Lena Paul Fleshlight Review

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The all-natural beauty Lena Paul is well known for her 32DDD tits and great personality. However, this sexy goddess is not just drop-dead gorgeous but smart as well. 

In fact, we’ve been so intrigued by her that we decided to put together this Lena Paul Fleshlight review to find out as much about her as we can.

So stay tuned as we take a look at her Fleshlight creation and find out why it has men all over the world bursting with joy.

About the Lena Paul Fleshlight 

Lena Paul is a shapely and well-endowed beauty who was born on October 12, 1993, in Florida. She began her career in the adult porn industry as a WebCam girl and did her first explicit hard-core shoot for the adult website called Big Naturals. Lena was just 22 at the time. She has also worked on notable websites such as Reality King and Mofos. 

Lena Paul’s exclusive pussy texture is called “Nymph” and is available with the classic Fleshlight girls‘ case. The texture is extremely diverse, with a combination of bumps, nubs, and cross ribs. Each one of these pleasure nodes and nodules squeezes your shaft and leads you to a plunging and desirable orgasm. 

The Nymph texture is brought to you by Interactive Life Forms company, also known as Fleshlight. The company has been creating realistic male masturbation toys for over a decade and is known for its signature, high-quality, super skin material. 

How to Use the Lena Paul Fleshlight Sleeve?

The Nymph texture is exciting as it is pleasant. Filled with interesting bumps that are paired with simpler ribs and wide diameter, it makes for quite an interesting sleeve. The structures make for a pleasurable and moderate-intensity that leads to longer sessions and a more consistent sensation as you thrust deeper into the sleeve. It has larger parts of repeating sprinkles and bumps in a unique constriction within the canal. The composition of the sleeve makes its texture suitable for all kinds of penis lengths and girths.

The Fleshlight sleeve is always more pleasurable when used with some lubrication. So feel free to get your hands on some water-based lubricant and lube up before your session.

You can also choose to remove the sleeve from the case and place it in a sink of hot water to heat up the sleeve to a more desirable temperature that resembles the real thing.

Cleaning the sleeve will take some time due to a large number of gaps and bent shapes that will make residues easier to stick to. The good news is that thanks to the wide diameter, drying time is increased.

Who is the Sleeve Designed for?

The Nymph sleeve does not contain an overly incredible intensity or very narrow paths but focuses on a consistent experience that gives you a longer-lasting session and stronger orgasms. The chambers Chambers are also symmetrical and offer novel and unique structures.

Thanks to the variety of nubs, bumps, and bent shapes as well as the center constriction, this sleeve is suitable for men with various lengths and girths of penises. 

The Lena Paul lady orifice is priced in more or less the same range as all the other Fleshlight girl’s sleeves, and considering that it is made using Fleshlight’s signature super skin material and is basically pleasure at your fingertips, the price is well worth it.


  • Increases your stamina
  • Not overly tight
  • Variety of textures inside the canal


  • May not be stimulating enough for some
  • Can be sticky at first
  • May not be satisfying enough for some

Tips and Tricks

Using your sleeve with water-based lubricants is always recommended. Fleshlights own FleshLube is the ideal lube that will give you hours of fun and also preserve the delicate super skin material.

To ensure that your pocket pussy doesn’t become sticky, dust some talcum powder over it after it has been washed and dried.

There’s plenty of ways to have fun with your Nymph sleeve. Getting your partner in on the action is one way of doing so, and another is enjoying some aquatic activity in the shower.

Fleshlight sells a number of accessories that are compatible and can be used to spice things up with your Fleshlight. It will also give you some variety and keep things from getting too routine. Some of these accessories include the Fleshlight sleeve warmer, and Shower mount. 

If you’re feeling extra frisky, feel free to wedge your Fleshlight between couch cushions, pillows or mattresses, and possibly even a shoe to experiment with what gives you the most amount of pleasure.

Where to Buy

During our review, Lena Paul popped up on Google’s pages as one of the most sought after porn stars in the industry. Therefore, you can expect lots of sellers to capitalize on this fact and sell fake or counterfeit products. 

We’ve invested the time and taken the due diligence to make sure that you only purchase from reliable and trustworthy sources. 

So, where possible, purchase directly from the manufacturer, and if that is not possible, use the sources that we recommend. 


The Nymph texture is probably one of the most versatile canals made in the Fleshlight’s Girls range. The chambers give you a consistent and long-lasting orgasm thanks to the symmetrical chambers with novel structures. There is no butt orifice at this time, but this lady orifice is a great addition to your collection and a reliable provider of pleasure at your fingertips. 

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