Where to Buy a Vibrator or Dildo Online

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Vibrators are sex toys that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some focus on stimulating your clitoris while others are designed to pleasure your G spot, and then there are some that are dual purpose and provide stimulation to both these areas. However, vibes all have one thing in common, and that is a stimulating motor designed to help you climax. It is not an adult toy on the markets that can help if climax as fast as a vibe.

How to find the right toy for you?

Thousands of vibrators are found online and in brick and mortar stores. So this makes it quite a challenge to find one that’s suitable or perfect for you. They are, however, a few ways in which you can narrow down your list and find that vibe that is made especially for you.

How to Buy Vibrators?

There are quite a few vibes that are designed to perform different functions. Some of the most popular vibes on the markets include:

So above are the different types of vibrators out there and your sexual preferences will determine exactly which one you choose. However, if it’s your first time purchasing a vibe, there are several things you need to take into consideration or know about before hitting the “buy now” button.

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The Materials

If you’ve owned any adult toy before, you know that the material that your toys are made from is exceptionally crucial. If you want something soft and flexible, then you should opt for silicone, which is 100% body safe and long-lasting as well.

While plastic is a good vibrator material, it’s also hard and firm, so if that’s what you are into doing this would be the alternative choice. Try to steer clear of materials that contain phthalates since they are harmful to your body and are also nonporous.

Your Vibrator Budget

There is a vibe out there for every type of budget.  However, the price of your vibe will depend on two factors, which are the type of material it is made from and the number of features and functions it contains. So while cheaper vibes have fewer features and functionality, you don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a high-end premium quality vibe.

All you need to do is read up on your fair amount of vibrator reviews and ensure that you know exactly what you are looking for before actually going out and buying one. However, if it is your first time purchasing a vibe, the cheaper you go, the better.

The Size of Your Vibe

Perhaps the biggest mistake when purchasing an adult toy is to go big. The average vibe is approximately 5 inches long and 1 inch wide, which is the same size as the average penis.  However, if you don’t have a lot of experience with vibes, you should look for one around the average size of a real penis or smaller. If you’re not too happy with the size, you can always purchase something bigger the second time around.

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The Battery

You can usually tell the power or strength of a vibe by the batteries it uses. Vibes that use AA batteries are always stronger than vibrators that use watch batteries. However, electric powered vibes are stronger still. While there are plenty of exceptions, pay attention to customer reviews about strength and power.

Also, bear in mind that everyone has different standards when it comes to determining vibration intensity and power. So what might be strong for one person may be weak for you and vice versa. Ultimately, do some research about the type of batteries your vibe takes or the power source that it uses.

How to Use a Vibe?

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Once you have purchased your first vibe, you definitely are going to be excited about using it for the first time. There are a few things you need to know before taking it out on the first spin. You should give your vibe a good cleaning and grab some fresh batteries for ultimate or optimum performance.

Make sure you’re comfortable, and you won’t be disturbed as well. Also, have some water-based lube nearby just in case you need it. Thereafter, start out slowly teasing yourself with a vibe before gradually intensifying the power and focusing on your hotspots. The rule of thumb here is that if it feels good, keep going.

Cleaning and Maintenance

It’s not always easy to take care of your vibe; however, it’s in your best interest to do so. Proper care of your sex toy is imperative, and you should remember this when maintaining your vibrator.

Firstly, clean your vibe after each and every use. You can do this by spraying it with an antibacterial spray cleaner and wiping it with disinfectant. However, if it is waterproof, you should feel free to wash with soap and rinse down with warm water. Always ensure that it dries thoroughly before the next use.

Always use water-based lube with your vibe. While there are silicone and oil-based lubricant out there the chemical reaction that it could potentially cause for the material your vibe is made from is not good. So avoid silicone and oil-based lube at all costs.

Your vibe should be kept in a special storage bag to keep lint, dust, and other debris off of it. You can damage your vibe if it comes into contact with other types of materials as well.

Vibrator Myths Debunked

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There are quite a few myths surrounding the use of vibrators. However, it’s time to put those myths to rest.

Firstly, from a common misconception that if you can’t orgasm without a vibe, then do something wrong with you. This, however, is not true. According to medical studies, between 20 to 25% of women routinely have problems connecting. Women who make use of vibes get a stronger simulation and multiple erogenous zones are targeted at the same time, which ultimately leads you to orgasm.

The next myth is that vibes can ruin ordinary intercourse. This, once again is not true.  In fact, studies show that women who make use of vibes are actually more likely to climax during sexual intercourse with their partners. Some doctors actually recommended it as a part of sexual therapy to increase a woman’s sex drive and arousal. Couples actually use vibes during foreplay and sex as well.

Some people believe that a vibe can actually replace your partner. Once again, this is false. A vibe is definitely not capable of making you chicken soup or buying you flowers on your birthday. So it’s impossible to replace your partner with a vibe. They are things that your partner can do that a vibe may never be capable of doing. They also lack the fun and creativity that your other half has.

Another common misconception is that you can use rechargeable batteries in vibrators. However, rechargeable batteries are prone to power and voltage, which can damage your vibe. Rechargeable batteries may not even fit a vibe correctly and may cause water to leak inside. They are not nearly as strong as electric ones either. If you want to experience a vibe at its best, then put aside the rechargeable batteries for the TV remote.

One myth, however, that is actually not a myth and is true is the fact that vibes can numb your lady parts. Although most people never have this happen, if you use it for an extended period of time or press it too hard against your body, it may actually lead to desensitizing you. However, the effect is temporary, and you will regain normality after a couple of hours. However, for next time you’ll know better to use with precaution.


If you found yourself often asking “where can I buy a vibrator or dildo,” then you are not alone. We have taken the time to ensure that you make your purchases from reputable and credible online retailers.

If one of your questions is, “do you have to be 18 years or older to buy a vibrator?” Then that is a very good question, indeed. While some online stores may ask for ID and may not want to sell you an adult toy if you are below the age of 18, lots of other online stores don’t mind doing it. In fact, it would make sense to sell you a vibe since you don’t get asked for an ID when you purchase lubricants or condoms.

If you have done a fair amount of research on vibes and you are still wondering “should I buy a vibrator”? Then the answer is yes, you should. If you would like to know “should I buy my wife or girlfriend a vibrator,” then the answer is absolutely, this is something that every woman secretly wants but will never openly admit to. However, it makes an excellent gift for a wife or girlfriend.