Fleshlight Launch Review (incl VR) – Is it Worth it?

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If you’re familiar with the Fleshlight brand then you already know that the company is a trendsetter when it comes to male masturbators and pleasure toys. They have sold millions of products to date and continue to innovate and create the most exciting sex toys around the world.

One of the company’s most recent pleasure devices is the Fleshlight Launch, which promises to give you a sexual experience like no other.

Fleshlight has now discontinued the original Fleshlight Launch. But no need to despair.

The improved and better sequel – the Fleshlight Universal Launch – has arrived. It’s a step up from its predecessor and now also works with pretty much any Fleshlight you got. Check it out by clicking the link below.

If you’re looking for information on the original Launch, continue to read our review to know all about it.

What is Fleshlight Launch?

The Fleshlight Launch is a fully automated device intended for male masturbation. However, it is rather large when compared to other pleasure toys out there and resembles an alien contraption as opposed to a male masturbator.

It’s also one of the most recent collaborations between Fleshlight and Kiiroo. The two companies have worked together before on other products such as the Pearl and Onyx.

Kiiroo was responsible for handling the technological side of things, while Fleshlight saw it to it that their high-quality materials are used during the manufacturing process.

The device has two modes which are known as the interactive mode and the manual mode. The difference between the two modes is that the manual one puts you in control of things like speed and frequency of strokes while the automatic side gives you an entirely hands-free experience. It is fully synced to the videos you are watching, and you don’t have to lift a finger while using it in this mode.

How to Use the Fleshlight Launch?

The set-up is very straightforward. You can lock your Fleshlight into the Launch by making clockwise, rotating moves. Once it is locked in and ready, you’ll hear a clicking sound. You may proceed to add your choice of water-based lube and turn on the device.

The strokes have a mechanical rhythm and are steady. It may feel a bit too methodical or machine-like during your first use, but this can easily be rectified by manually adjusting the distance between strokes and the speed of the device. However, it still takes time to get used to the touch sensitive strip.

It is still a fun experience as you get to master the controls and play around with it. Familiarising yourself with the different modes will help you find what works best for you.

If you want a sensual and slow build up to orgasm, you will probably be interested in the minimum stroke speed available. On this device, the slowest stroke is a full length up and down per second. It may or may not be slow enough for all users and if it is not slow enough, perhaps that’s something that can be modified in future.

Alternatively, if you prefer quick action, this device is capable of delivering an impressive 180 strokes per minute, which works out to 3 strokes per second.

Who is the Device designed for?

Sexual fulfilment is unique to the individual; however, some forms of sexual pleasure are sought after across the board, and the Launch is one of them.

It is ideal or men who are looking to spice up their sex life. If you are one of those men looking for an out of the ordinary experience or something that will downright blow your mind, this is your best bet.

It may lack the in-the-moment intimacy, but for those who are looking for a wild and unpredictable experience, this is it.

If you already own Fleshlights and you want to add some diversity to your masturbating routines, this definitely falls in that category.

It is also great or men who are single and want instant sexual gratification.

Reasons to Buy the Fleshlight Launch

If you are no stranger to pocket pussies such as the Fleshlight brand, then you should take advantage of this option. The device is compatible with a wide variety of Fleshlights that most men already own.

It is compatible and intended to be used with virtual reality, and this is just as VR is starting to take the world by storm.

This is not just any male masturbator; it is a high tech, Bluetooth enabled, app-controlled sex toy.

Fleshlight Launch Design

During our Fleshlight Launch review we noticed that the device combined a mixture of black plastic. Some areas were matt, and others were glossy. It also contains silver highlights and has a few buttons. It almost reminded us of a sophisticated coffee maker.

It is clear from the beginning that this device was not made to stand up straight or be set upright on a counter. In fact, the moment you try to do that it will immediately default to tumbling down onto the side containing cushioned rubber material.

The base of the device is soft enough to comfortably fit the contour of your body.

It seems like a solid device; however, it is still a plastic device which is consumer grade. However, the construction does feel robust enough to overcome the occasional fall onto a carpet. Yet, we’re not too sure how it would handle falling on hardwood or tile. So best to stay away from both while using it.

If you’re looking for the more manual options – check out some great options in our other Fleshlight Review article.


The Fleshlight Launch is approximately 12.75 inches high, 6 inches wide and weighs about 3 pounds. So considering these dimensions, it is a surprisingly compact gadget.

This is especially since it still needs to have room for a full sized Fleshlight and then move its almost 4 pounds against resistance.

It is more or less slightly taller than a football and more narrow, of course. This does, however, make it harder to discreetly store your pleasure toy and it will take up a considerable amount of space, where ever you choose to keep it.

