Kissa Sins Fleshlight Review – The Instatiable Sinner

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Fleshlight is a well known name in the male sex toy industry. In fact, the company has sold several million sexy toys over the last few years and is continuously releasing new and innovative pleasure devices for men.

Fleshlight has changed the way men think about masturbation for the better thanks to their unique and state of the art Fleshlight range that is as close to the real thing as you could get.

One of the latest editions to the Fleshlight family is the Kissa Sins Fleshlight, named after sultry porn star Kissa Sins.

Kissa entered the porn industry much later than most porn stars, however, once she did, it was clear that she was destined for adult industry stardom.

She has been received several awards and accolades for her wild and hardcore performances and she continues to push the envelope.

So if you have always fantasized about getting some action with Kissa, now you can have your very own Kissa pocket pussy.

About Fleshlight

The inspiration for Fleshlight came about when owners and operators Steve and Kathy Shubin experienced complications in their pregnancy and could not have sex for several months.

This inspired Steve to get creative and he came up with the idea for Fleshlight, and now millions of dollars and years down the line, Fleshlight is one of the fastest growing companies in the male sex toy niche. We wrote a great deal more about all this in our Fleshlight review & rating article.

They have sold more than seven million masturbators since their inception over a decade ago and the company is always coming out with something better.

The company is owned by Interactive Life Forms LLC and have been featured in major publications as well as received several awards or their innovations.

Now you can own a pocket puss molded after the sexy porn start Kissa Sins, all thanks to the masterminds at Fleshlight.

The Kissa Sins Insatiable Texture

The Insatiable texture is all about tightness. It is also the texture used to describe the pussy orifice. It consists of bumps, grids, nubs and ribs throughout the sleeve and you will feel something new around every corner.

If tight sensations are what you are after, you won’t be disappointed.

There are four chambers and each one of them has a different texture. Two of the canals are standard, while one is shaped like a cone and the other is spherical. In between the last two chambers, you will experience a ribbed section.

The diversity in diameter and structure provides an intense and enjoyable stimulation.

The first chamber is the cone shaped one and has a grid of cross-ribs.  The texture here is tight. It is also a pleasurable one since it’s close to the entrance and provides much needed stimulation as you push through the opening of the orifice.

The edges of the grid rub against your penis and grip it tightly.

Next is the spherical chamber which is 1.2 inches wide and 1 inch in length. The walls consist of round bumps which provide a pleasurable experience.

The middle canal is consistent with firm bumps and the last section has a long spiral rib.

Unless you are longer than the average man, you may not get to experience this final section.

The Kissa Sins – Sinner Texture

The sinner texture is the name given to the butt orifice of the Kissa Sins Fleshlight. It begins with a gripping tightness and has lots of novel ribs.

It also does not become wider and keeps the narrow passage throughout the chamber. There are small areas with large nubs and pleasant constrictions throughout the sleeve.

Consequently, this is one of the most sought after anal textures made by the company.

The sinner texture has an adequate amount of narrow chambers, nubs and constrictions to deliver an awesome orgasm.

As you penetrate this Kissa Sins butthole, you are invited to experience the large rectangular bumps and cross ribs.

Then the twister starts. This part o the chamber is 1.8 inches long and 0.4 Inches in diameter. There are three cross ribs that are pointy and have a firm edge. Additionally these ribs have longitudinal ribs which are twisted and slanted at the same time.

After this, there are three rounded chambers that provide a great vibration, when the penis brushes over the borders of the constricting areas. Furthermore, the firm bumps provide a detailed rubbing sensation.

The final chamber is bumpy and has a tight feeling. There’s also a pleasant penetrating feeling as your penis passes through the rib.

Ultimately this entire sleeve consists of textured walls, insatiable ribs and tight chambers, all of which add to the entire orgasmic experience.

The Use of Lube

Lube is always recommended with any Fleshlight device. It should be water-based to avoid damaging the sensitive superskin material used on the sleeve. So no oil or silicone based lube under any circumstances should be used. Fleshlight has a dedicated lube called FleshLube that is great for your pocket pussy.


Due to the complex and heavily textured sleeve, cleaning will require careful attention to detail. You want to ensure that you get all the lube and residue out of the sleeve by running warm or hot water through both ends of the sleeve.

Using FleshWash makes the process easier. The use of Isopropyl once in a while and a light dusting of corn starch will keep your Fleshlight in great condition for as long as possible.

Due to the texture and narrow canal, drying time is also much longer than standard Fleshlight sleeves. If you would like to reduce drying time, you could place your device near an air conditioner. Alternatively, leave it in a warm, dry room or near an open window.

Where to Buy

The only way to buy a quality product is to do so from a credible source. While conducting this Kissa Sins Fleshlight review, we’ve taken the time out to make sure to purchase your device from a trusted source.

However, you should also do your homework and make sure that the company you are buying from is well known and has a track record for selling original and authentic products.

One of the best was to find reliable companies are to read their reviews online. If a company is known for offering good products and services, you will find out soon enough. If they have a bad reputation, likewise you will soon come to learn of this.

Why Should You Buy this Device?

Irrespective of whether you are a die hard Fleshlight fan or you have never actually used one yourself, this Kissa pocket pussy is sure to please. It has intense and specific textures throughout the sleeve and the tight passages make it great for intense stimulations.

If you do not have a partner, this is a great way to get sexual gratification, without sleeping around and running the risks that come from having multiple sexual partners.

So by making use of pocket pussies, you will avoid sexually transmitted diseases. So consider our masturbator, safe sex.

It is practical option for men who cannot have sex with their partners for whatever reason or men who want to build up their stamina. It’s also an enjoyable way of giving yourself some self-love until your other half comes along.

If you enjoy an intense orgasm and do not have an overly sensitive penis, you should invest in this pleasure giving device.


  • There’s lots of exciting structures, bumps and ribs lining the inside of the sleeve
  • It has tight passages throughout the entire chamber providing an intense sensation


  • It is priced high
  • Cleaning and drying can be tedious due to the heavy and complex texture

The Price

The Kissa Sins Fleshlight fits into the average price range. However, although there are cheaper sex toys out there, you always get what you pay for. So all things considered, the price is relevant to what you are getting or your money.


The Fleshlight Kissa Sins promotes is one of the most intense and complex textures made by the company. It is definitely not for the faint hearted or sensitive penis type of guy.

The Insatiable texture is the puss orifice and for those men who prefer the butt hole, the Sinner or anal version is ideal.

With so many different structures, ribs, bumps and constrictions every inch of the sleeve feels like a new experience. It is however suitable for beginners and more experienced Fleshlight users as well.

The device may also be used by men who would like to build up their stamina as the complex textures and tight constrictions work together to create a seriously intense stimulation.

Like all other Fleshlights in this range, it is also molded after Kissa Sins very own intimate parts and this makes it customized and next the best thing to getting some action with Kissa herself.

The device may be used with FleshLube which is Fleshlight’s very own water based lubricant designed to be used with all of the Fleshlights.

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