Brandi Love Fleshlight Review

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If you regularly watch mainstream porn, then you’ve no doubt come across the buxom beauty Brandi Love. With over 460 million views on her Pronhub films, you’ve probably drooled over her a couple of times. Well, we definitely do too, and this is why we’ve decided to write up a dedicated Brandi Love Fleshlight review. 

Keep reading to see if the Brandi Love Fleshlight will fulfil your sexual fantasies.

About the Brandi Love Fleshlight

Born Tracey Lynne Livermore on March 29, 1973, in Raleigh, North Carolina, this curvy and sexy temptress is a 5’7″ blonde knockout. At age 3, she was a dancer and started ice skating at the age of 4. 

She also played soccer and tennis as a kid in addition to running track. Prior to joining the adult porn industry, the star owned a custom wine business. In June 2004, Brandi launched her own adult website and started performing explicit hardcore movies in her mid 30’s around 2007. 

This seducing MILF is also the co-owner and Chief Financial Officer of the multi-media adult entertainment company known as Rivals Media. 

The star was introduced as the last new Fleshlight girl of 2017. Heartthrob is her exclusive lady texture. This pocket pussy features a consistent design with a multitude of transverse ribs. She also has an anal texture called Shameless, which consists of unusual grids and bumps. 

Fleshlight is the proud manufacturer of Brandi’s lady and butt orifice which is made from their signature super skin material. The company has been leaders in the adult male masturbation toy industry for several years, and if the Fleshlight Girls range has anything to say about it, this is just the beginning for them.  

How to Use the Heartthrob Pocket Pussy?

Like every other sleeve manufactured by Fleshlight, the Heartthrob is made from their signature super skin material. This means that you can use it straight out of the box. Alternatively, you may choose to warm it up for an enhanced sensation.

These orifices have a dedicated warmer that has the sole purpose of warming up a Fleshlight sleeve before use. Alternatively, if you don’t already own one of these, you can choose to fill up a clean sink with hot water and then soak the sleeve for a few minutes or until it reaches the desired temperature.

One of the advantages of the heartthrob pocket pussy is that the selected structures make it fairly easy to clean. There is no chance for the residue to remain within this texture, and the hills are easily rinsed and wiped clean. 

Perhaps the only challenge would be cleaning the small gap in the front section of the texture. Aside from that, it’s a relatively straightforward cleaning process; however, due to the narrow diameter of the sleeve, drying time will be prolonged.

One of the keys to keeping your Fleshlight in great condition is to wash it immediately after use and then thoroughly dry it before storing it away.

Who is the Heartthrob Sleeve Designed for?

This Brandi Love sleeve is designed for men who want to experience the pure intensity of Brandi’s vagina and explosive orgasm. 

Brandi’s vagina replica provides a consistent and incredibly intensive stimulation. The intensity is sustained thanks to the tight-fitting structures. 

One of the advantages of these repetitive structures is their suitability for different penis lengths. When it comes to penis thickness, men with a wider penis may not always enjoy the intensive structure, unless that is exactly what you are looking for. 

This sleeve, with its unbelievably intense structure, provides the ultimate value for money.


  • Good tightness
  • Easy to clean
  • The twisted canal for heightened sensations
  • Great for all penis lengths


  • Structures are monotone
  • May be too tight for thick penises.

Tips and Tricks

The Brandi Love orifice has off the scale intensity levels, so you don’t really need much else to have a good time. 

However, it is also compatible with Fleshlight accessories, so if you feel like trying your hand at some bath-time fun, purchase a shower mount and get carried away.

If it’s your first time exploring her tight pussy, feel free to remove the hard case and use the sleeve only. This will give it some slack and make the sensation less intense. 

Alternatively, If you want to experience the incredible tightness, keep the case on and just use a ridiculous amount of lube to make things smoother. 

Where to Buy the Heartthrob Sleeve?

During our review, Brandi Love was found to be very sought after and so we ensured that we put the time and effort into finding only the most reliable and trustworthy sellers of the Brandi Love Fleshlight.

When searching for the product online, you will come across lots of websites and sellers claiming to have the original product. However, to protect yourself against counterfeits and ensure that you receive good customer service afterwards, you should only purchase from the manufacturer or reliable suppliers that we recommend.


During our review, Fleshlight Girls like Brandi Love have proved to be the fantasies of men worldwide and thanks to the Heartthrob sleeve which is an exceptionally tight and intensive lady texture, it will leave you begging for more. Most textures with these characteristics are only found in the butt orifices or the Fleshlight range. However, it’s good to know that the pleasant intensity and tight stimulation offered by the Heartthrob sleeve is just a little reminder of what Fleshlight has to offer. 

So ultimately the sleeve shows that intensity and much thought has gone into the making of this sleeve to deliver mind-blowing orgasms. So when you purchase this sleeve, know that it was made with much thought and not a myriad of structures. 

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