Best Bullet Vibrator Review

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Best Bullet Vibrators

Believe it or not, bullet vibrators are amongst the most popular small sex toys for women. They are the most straightforward, tiniest and most portable vibrators around. Although this works for solo play, it is small enough to nuzzle between you and your partner during sexual intercourse. However, with such a vast variety to choose from, it can be daunting when it comes to actually buying one. Depending on your personal preferences, there are cheap basic bullets out there, and there are more adventurous and high-grade ones.

Ultimately, there’s a bullet vibe out there for you. If you are one of those women that want to experience sexual independence, there is no time like the present to start. In fact, once you experience the thrill of using a bullet vibe, you may never go back.

The Best Bullet Vibrators Out there

When choosing a suitable vibrator for yourself, there are a few key features you need to look out for. You will need to determine what your personal preferences are especially when it comes to size, material, appearance and intensity levels. Having an idea of what you like will definitely help to narrow down your search. Below are some of the most popular vibrators on the market and here’s why.

The Experts Choice – The Lovense Lush 3

The Lovense Lush 2 is considered one of the most powerful bullet vibrators on the market. Although it can be used for solo play, is also designed to allow your partner to control your orgasm from anywhere in the world. The long-distance sex toy has vibe enthusiasts all around the world hooked.

Since it’s such a powerful toy, it delivers intense orgasms. But if you are sensitive to extreme vibration, it is best that you use it on the lowest setting. The most significant advantage of using this toy is that you have complete control over your orgasms. The app itself allows you to control and manipulate the toy according to your personal preferences.

This is a wearable vibrator meaning can be inserted into the vagina and left there. There are two distinct portions to this device which is the business end which vibrates and the bendable Bluetooth antenna that sticks out.

Everything is fully customizable and can be controlled from the Lovense app. So you will need a Bluetooth enabled phone in order to operate this device. It also has a long distance functionality with p to 30 feet standing range when in front of the user and 10 feet standing range when behind the user.  It also has a 5 to 10-foot range when the user is sitting down.

If you are really into powerful vibrations, the Lush is four times more powerful than 90% of vibes on the market, making it truly unique. It is not particularly a large bullet vibrator. This vibe is so powerful you would expect it to be noisy; however, you’ll be presently surprised to learn that it is absolutely quiet. It is also curved which means that it hugs the G spot perfectly. One of the biggest bonuses of using the Lush is that it can be controlled by your partner from thousands of miles away.

Contender – We-Vibe Tango

If you’re looking for a powerful vibrator that is pocket sized as well, then the We-Vibe Tango is just for you. It is designed for precise external stimulation and has a tapered tip which gives you intense sensations and a flat edge perfect for all over massage.

It’s also rechargeable and body safe as well as 100% waterproof.  This sex toy also has a selection of eight different vibration modes which makes it the most ideal vibrator out there.

It’s rechargeable and gives you two hours of play after a full charge. It also has a low-power indicator that lets you know when the device needs to be charged.

Since it’s waterproof, you can use it in the shower, bath or even hot tub. This also makes cleaning practical since you can use soap and water.

The toy is made from body safe PC, ABS plastic. This means that it is free from latex, BPA and Phthalates.

Some of the features that you will get with this tiny yet powerful and quiet vibe is a rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging. Its body safe offers you two hours of play after a single charge and is easy to clean and maintain.

Bargain – The Touch of Velvet Bullet

three bullet vibrators in different colours

Touch of velvet is a standard size bullet that measures approximately 2.5 inches in length and just over 2 inches in circumference. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

The appearance itself is stunning, and the shaft looks like brushed satin.

The shaft also feels smooth and sleek and almost silky. It actually has a silicone-like feeling to it. The tip of the Touch of Velvet is tapered to the point that allows more direct stimulation. The bullet vibe controls are all on the base of the device as you would expect. The single button allows you to cycle through the ten different settings. This button also switches the device on and off.

The small vibe has ten different settings which offer more than enough variety for anyone. Three of these settings are for steady speed, and the remaining seven are for vibration patterns. The bonus is that for a device this size, it has pretty good intensity. If you’re looking for a battery-operated bullet, and one with significant vibration sensations, this is definitely the one for you.

The vibrations feel great although they’re not the strongest of vibrations. The smooth surface feels very good even though the surface is more matte than shiny, and if you use it without lube, you should expect a little fiction.

Overall speaking, this tiny little vibe is excellent for stimulation, either for solo play or during intercourse and its small enough to be unobtrusive. It’s waterproof, so it’s fully submersible and easy to clean. It’s nice and compact, so you can take it along with you when you travel.