What’s Included in the Package

Just in case, you are not clear with whether it comes with a Fleshlight or not – it doesn’t.  So you will need to purchase a Fleshlight along with the device if you don’t already own one.

However, take note of the fact that the following Fleshlight models are not compatible with the Launch, Fleshlight Turbo, Flight, Ice, and Quickshot. So just ensure that you avoid the models that have just been mentioned.

Charging the Fleshlight Launch

The device comes with a USB charger cable that you plug into the back of the unit. However, you will have to use a USB outlet from one of your other devices. Charging time is approximately 6 to 8 hours, and it runs for about 2 hours before the battery drains.


The Launch is low maintenance and any cum or lube used will usually be deposited inside the Fleshlight itself. However, in the event that some does spill over onto your Launch, you should simply remove it using a damp cloth.

Launch Operation and Interface

The interface is quite simple, although it is capable of several functions. While there is a Fleshlight launch demo and a manual to study, there may be a lot of trial and error before you get the complete hang of things.

There are two areas on the control surface that look like LED buttons. One is to power up the device, and the other is to alternate between the two different modes. Two touch surfaces are present on either side of the gadget. They control the frequency of strokes, speed and length. The default mode is interactive and can be activated by holding the power button down for a couple of seconds.

In order to initiate the interactive mode, you must be connected to the gadget via Bluetooth, and you must be connected to the Fleshlight Launch app known as FeelConnect.

To launch the device in manual mode, you must hold down the mode button for exactly three seconds. This can be a bit tricky since the actual mode button is not a button at all, but more of a touch surface. There is no indication of whether you are actually touching the surface, unlike with a Smartphone that vibrates to confirm your actions on the touch panel.

Another feature that could have been included is a manual default mode. Interactive mode should have been an option only if you wanted to activate Bluetooth and the interactive mode.

Fleshlight Launch VR

The interactive mode allows you to sync your Fleshlight Launch with various internet content like virtual reality, games, encoded videos and webcams. Ultimately what this means is that the strokes or moves from the actual content get replicated in your device.

All you need to do is ensure you have a Bluetooth connection between the Launch and your phone and then you need to download an app called FeelMe.

The FeelMe site itself contains lots of content. In fact, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and preference.

One of the things you will want to do before enjoying a VR experience with your Launch is ensure that your phone is fully charged and is set on a mode where you will not be interrupted by notifications or calls since this is something that can seriously take away from the entire experience.

Fleshlight Launch Interactive

Alternatively, you want more options; you can sync the device to PornHub. It has lots of videos, both amateur and professional ones. They also have 170 encoded videos that can be synchronized to your Fleshlight Launch.  

The Price

As one of the male masturbators including a virtual reality and interactive experience, the Fleshlight Launch is priced on the higher end.

However, depending on where you make your purchase, a Fleshlight Launch discount may be available to you. You may also find a coupon online if you search for one to buy the device.

The Fleshlight Launch sale may be concluded online from various retailers; however, your best option would be to buy directly from the manufacturer.


•    You can use this device to take our masturbation sessions to a whole new level

•    It has a manual and interactive mode

•    It is light and sturdy

•    It is compatible with Virtual Reality Goggles

•    It is also compatible with various Fleshlight models

•    It syncs to FeelMe videos or PornHub to complete the interactive experience


•    Its expensive

•    It can feel mechanical until you get accustomed to it

Is the Fleshlight launch worth it?

Although the Fleshlight Launch is a device that works as advertised, it does have some flaws. The device tends to feel mechanical, and the strokes are methodical at first. It, therefore, lacks the intimacy of a real sexual experience.  

The interface is also not the friendliest and learning how to operate it takes times. So it’s not your usual plug and play device.

It also requires a bit of maintenance in the way of charging it, syncing it and of course being careful; with it. The design and construction appear to be solid, however, like any other consumer electronic it is prone to breaking or malfunctioning, so you need to always be aware when using it.

Although it does have VR capabilities, there’s work to be done in the way of syncing, content development and delivery. However, it still provides an entertaining experience as is.

So the question of whether it is worth it or not depends largely on who’s buying it. If you are not new to male masturbators and want to enhance your sexual experience with adult content, the variety and quality will disappoint you.

Also if you are a lazy masturbator, this is not for you as it requires set up and maintenance.


Something that lots of men worry about when using male masturbators is the noise. Aside from it being a major turn off, it is also a major deterrent if you live with other people.

The Launch may not be silent; however, it is much quieter than expected, according to many Fleshlight Launch reviews.

If using it in your bedroom behind a closed, cheap or hollow door, and it’s quiet, you will hear it. Using a pillow or blanket may muffle the noise a bit.

If you want to combine your Fleshlight with an interactive or virtual reality experience, then this device will allow you to do just that.

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