Best Fleshlight Sleeve/Texture And Top Feeling Anal & Cheap Options

here are the best fleshlights

Fleshlight is known around the world for its innovative range of male masturbators. However, this cutting edge company has such an extensive range of products that it is pretty overwhelming trying to choose the right Fleshlight or Fleshlights for you.

Considering that the company has created over 100 different textures in the Fleshlight range to date, finding a specific Fleshlight that ticks all your boxes is like finding a needle in a haystack.

There are sleeves for all tastes, shapes, sizes, textured and non-textured, vaginal, anal, fantasy, realistic and of course alien.

The choices are overwhelming, to say the least; however, it is also a very personal decision and this is why one Fleshlight cannot be recommended to every man.

The following guide will help you get more clarity on the different types of Fleshlights out there and what each one has to offer.

What is the Best Fleshlight?

banner with stoya destroya holding fleshlight

The Stoya Destroya Sleeve is voted as one of the most intense textures in the Fleshlight range. Therefore, it delivers one of the best orgasms you could imagine and is also one of the best Fleshlights to buy.

This number one best-selling Fleshlight is molded after porn star, actress, director and now part of the Fleshlight Girls series, Stoya. She is known for her various fetish roles, and her sleeve is just as unique as she is.

The texture inside the sleeve feels very real and contains side chambers with suction that has been improved. There are plenty of bumps and fangs, and the sleeve provides a pleasurable level of tightness as you thrust deeper inside.

Ultimately the Stoya Destroya sleeve is one of the most intense out there. The entrance is tight, and the bumps start out subtle but change the further inside you go. Every chamber has something different to offer, and the fangs add a nice element of gripping intensity.

Fleshlight Stoya – Destroya Review

The Best Anal Fleshlight

banner with anikka albrite holding fleshlight

The experience you get from using a vaginal or mouth orifice Fleshlight is very different from using an anal Fleshlight.

Anal Fleshlights are more stimulating, and a large part of this has to do with the fact that it is tighter than a vaginal sleeve.

An anal sleeve feels as if your penis is exploring a plethora of sensations all at once. However, there are so many anal Fleshlights from which to choose that it is difficult to pick the best anal Fleshlight. Yet, the more you know about a specific sleeve, the better informed you will be to make your choice. Based on our reviews, we’ve chosen the Anikka Albrite Siren as the best.

How It Feels

The Anikka Albrite butt Fleshlight is an amazing texture. The sleeve is super tight and squeezes your penis as you enter, much like a real ass. After that, you feel a few ridges as they brush up against your penis head. This first chamber is filled with beads and ridges, and massages your penis as you push through.

The next section is another ridged area which is even tighter than the first and forces you up against the ridges.  You then enter the second canal which is larger and gives you a little freedom to move around. This section has pointed nodules that delivers more pressure and pleasure. Most men don’t make it past this canal as this is where the intensity rises.

However, if you do manage to make it past this chamber, you’ll reach the final canal. Here, you will find protruding ridges and a narrower section than the previous one. This is the best part of the sleeve because as you reverse, you feel all those ridges, nodules, bumps and protrusions in reverse which is pure pleasure.

The Best Fleshlight for Small Penis

banner with jessica drake holding fleshlight

Choosing the right Fleshlight for you depends mostly on your penis size. If you have an average to large penis size, then a getting an insert with a small diameter may lead to discomfort during use; however, a sleeve with a width that is too large will lead to reduced sensation and stimulation. So this is why penis size counts when choosing the right Fleshlight. If you have a small penis, there is a Fleshlight out there for you that will provide you with the best orgasms ever.

According to our review, the best rated Fleshlight for small penis is the Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight. It is known to be the tightest sleeve and has a combination of bits and pieces from different Fleshlight sleeves, giving it an interesting texture. However, its tightness and texture make it ideal for small penises.

How It Feels

At first glance, you can see that this sleeve texture is quite complex. There are waves, bumps and chambers with a tight tunnel.

It contains an exact replica of the labia of Jessica Drake, so consider it as close to sex with this porn star as you will get.

As you pass the entrance, there are bumps all around the inner sleeve followed by a tight tunnel which is about 0.28 inches wide.

Next, there’s a large tunnel with a wave-like pattern and ends with a narrowing lotus node, and this is the entrance of the wider chamber.

The last canal has a further two more textures that focus on the end of your penis when you are all the way through. These last two sections include raised bumps that stimulate the penis head.

This Fleshlight delivers a firm grip on small penises and a plethora of sensations through each section and chamber. There’s also a constant pressure which helps you on your way to a great orgasm.

There is definitely a lot going on inside this Fleshlight and to get he most out of it, we suggest you take it slow to enjoy all the textures inside.

