Lisa Ann Fleshlight Review – The Barracuda Sex Toy & Stroker

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The thought of using pleasure toys to give you a realistic sensation is truly hair-raising. It is for reason that Fleshlight has sold over 12 million units and become the number one product on the market.

Fleshlight differs from other male masturbators because it makes use of an inner sleeve which has a variety of different textures triggering a plethora of unique sensations as you thrust in and out.

The fact that they make use of a real feel super skin material is also what makes the sensation so much more realistic. In fact, there are men that have admitted to preferring sex with their fleshlights to sex with their partners.

One such pocket pussy is molded after the adult industry’s own Lisa Ann, and quite straightforward is simply called the Lisa Ann Fleshlight.

Could this be the toy for you? Read our review to find out.

About the Lisa Ann Fleshlight

The Inspiration

Lisa Ann is undoubtedly one of the adult industry’s most erotic and desired woman. She is well known for her role in the Nailin Palin series. In this series, she plays Sarah Palin, a pornographic caricature.

She began her acting career in 1994 and retired 20 years later. Over these two decades, she has taken home a total of 18 awards mostly for Best MILF and Cougar of the year. Although she no longer acts in movies, her porn career is still very much alive.

She has teamed up with Fleshlight to offer her exclusive sleeve called Fleshlight Barracuda. So now you can have your piece of this sporty and sexy temptress too.

The Barracuda Fleshlight Texture

Every pocket pussy in the Fleshlight series gives you something to look forward to, and the Lisa Ann sex toy is no different. Modeled and molded from the real vagina of porn star Lisa Ann, this pocket pussy will turn you on just by looking at it.

There are two separate chambers inside the Barracuda sleeve, although you will notice that there’s only one texture throughout the Fleshlight.

The initial pleasure pocket measures over 1.5 inches and contains bumps or bristles. These super soft bristles are approximately 0.4 inches long and all point to the entrance of the chamber.

The second pleasure pocket narrows at first then widens for the entire length of the sleeve. It also has the same bristles or soft protrusions like the first chamber, however, in this second chamber, they are pointing in the opposite direction.

The bumps and super soft bristles are what create the stimulation inside the chambers. Aside from this, the narrowing and then widening canal encourages a more intense feeling of penetration.

The Company Responsible for bringing Fleshlight to Life

The Fleshlight range is credited to none other than owner and operator, Steven Shubin and his wife Kathy. The story behind how it all began goes back to when they planned a pregnancy while they were both approximately 40.

It worked; they were pregnant with twins, however, this lead to some complications making it a high-risk pregnancy. So Kathy’s doctor advised Steve that sexual intercourse could put the baby’s lives at risk and that there should be no hanky panky for the duration of their pregnancy.

So when Steve and his wife discussed the alternative options for him to get sexual gratification, it was decided that a sex toy is much safer than sleeping around and also more sanctifying.

This brought the Fleshlight to life. Since then the couple has spent more than $5 million on this range, and they’ve sold over seven million sex toys to date.

Fleshlight has also been featured in well-known publications such as TMZ, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, and MSNBC.

So thanks to their creativity and ability to bring his concept to life, men all over the world can take pleasure in products like the Fleshlight Barracuda.

How to Use the Lisa Ann Sex Toy

During our Lisa Ann Fleshlight review, we discovered that this Fleshlight would give you an immense amount of pleasure as compared to cheaper imitations. This is credited to the sturdy grip of the sleeve.

If you haven’t already watched the Lisa Ann Fleshlight video,  we need to tell you that the Barracuda texture gives you unmatched pleasure starting with an extremely tight opening and then gradual widening as you slip further inside, much like a real vagina.

A mild resistance is created by the super soft textured bristles that face frontwards as you enter Lisa Ann’s orifice. After that, your penis is greeted by a broadened passage, still containing the bristles, that gently grips and rubs you to a slow but pleasurable orgasm.

Using Lube with the Lisa Ann Fleshlight

Although using lube is recommended with all Fleshlight models, when It comes to the Lisa Ann Barracuda sleeve, less in more. Using a smaller amount of lube allows for provides for a more sensitive and life-like sensation.

Furthermore, only water-based lube should be used, since it will protect the material inside the sleeve. Fleshlube is a water-based lubricant that was created for Fleshlight products. You should avoid silicone and oil-based lube at all costs since it can damage the flesh like material of the inner sleeve.


The material used in this Fleshlight is phthalate-free and makes cleaning the sleeve a little difficult. Combine this with the design of the sleeve and you will need to use fast running warm water, preferably from both ends to clean your inner sleeve thoroughly.

Drying it may also present a challenge as it needs a couple of hours to air dry before being hygienically clean and ready for use again.

Who is the Lisa Ann lotus Fleshlight designed for?

The Fleshlight Barracuda is designed for men who love watching Lisa in action. Of course, it is also for all men who want some guilty pleasure every now and again…or more frequently.

Thanks to the tight opening, super soft bristles and widening of the canal, the Lisa Ann male masturbator is perfect for men of various penis sizes.

How much will the Lisa Ann Male Masturbator Cost You

If you are looking to buy the Lisa Ann Fleshlight Amazon retails it for $79.95. This is also the retail price set by the manufacturer. However, when you purchase combo deals, you may qualify for a discount on the total price.

Lisa Ann Pocket Pussy Pros:

•    The tip of the Lisa Ann Fleshlight is tight and stimulating and in fact, can be used on its own if you prefer.

•    The tightness of the Fleshlight is balanced. So it is never too loose or too tight at any point.

•    The super soft bumps throughout the inner sleeve ensure that you feel stimulated from beginning to end

•    The patented super skin material is so life-like that it is probably the next best thing to a vagina.

Lisa Ann Pocket Pussy Cons:

•    Cleaning tends to be tricky due to the design of the sleeve as well as the material it is made from, so extra care and effort should go into every cleaning session. It’s also hard to dry and needs a couple of hours air drying at least.

•    It is expensive

Although it is suitable for penises of various sizes, bigger men will particularly enjoy the 9-inch long canal, which allows you to thrust all the way to the end.

Reasons to buy the Lisa Ann Pocket Pussy

If, like Steve Shubin you are experiencing complications that restrict you from having intercourse with your partner, the Lisa Ann sex toy is a great option.

It is also a more ethical option than sleeping around and much healthier and safer than contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

So while the topic of male masturbators may not be a much-talked-about one, when you consider the alternatives to pleasure for men who are in monogamous relationships, this is definitely the way to go.

For men, who do not have sexual partners, a little self-love with the Lisa Ann male masturbator goes a long way.

Where to Buy the Lisa Ann Fleshlight

There are so many male masturbators and products on the market today that you may be overwhelmed with the options available to you.

However, buying a pocket pussy should be like any other long term investment. Instead of saving a few bucks and going for a cheaper deal, why not invest in a high-quality, authentic Fleshlight pocket pussy that will give you years of pleasure.

We’ve taken the time out during this Lisa Ann Fleshlight review to ensure that you buy this product from credible sources.


This pocket pussy contains fewer chambers than models by other Pornstar Fleshlight girls Lisa Ann, however, is designed for men who enjoy a balance of tight canals and loose chambers along with gentle stimulation from the soft bristles contained throughout the inner sleeve.

Die-hard fans of this Lisa Ann lotus Fleshlight can also check out other models molded from Lisa Ann’s intimate parts such as the Lisa Ann swallow Fleshlight, Lisa Ann mouth Fleshlight, Lisa Ann anal Fleshlight also known as the Lisa Ann butt Fleshlight and the Lisa Ann forbidden Fleshlight.

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