Ultimately if you are looking for a decent bullet at a fair price, this definitely is the best budget vibe we’ve come across.

Other Vibrators worth Mentioning

Bad Dragon Bullet Vibrator Review

The Bad Dragon vibrator has a classic look and design. It’s also long and narrow with the Bad Dragon logo displayed on the matte black finish of the remote. There are two switches on the remote which is the on and off buttons. There are also different levels of intensity which are low, medium and high followed by four pulsation patterns.

The bullet itself is rather small and attached to the remote by a long wire. Although they are connected to each other, the bullet can be detached from the main remote for cleaning. The bullet can be washed with soap and warm water which makes it practical. It is also waterproof; however, the remote is not. There is no scent on the vibrator itself; however the wire does contain a metallic odor, so washing this before use is recommended if the smell puts you off.

This material used in the manufacturing is also smooth to the touch and is made from ABS plastic that has a PU coating. It is fairly cheap and offers intense vibrations at a low price.

The noise level is also medium so it not a completely silent bullet vibrator but then again it will not wake up the entire neighborhood either. What this means is that the faster the mode, the louder the noise levels. Although it can be heard through the walls on the fastest mode, you can muffle the sound under blankets. With that said, going off into a room full of people with it is not recommended. This is quite an impressive design and slim at that, so it offers pinpoint stimulation, and you can apply a lot of pressure with it.

Since it is not made from 100% silicone, it will not work well for internal stimulation but is ideal for external stimulation or stimulating the clitoris. Alternatively, if you own a dildo, all you need to do is insert the bullet vibrator into it. However, always be sure to check the bullet size against the dildo size to make sure it will work.

Overall speaking, at the price range, it is a cheap bullet vibrator, but the Bad Dragon gives you more than what you pay for. It delivers extremely powerful orgasms fairly easily, and the vibration intensity and patterns can be compared to that of higher priced vibes out there. So this really is a good buy if you’re looking for a great vibrator on a budget.

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator

The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator measures 3.25 inches in length and has a total circumference of 2 inches. It’s certainly not the cheapest bullet out there, however considering the features and benefits that it comes with, you’d expect to pay a little more for it.

There are a couple of seconds of preparation involved before using the vibe. You would need to unscrew the cap with the button on it and insert the AAA batteries followed by replacing the cap. Ensure that you do not remove the internal paper sleeve while doing this. Thereafter, it should be just tight enough to seal the vibe but not too tight as it could cause damage to the vibrator.

Thereafter, it’s just a case of pressing the matching pink silicon button at the end of the vibe and turning it on. It has a single speed, and for most women, this is the ideal speed.

It is a great vibe for clitoral stimulation since the clit is sensitive and high vibrations or pulsation settings tend to be too aggressive.

It does also have a decent output considering its small size. It’s an affordable and quiet bullet. In many cases, power and limited noise is not something that goes together. So you usually have to sacrifice one for the other. You can use the vibe with a water-based lubricant, and the sensations are even better with Lube.

Some of the main advantages of using the bullet are that it is portable and slips easily into your handbag or purse. It’s also quiet and waterproof as well as nonporous and made from body-safe materials. It takes a battery that is not hard to find which is a AAA type and as long as you have a pack of batteries with you, you’ll never run out of charge. It’s also easy to operate since it only contains one button and the best part is that it is budget friendly.

Doc Johnson iVibe

The Doc Johnson iVibe Rocket can be considered an upgrade of the classic pocket rocket. Ultimately, it is everyone’s favorite little vibe. For a tiny bullet vibrator, it really is mighty. It has seven vibration patterns and delivers pinpoint pulsation to the clitoris as well as other erotic zones.

You can either use it with the cap on or the cap off to experiment with the textured silicone massage beads on the tip of the vibrator. It has a smooth velvet touch which gives the toy a classy yet textured look. The Doc Johnson makes use of two AAA batteries which are not included.

Overall, while it is not cheap, it is not overly priced either and seems to be one of the more popular brands on the market.

Lipstick Bullet Vibrator

Love lipstick vibe is a member of the mini vibrator’s family. They are designed to be as discreet as possible, and you can keep them in your bedroom, or handbag and no one will suspect anything. However, if your friend decides to borrow some without asking, you may have a situation.

If you would like to try out the Love Lipstick Vibe range, here are a few things to look out for. The power source is extremely important. What you also need to remember is that whether you prefer a vibe that makes use of a battery or one that is rechargeable, they both have their own pros and cons. However, the USB bullet vibrator seems to be more popular than battery-operated ones.