Tightest Fleshlight for Small Penis – Super Tight Sleeve Review

The Best Fleshlight Blowjob

banner with trubo thrust & trubo ignition

If you are looking for a more oral type of experience, then you will probably be interested in the Fleshlight Turbo range. Consequently, the Turbo Trust and Ignition are two of the best oral fleshlights in the best blowjob Fleshlight category.

The Fleshlight Turbo Thrust and Ignition are more or less similar in form and have very subtle or slight differences.

They are however, the best selling Fleshlights in the blowjob category.

The main features of the Fleshlight Turbo Ignition are that it is crystal blue in color. It is also made from patented material, as are all the Fleshlight pocket pussies. It is also non-toxic and, so it looks nothing like an actual mouth.

The Thrust, on the other hand, has a copper-colored sleeve made from the same patented, latex and phthalate free material.

So as it is now apparent, the only difference really between the two Fleshlights is color and internal lining of the sleeve.

Special Features

Each of these blowjob sleeves is created to work with the shower mount and the brand’s phone strap. The inner sleeve material is also extremely durable, and that’s worth noting.

These two devices are designed to deliver the best blowjobs in history without all the scraping, complaining and of course gagging. It is quite bulky; however, the weight distribution helps you get a firm grip and steady strokes.

The three insertion points inside the unique lining offer a realistic sensation and are even better than an actual blowjob. The transparent sleeve you get with the Ignition also provides that intense and erotic experience.

The sensations feel good irrespective of whether you choose the Thrust or Ignition.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust & Ignition Review

The Best Feeling Fleshlight

banner of stamina training

When it comes to the best Fleshlight feeling or which fleshlight feels the best, one particular sleeve wins hands down. This Fleshlight is the STU or Stamina Training Unit.

Lots of men struggle with putting on their best performance and satisfying their partner in bed. However, there are certain ways in which you can build your stamina and train yourself to last longer in bed.

There is a massive gap between the time it takes a man to come and the time it takes a woman to do the same. This is a well-known fact and the average man needs only 5 minutes to reach orgasm, for women it’s more like 18 minutes, and that’s a striking difference.

The Stamina training unit not only offers you the best Fleshlight sensation but it helps to make you a better lover too.

This is one of the toughest Fleshlights available, and it’s also one of the tightest, and this is what makes it ideal for training your stamina.

The unit is the best feeling blowjob fleshlight because aside from tightness, it contains bumps which add to the stimulation. The STU is designed to help you last longer each time, provided you are doing it the right way. There are lots of videos that you can watch which show you how to use this device to build your endurance.

The Stamina Training Unit allows you to practice ejaculation control, increase the volume of ejaculations, and boosts the intensity of your orgasms.

This device is ten times better than masturbating with your hands and helps you build confidence as you build your stamina.

The intensity and texture of this sleeve will make it hard for you to last longer initially but the more you use it, the longer you will last during each session. This sleeve is perfect for those who want to build stamina, don’t mind using a full-size Fleshlight and enjoy suction.

Fleshlight STU – Stamina Training Unit Review

The Best Fleshlight Sleeve and Texture

banner with stoya destroya holding fleshlight

Once again the Stoya Destroya sleeve is out best pick for Best Fleshlight Texture. Inspired by Pornstar Stoya, this Fleshlight has become one of the most popular and best-selling sleeves to date, and this is because it has one of the best Fleshlight textures money can buy.

The Stoya Destroya sleeve is definitely not for the faint hearted as it can suck the life out of you – literally, but in a good way.

The Experience

The sleeve starts out with small nubbed rings that grip your penis tightly before you venture deeper into the canal. It is commonly referred to as the 360-degree pleasure dome.

Once you are inside the canal, your penis is greeted by longer nubs that tickle you in all the right spots.

Once you have made it past the first two canals, you enter the fanged section that tug and pull at you. This is actually what makes this sleeve so unique and sought after.

The final chamber is ribbed, and this is where the sensation gets really intense. This last part of the chamber becomes tighter and more constricted as you thrust deeper and the suction increases as well.

Good to Know

Unless you have an above average penis size, you may not be able to reach the last chamber. Nevertheless, you will still have a mind-blowing time. All chambers offer great suction and those who are able to reach the final part experience the deep-throat effect which is unforgettable.

So some advice would be to be prepared as the Stoya Destroya sleeve does not play around. In fact, it can take you out in a matter of seconds. So it’s recommended for the adventurous and courageous.

However, even if you are a newbie, you can still take advantage of this fantastic sleeve. Just prepare yourself or the plethora of textures, suction and sensations in advance.

If you have an existing fleshlight with a hard case you can choose to just buy the sleeve, if not you can get the sleeve and a case for not much more.

Where did it All Start?

At first glance, the original sleeve by Fleshlight looks like it could bore you to death. However, do not let it fool you. Interactive Life Forms developed this sleeve back in 1998 and revolutionized the way men masturbated for good.

