Riley Jensen Fleshlight Review

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Rile Jensen is the fresh-faced buxom beauty that has been taking the world by storm. This erotic tattooed porn star has released her lady orifice called Wild. 

If you’ve been keeping a close eye on her, then you’ll definitely want to read our Riley Jensen Fleshlight review to find out more about her new sleeve. 

So stay tuned as we explore the details.

About the Riley Jensen Fleshlight

Riley Jensen is the latest Fleshlight Girl and also an All-American porn star. She initially only performed lesbian sex scened and was nominated for an AVN award in 2012 for Best Girl Scene.

Since then, she has broadened her acting career and also gotten her upper body thoroughly tattooed. 

The Wild Fleshlight is a combination of different types of Fleshlight textures. The domes are very similar to the Storm, and the tight ribbed entrance is much like the Utopia, while the cross-weaved pattern is from Euphoria. 

Riley Jensen joined forces with Interactive Life Forms company, Fleshlight to bring her Wild textured pocket pussy to the masses. Fleshlight is well known for creating male masturbation toys. 

The company has been developing these premium ranges and high-quality products for well over a decade. They are primarily known for their signature super skin material that is hypoallergenic and durable. 

How to Use the Wild Sleeve?

The Wild texture is diverting and starts off with lots of intensity which is maintained until the end of the canal. The structures change with each inch and ultimately provide extensive stimulation. Inside the sleeve, you will find multiple, varying cross-ribs that exist in various versions and are accompanied by large nodes.

The Wild lady orifice is exactly as the name suggests, wild and exciting. So you have everything you need to have a good time if you have the Riley Jensen Fleshlight.

If you are still looking to get the most out of it, lube up. Lubrication is key to easily slide in and out of the sleeve while enhancing every single sensation. 

Another way to use this Fleshlight is to place it in a sink filled with hot water for a couple of minutes or as long as it takes to reach the desired temperature. This should heat things up a bit and give the sleeve a realistic, warm feeling. 

The chambers will take longer to clean due to the variety of gaps, ribs, and grooves inside this sleeve. However, after some practice cleaning should get easier. Just ensure that the sleeve is dried thoroughly before packing away. This will avoid the build-up of mold and bacteria. 

Who is the Riley Jensen Fleshlight Designed for?

The Wild texture has a lot to offer. The sensation does, however, start mild and gradually and consistently increases in intensity. The ribs are the most common texture in this sleeve, but, it is also very versatile and when combined with other textures provides an incredible sensation. 

This sleeve is not too intense but still contains enough textures and structures inside to keep you wanting for more. So it may not be suitable for experienced Fleshlight users. But for those looking to purchase their first pocket pussy there is no better way to go. 

The Riley Jensen fleshlight is priced the same as every other pocket pussy in the range, and that is, reasonably. So it is a great product at a great price. 


  • Strong suction
  • Great first fleshlight for beginners
  • Discreet


  • May not be intense enough for experienced users

Tips and Tricks

There are many ways that you can have fun and get the most out of your Fleshlight. However, it will tend to get sticky from time to time and especially after washing it more frequently, and this is normal. 

However, in order to combat the stickiness, wash, and dry some talcum powder which should restore it to its pristine condition.

You can invest in Fleshlights accessories such as the shower mount and sleeve warmer to make your experience better, or you can experiment on your own. 

Lots of users have wedged their Fleshlights between mattresses, couches, and even pillows to enjoy the hands-free experience. 

Where to Buy

While creating our review, the Riley Jensen Fleshlight was found to be extremely popular online. Lots of sellers could use this to their advantage to sell fake products. However, we’ve taken the time and effort to sift out the scams from honest and reputable sellers to ensure that you make your purchase from authentic Fleshlight retailers. 


This texture is a combination of other Fleshlight textures; however, they have been tactfully put together. The result is a soft, pleasant, and intensive sleeve that provides just the right amount of stimulation when you need it. Although there is no butt orifice at this time, the Riley Jensen pocket pussy is more than enough to give you hours of pleasure. 

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