Secondly, the material that your love bullet vibrator is made from is also just as important. Most people prefer 100% silicone over other genetic materials.

Some vibes have just one speed; others have more and also includes a variety of patterns. Cheap ones usually have fewer options.

Love lipstick vibe is not exactly going to knock your socks off. The smaller size also means that it is weaker than bigger ones. Then again it is also much quieter than larger ones. They are also meant more for external stimulation than internal pleasure.

The vibe takes more time to clean since there are more places for fluids to hide.

Ultimately it is great for women who are concerned about keeping their guilty pleasure discreet.

Rabbit Bullet Vibrator

The Nora original Bluetooth bullet vibe

The Nora original Bluetooth bullet vibe is one of the high-end vibrators out there and contains a wealth of features and functionality. It is even considered by many as the best wireless bullet vibrator. Like all other products by Lovense, you can control the device from your smartphone, by using the Lovense app. If you don’t want to use the device through your smartphone, you can simply use the buttons on the handle.

This rabbit vibe also happens to be splash proof, easy to clean and is a USB rechargeable bullet vibrator. After a full charge, it offers you up to four hours of continuous use and up to five days of standby time. Made from body safe materials such as ABS plastic and high-quality silicone, it’s extremely safe to use both externally and internally.

Some of the features that make the bunny vibe unique are the rotating head which quickly stimulates your G spot and the optimized shaft that gently stimulates the right places while thrusting. A vibrating arm also accommodates multiple body types.

Male Bullet Vibrator for Men

Trinity Vibes Penis Head Bullet Teaser Multi-Speed Vibrator

Trinity Vibes Penis Head Bullet Teaser Multi-Speed Vibrator

If you are a man, then you probably haven’t considered vibrators as part of your sex toy collection. These toys are usually regarded as female pleasure tools, and therefore men focus their attention specifically to male masturbation sex toys. However, there are vibes out there for men too, such as the Trinity Vibes Penis Head Bullet Teaser Multi-Speed Vibrator.

It has a textured sleeve and a smooth sheat. You can also choose the style that’s right for you from the range available. The vibe makes use of twin vibrating bullets and a stretchy, sleeve that encompasses the head of your penis to give you targeted simulation. It’s also effortless to clean and all you do it rinse it under soap and mildly warm water.

You can transmit and control the vibrations by slipping the cup over your penis head and controlling the stimulation with the included wired remote. It is ideal for couples play and all you need to do is just add a little bit of your favorite lubricant to make the experience even better.

While using the device, the bullets stay firmly against the helmet while transmitting the vibration to every part of your manhood. The device measures approximately 2.25 inches in length and is 1.15 inches in width. It also requires two AA batteries.

Overall speaking, this vibrator for men provides just as much pleasure to men as any other vibrators provide to women. So it is definitely something every man should try.

What is a Bullet Vibrator?

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The bullet vibrator is still a favorite due to its clit stimulation functionality as well as being able to be used as an internal vibrator. It’s also small and discreet and a great choice for anyone just starting out their sex toy collection. They are easy to use, and later models are available with Bluetooth, Internet, and wireless capabilities. Most bullet vibrators are at least 3 inches in length which makes them ideal for travel.

Not only are they simple and practical but also host a range of other features and functions. It can be used on the clitoris and G spot and can also be used in various places. In fact, you can use it just about anywhere you feel like. These vibes are available in different sizes and colors as well. Some of the most popular colors for bullet vibrators are:

  • blue
  • gold
  • black
  • purple
  • pink
  • silver bullet vibrator

Vibrator bullets are also available in a variety of different shapes, and some of them are long and slim while others are small and resemble eggs. These vibes are perfectly shaped to fit sheaths, harnesses, and silicone dildos as well. And if you prefer, they also fit into a pair of panties. Most vibes are powered by 2 or 3 AA batteries, and some are rechargeable. More later models come with USB rechargeable functionality.

Some of the advantages of owning a vibrator are that women are not capable of coming or climaxing from penetration alone. In fact, they require lots of foreplay which is often the key to total stimulation. So a bullet vibrator is the greatest accessory to use during sexual intercourse if you want to stimulate the clit.

Vibes are also quite discreet, and most of them are disguised to be anything else besides a vibrator. They are small and compact enough to keep in a small handbag or your purse, and it can go anywhere with you. So if you only intend on owning one vibrator, why not make it one that is compact enough to go everywhere with you.