This original texture – which is not textured at all, was used in all inserts at one point until a few years ago when Fleshlight started using these exciting and intense looking textures.

Although the new textures may look like an improvement on the original sleeve, they are in fact just additions to the sleeves intensity and sensation.

The advantage of the original canal is that it gives you the sensation of a real vagina, more or less. The walls, although not textured still provide stimulation, but in a gentle kind of way. So that said, your session could go on for as long as you want.

The actual width of the smooth canal is 0.75 inches offering you a combination of pressure and just the right amount of tightness to be compared with a real pussy. The fact that there is plenty of space inside the sleeve to aid in vacuum accumulation or suction is another bonus.

Cleaning this insert is more straightforward than any of the other sleeves since it contains practically no texture.  Drying time is also reduced because of this.

It is fitting to say that since it all began with the original, smooth Fleshlight sleeve, this is an excellent option for beginners. You will get the chance to familiarize yourself with a pocket pussy and how it provides stimulation and ultimately, leads you to orgasm.

This is probably the best recommendation for new users, because after all, what real vagina has bumps and ridges?

Choosing a Suitable Fleshlight

Fleshlight has become a household name thanks to its unique products and affordable prices. However, due to their popularity which has grown exponentially the company has been manufacturing more devices than the average consumer can handle at once, figuratively and literally.

What you should know is that all Fleshlights are designed with more or less the same goal in mind. They are made of similar materials, have similar ergonomics and provide you with a durable outer case perfect for your remaining discreet.

The sleeves are also fully customizable and can be replaced easily. They are all made from the high-quality superSkin material.

So that said, finding the ideal Fleshlight could be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and this is why you need to learn more about these devices.

The range includes more than just the vagina orifice. You can take your pick between the normal vagina also referred to as Lotus, butt or Forbidden, mouth and non-anatomical orifice.

Most of these Fleshlights are compatible with the automatic Launch device which delivers an entirely hands-free experience. The Launch is sold separately but is worth adding to your collection of sex toys if you are into high-tech pleasure.

Purchasing a Fleshlight is a personal experience but to make matters worse the number of sleeves and textures out there could further complicate things.

The Basic Textures

Every Fleshlight starts off with some basics, and these are the outer casing, end cap, protective top cap and lastly the interchangeable sleeve. Pocket pussies are a dime a dozen and made by other companies aside from Interactive Life Forms. However, only Fleshlight can guarantee this level of craftsmanship, high-quality material and consistency when it comes to continually improving and expanding their range.

The sleeves come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes and feature hundreds of textures that are all designed to tickle or tease your penis. So that’s why we’ve split this article up in the major categories to help you choose the right one.

Considerations when Buying a Fleshlight

Not all Fleshlights are the same in the spirit of variety, so your penis size will play a role in narrowing down your list.

Because some sleeves contain a more intense texture than others, it is also important to consider your penis’ sensitivity.

Consider whether you would like to look at your erect penis while doing your thing. This may not be for every man, but some men actually get a kick out of looking at their manhood in action and if this sounds like you then there are a few transparent sleeves available.

If you want to climax quickly, you should choose an intense sleeve. However, if you want to take your time then choose something a little more subtle. Of course, if you already climax quickly irrespective of the method used to do it, you should be looking at the Stamina Training Unit which is designed to build your endurance and stamina in bed.

You also need to decide whether you absolutely have to have a realistic looking orifice or whether you wouldn’t mind something a bit freaky and if you don’t then the Alien range should be intriguing.

Most men who purchase Fleshlights want to use it alone when their partners are not available for sex when they travel or just because they do not have partners. However, if you do, then some Fleshlights are designed for partner play.

Your budget also plays a huge role in what is available to you. You also need to consider how discreet you would like to keep your Fleshlight fetish.

These considerations should bare light on the kind of sex toy that would suit you best.

Some Other Honorable Mentions

Best Cheap Fleshlight

banner of fleshskins fleshlight

If money is your main concern, then look no further than the FleshSkins range. Due to the low price point, there are a few things that don’t come with the product.

Firstly, it’s open at both ends, and this makes cleaning easier as there is nowhere for lube and semen to settle and accumulate. On the other hand, it does not cover the whole penis, and this may be disappointing for some men.

There’s no outer case as well as since this is a signature of Fleshlight, and it is responsible for the suction; it could be a deal breaker for some.

On the plus side if you enjoy greater control over your orgasm and penis, then you will like the fact that there is no outer case. This sleeve also comes with its own drying rack to make clean up and drying even more convenient.

Best Traveling Fleshlight

banner of fleshlight quickshot

Lots of men love to take their pocket pussies along while traveling and if you feel the same you will benefit from the Fleshlight Quickshot.

