Angela White Fleshlight Review – The Indulge Sex Toy

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Fleshlight decided to team up with Australian porn star Angela White in 2014 to create the Angela white Fleshlight. This venture came her way ten years after making her first porn movie.

The sultry, 32GG beauty has made a total of 135 adult films to date. This experienced performer has received a number of industry awards over the years.

This Australian sex goddess is also a combination of beauty and brains. She received a degree, with honors in Gender Studies in the year 2010 and ran for political office with the intent of fighting for the rights of sex workers.

So thanks to Fleshlight and the generosity of this super hot Australian porn star, the Angela White Fleshlight can be yours.

About the Angela White Sex Toy

Fake vaginas or pocket pussies as they are commonly referred to can be lots of fun. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for an almost realistic experience or something totally different from a real vagina, the Angela White sex toy can deliver.

It all depends on what type of male masturbator you invest in and the quality as well. The Fleshlight Angela White promotes is priced high; however, it cannot be compared to cheap pocket pussies.

The construction, design, and materials used are just not the same, and therefore the sensation you get when using a cheap sex toy cannot be compared to using a Fleshlight which is molded from an actual real life pussy.

The Indulge Texture

The texture of this Fleshlight is brought to life with the different sized bumps that stick out in the canal at certain intervals. Since these bumps can be found all around the chamber, your penis is stimulated from all directions.

The first set of bumps is large and has a mushroom-like appearance. The next part of the chamber consists of smaller bumps that provide gentle and subtle stimulation, much like a real vagina.

There are no clearly defined chambers but a series of widening and narrowing waves along the entire length of the canal. However, the whole chamber becomes narrower as you progress towards the end.

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight has been featured in various publications such as Gizmodo and Huffington Post and has sold more than seven million sex toys over the years. It belongs to Interactive Life Forms and is one of the most successful sex toy manufacturing companies in the world.

However, the company was started years ago by husband and wife team, Steve and Kathy Shubin. This was shortly after the couple experienced complications in their pregnancy and could not have intercourse as per doctor’s orders.

It was then that the concept of Fleshlights came to mind and the couple invested $5 million in equipment as well as to research and develop the fake vaginas.

Since then Fleshlight pocket pussies have helped other couples in the same situation and thanks to this genius idea, men all around the globe can experience the Angela White Indulge sex toy.

How to Use the Angela White Fleshlight

The unique wave shape of this Fleshlight delivers impressive pleasure. The variously sized bumps provide different feelings of stimulation all over your penis, while the further you go the tighter and more intense it gets.

Unlike other Fleshlight models that make use of separate chambers that are all linked, the Angela White Fleshlight has one continuous chamber with wave-like textures that narrow as you go further.

The bumps are present in three shapes and sizes. The largest bumps are circular with pointed tops, giving them a mushroom-like shape. The first constriction appears as you approach the second part of the chamber, which is accompanied by smaller bumps on either side and is narrower than the first canal.

The entire chamber measures in about 9.5 inches in length and the widest canal is around 1 inch, which then moves down to half an inch and then finally 0.25 inches. So as you slip deeper inside Angela’s orifice, the tighter and more intense it becomes until you reach the end of the chamber which is much like touching a woman’s cervix.

The Type of Lubricant to Use

Water-based lubricants are recommended for use with this Fleshlight since it preserves the delicate material used in the construction of the device. An ideal lube would be FleshLube which is designed by Fleshlight for use with their Fleshlights.

You should stay away from oil and silicone based lubes since they can damage the delicate super skin material used on the Fleshlight’s inner sleeve.


Cleaning the Angela White Indulge will be harder than most other Fleshlights due to its narrowing design. You need to use plenty of water to rinse out any remaining lube or semen and drying time will also be considerably longer than other models.

Once rinsed out, the sleeve should be left in a dry, warm spot for several hours so that it can dry properly before the next use. Due to the tightening chamber, this sleeve may take up to ten hours to dry completely.

Occasional washing with isopropyl to disinfect the sleeve is recommended. In order to keep the flesh-like material in great shape, you may sprinkle corn starch on your dry Fleshlight as well.

Who is the Angela White Male Masturbator Designed for?

Since this Fleshlight has lots of different textures and a design that narrows as you go deeper into the chamber, it constantly delivers a more intense stimulation. The intensity caused by the single, tightening canal may be too intense for some men.

This is a great option for men who want to have sex whenever it suits them and this is usually when their wives are not yet home from work. Alternatively, some couples refrain from sex due to medical complications and religious beliefs. If you are in a similar situation, pocket pussies like these could be a great help.

The bonus is that you are not sleeping around with multiple partners and therefore not at risk of getting any sexually transmitted diseases.

So whether you have used pocket pussies before or this is your first time, the Angela White orifice promises to get you off.

The Price of the Angela White Fleshlight Pussy

There are many pocket pussies out there available at various price points. However, is important to remember that not all of them are made equal. Some cheap imitations are made from materials that are inferior in quality, does not feel like the real thing and definitely won’t last you very long.

Genuine products like the Fleshlight pocket pussy molded after none other than Angela White’s very own vagina are made from expensive, high-quality material. Therefore, it will cost you more than what a cheap knock-off would.

Although this sex toy may be priced on the high side, thanks to the unique design and realistic materials used in the composition of the Fleshlight, it is worth every penny.

The Pros:

•    It delivers an intense and realistic experience

•    It is built to last and constructed from premium quality materials

The Cons:

•    It is difficult to clean

•    It takes longer to dry

Even if your penis is 5.9 inches and shorter, you will still experience strong stimulation and pleasure, without reaching the end of the inner sleeve.

Reasons to Buy this Fleshlight

While conducting our Angela White Fleshlight review, we found that irrespective of whether you are new to pocket pussies or used a few of them before, you have probably never experienced the intensity and texture of the Angela White fake vagina.

These sex toys are extremely handy for men who want to experience pleasure whether their partners are around or not. It is also for men who want to build their stamina so they can last longer in bed.

Ultimately, you never know when you may be in a situation where you need sexual relief without actually having sex with a person. Men who do not have partners or need self-love will definitely put this Fleshlight to good use.

Where to buy it

Since there so many imitations of the real thing out there, you need to make your purchase from a reliable and trustworthy seller.

During our Angela White Fleshlight review, we took the time out to make sure that you buy from credible sellers.


For those who enjoy intense stimulation, this Fleshlight model is ideal. However, it is also suitable if you enjoy the wave-like texture filled with bumps and bubbles of various sizes and shapes.

The single chamber narrows as you thrust deeper inside making the stimulation more intense the further inside you venture.

For some men this may be too intense or cause too much sensitivity to the penis, ultimately making you climax rather quickly. On the flip side, due to the gradual and persistent tightness of the canal, it can really help to build up your stamina.

So if you are looking for a sensation much like a super tight vagina, that massages your penis, then this Fleshlight model is for you.  

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