recommended. They can damage the delicate flesh-like material used on the inner sleeve. So use water-based lube instead. One such lubricant that is suggested for use with all Fleshlight pocket pussies is FleshLube. It is also made by the company, Fleshlight and is intended for use with pocket pussies.


Our Fleshlight Dillion Harper review revealed that as is the case with all Fleshlight pussies, the myriad of textures inside the Dillion Harper pocket pussy makes cleaning a challenge. Lube and sperm can easily become trapped between the ribs and bumps.

In order to effectively clean the inner sleeve, you should wash it immediately after use. This also avoids mold from forming inside the pockets.

Rinse it under fast running water that is lukewarm to clean it properly. You will also need to air dry it for a couple of hours in a warm place or alternatively, you may use the cool air from a hair dryer to dry it out.

Occasional cleaning with Isopropyl alcohol will disinfect it and lengthen the Fleshlight’s lifespan.

Who is the Dillion Harper Pocket Pussy designed for?

The combination of textures and chambers in this Dillion Harper pocket pussy make it ideal for men of various penis lengths. Although it is almost 9 inches long and suitable for large men, it can also deliver just as much pleasure to a 4-inch man. This is mainly because most of the action takes place in the first chamber. So ultimately, it is ideal for any penis size.

How Much Does the Dillion Harper Pocket Pussy Cost?

This Dillion Harper Fleshlight Crush retails for $79.95, and it is the price set by the manufacturing company. However, discounts may be applicable if you purchase combo deals.

Dillion Harper Pocket Pussy Pros:

•    The various textures come together to give you an experience like no other

•    It is suitable for any penis length

Dillion Harper Pocket Pussy Cons:

•    It can be hard to clean

•    It takes longer to dry

•    Men with shorter penises will not get to experience the third and final chamber in this Crush Fleshlight

Reasons to Buy the Dillion Harper Male Masturbator

Using a pocket pussy has several advantages. Not only does it provide sexual gratification, but it can be useful in various real-life situations.

In monogamous relationships where partners are refraining from sexual intercourse for whatever reason, a pocket pussy can bring sexual relief to men.

The bonus is that you don’t need to sleep around, contract sexually transmitted diseases or get anyone pregnant in the process.

It’s pure sexual pleasure without any of the risks. Jerking off also has health benefits, so pocket pussies such as the Dillion Harper male masturbator are so much more than just sex toys.

If you also want our take on other options, check out the Fleshlight review article we have.

Where to Buy the Dillion Harper Male Masturbator

There are many pleasure toys for men out there as there are many different types of pocket pussies. However, the fundamental difference is that not all of them are made equal.

Some are cheaply made using inferior products that either make it feel unrealistic or don’t last long enough for you to find out how realistic it feels.

So after conducting our Dillion Harper Fleshlight review, we’ve come to the conclusion that the safest place to make your online Dillion Harper pocket pussy purchase is from none other than Fleshlight.

We’ve invested a considerable amount of time to ensure that you buy from credible sources.


Since the Dillion Harper Fleshlight has a variety of bumps, ribs, and nodules, it creates different sensations of pleasure at each part of the chamber. However, the texture is still not too intense to cause you to come prematurely. This makes it suitable for even first time users.

This is the only Fleshlight Dillion Harper has and the custom molded crush texture is definitely worth every penny.

Cleaning is going to be a bit tedious because of all the ribs and bumps; however, if you wash it immediately and disinfect it every once in a while, it should give you years of pleasure.  As a bonus, it is suitable for different penis sizes.

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