The Quickshot is small at only 4.4 inches in length and easily fits in our shaving bag. So it’s nice and portable and that makes it the ideal travel companion.

Since it is small, it’s also discreet. It also looks nothing like a sex toy especially when both end caps are screwed on. So it’s, and this adds bonus points to its advantages.

It is also one of the easiest Fleshlights to clean since it is short.

It is suitable for college dorms, small apartments, if you’re still living with your parents and if your other half doesn’t care much for sex toys.

Fleshlight Quickshot Review

Best Freaky Fleshlight

If you want to try something different and daring, then the Alien range awaits you. The Freaks line-up is exciting and could make a great Halloween gift for your penis wielding partner.

It was introduced a few years back, and although it’s not significantly different from the traditional Fleshlight range, the outer orifice is freaky in an alien kind of way.

So if you are looking for a sex toy that is totally different in appearance, why not try out this Freaky Fleshlight Range.

It’s perfect if you want to gag-gift it to a friend, you fantasize about zombies and aliens from time to time, or you want to freak your partner out.

Build Your Own Fleshlight

If you are still undecided, then you should build your own Fleshlight. There are four steps to customize your pocket pussy, and this ensures that you get a device that is suitable and to your liking.

Step one: You will first need to select your outer case.

Step two: You then need to choose your orifice.

Step three: You should then select your insert or inner texture.

The last step allows you to include accessories. However, they are not, and your Fleshlight will function irrespective.

Customizing your own Fleshlight is ideal if you are very specific about what you want and like, can’t find an existing pocket pussy to suit your taste or you already own every Fleshlight made and want something unique.

Custom Fleshlight Review

How to Use Your Fleshlight

Getting the most out of your Fleshlight is easy if you follow a few steps. Warming up your Fleshlight before you get started delivers an even more realistic sensation.

You can warm up your Fleshlight in one of two ways. Firstly, you can remove the inner sleeve and submerge it in warm water, or you can slide the sleeve over the Fleshlight USB powered warming rod, which was explicitly designed to warm up Fleshlights.

Secondly, you should lube up before your session. Apply a generous amount of lube for maximum comfort, to protect your skin from the friction and ultimately enjoy optimal pleasure. Always make sure that you use a water-based lube and not an oil or silicone based one.

We’ve previously also written what we think is the best fleshlight lube.

Cleaning Your Fleshlight

After each use, remove the sleeve from the case and run warm or hot water through the chamber. This will get rid of lube and other bodily fluids that you have deposited inside. Using soap is not recommended as it can damage the superSkin material. Instead, you can purchase a sleeve cleanser from Fleshlight, or you can simply use warm or hot water to get the job done.

After washing the sleeve, it should be left out to dry for several hours or as long as it takes to be completely dry. A fan can also speed up the drying process.

How to Make Your Fleshlight Experience Better

If you are already a Fleshlight owner, then there are some accessories and resources to help make your experience better.

Investing in a Fleshlight Sex Toy Kit will allow you to clean your sleeves and keep them in great condition for as long as possible. The kits come with a sleeve cleanser which is compatible with the delicate material. This cleanser should be sprayed directly onto the sleeve to disinfect it. There is a renewer powder to keep the sleeve supple as well. It also includes a bottle of water-based lubricant which is hypoallergenic, natural and makes your sessions more pleasurable.

The USB-Powered warming rod is used to electronically warm up your sleeve to body temperature giving you a realistic experience. It is also really discreet, and no one would even recognize or know what it was if it was left next to your PC.

The Fleshlight shower mount is another great accessory for a hands-free experience. It works with a suction base, so there’s no need to drill holes to get it to stay on your wall. It will stick to any flat surface like bathroom tiles. You can choose to place it at the perfect height and angle for your unique preference.


So as mentioned earlier, there is no ideal Fleshlight for every man in 2020. Each fleshlight is designed for a specific type of man with particular preferences. However, you should pick one to start with, so you can determine what it is you like or dislike in that specific texture. From there you can always buy another Fleshlight that is either more textured than your first or less, depending on your personal taste.

There are so many options to choose from on the market, and it can all get overwhelming. However, one of the best ways to start enjoying your Fleshlight is to stop over-thinking it and just go with your gut on the first one. Fleshlights are priced higher than other cheaper knock-offs; however, it’s still nothing that is going to break the bank.

Also, feel free to try out the different orifices to see what you enjoy the most. Just because you have not tried certain options in real life, does not mean you cannot explore them in your own personal way and time.

Perhaps this is the beauty and bonus of using male masturbators. It is done on your own private time, and you get to pleasure yourself the way you want to. Fleshlights have changed the way men look at and experience masturbation.

These products are edging on futuristic and have revolutionized the male sex toy industry for the better so that men can no longer go back to boring hand jobs anymore. So if you haven’t already tried a Fleshlight, there is no better time than the present to do so.

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