These little vibrator bullets fit anywhere you need it to. This makes it ideal for couples foreplay and also great for solo play.

Bullet Vibrator Tips

Lelo mia 2 in hands with jeans

If you already own a vibe, you’ve probably tried it in a number of different ways. However, if you have never owned one or this is your first time, then here are a few tips and tricks on using your very own bullet vibe.

You can use it simply as a clit stimulator during sexual intercourse. In fact, many women believe that this is the best way to use it. Although it’s great for solo play as well, there is nothing more exciting than using it for foreplay with your partner. And what makes it ideal is the size of the vibrator or the bullet itself. It is small so that it can be nuzzled into the right places during intercourse.

You can also use your vibe with some clit cream. The clit cream basically delivers the tingling sensations that you feel while the vibe creates the stimulation, pulsations and vibration intensity that is accompanied by the cream. So this way you get double the stimulation by using both the clit cream and the bullet.

Approximately 85% of women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax, and 40% of women who masturbate say they only want clit stimulation and not penetration. So the bullet is actually the perfect partner irrespective of whether you have a real one in your life or not.

Owning a vibrator is an ideal accessory or sex toy that lesbian couples can make use of.

The bullet vibe can also be used on men as well. It is excellent as an accessory to improve oral sex sensations, and it merely enhances the entire oral sex experience.

Although bullets are mainly used for external stimulation, they can also be used for internal pleasures. They can be inserted just till they reach the G spot or used on the clit alone to enhance foreplay.

So these are some of the ways in which can get more creative with your vibrator and use it to benefit both you and your partner during couples play.

How to Use a Bullet Vibrator

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If you want to experience a quick, effortless and memorable orgasm, a bullet vibrator is what you need. However there are so many ways in which to use it. If you are not sure about how to go about using your vibrator bullet, the simple answer is that there is no right or wrong way and you will need to experiment to find what works best for you.

The first time you use your vibe, you are likely to climax quickly. All you need to do is experiment with where you place the toy on your body to prolong the experience. So decide what feels good and don’t be afraid to try different things.

Once you move away from the clit stimulation and let the bullet roam around the rest of your body, you’ll discover entirely new regions of pleasure. You can try running the toy up and down different parts of your body and venture away from the typical or most obvious places. This will allow you to find out what else can give you pleasure.

People often forget that they are not limited to using just the tip of the bullet vibrator and if you hold it horizontally, it creates more widespread pleasure.

Something that makes your vibrator even better is lubricants. It’s an orgasm booster, and it really enhances the entire experience. A few squirts of some of your favorite water-based lube or clit stimulating cream will make all the difference during your orgasm.

For those who want to experiment with different speeds and functions, in order to satisfy your needs, you need to choose a vibe that has different speed variations or one that is a multispeed bullet vibrator. If you enjoy using a vibe in the shower, ensure that you only invest in waterproof ones to continue doing so.

They can be used to enhance the effects of other toys as well. Some butt plugs can be used in combination with the bullet vibe. All you need to do is insert it into the space provided in the butt plug, and you can experiment with anal play. It’s incredibly pleasurable for those who enjoy butt plugs.

Contrary to popular belief, bullets are not only used by women for masturbation, but they make a great addition to foreplay between couples. The vibrations can create sensations that will leave both you and him wanting for more. It’s great for solo play as well.

In fact, using it during your sexual intercourse will enhance the entire experience, and you may not want to go without it the next time around. The vibrations are great for both you and him, and while you experience indescribable pleasure, he will also experience present vibrations from the bullet.

Where to Buy

While the bullet vibrator Amazon sells is great, we recommend making your purchase from our trusted web shops and When it comes to the bullet vibrator Superdrug sells, it can also be found in the above two reputable web shops.  


Choosing your very first bullet vibrator can tend to be a daunting experience due to the overwhelming number of choices out there. However, all you need to do is make a list of the features and functionality that you would appreciate in a vibe and then keep this in mind when shopping for one.

Ultimately, whether you choose a double bullet vibrator, dual bullet vibrator or a finger bullet vibrator, ensure that it contains most of the features and functions that are going to make you happy.

If this is your very first vibe, then you should consider keeping the budget low because your first vibe is usually experimental. Once you become accustomed to using a vibe and know precisely what you like and dislike, you can start increasing your budget and start going for high-end vibrators or ones that have more features and functions.

Ultimately, reading up on bullet vibrator reviews will help you make a well-informed decision and prevent buyers remorse later on. Also ready our article – What is the best vibrator? – if you want to explore other options. Enjoy!