Teagan Presley Fleshlight Review

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If you’re a man, you’ve probably seen drop dead gorgeous Teagan Presley in action. But, we can guarantee that you’ve never gotten to feel her perfect lips up against your body.

Well, good news, Teagan’s pussy is now available for all to experience. That’s right, her new Fleshlight texture Trigger will have you feeling like a bullet.

So keep reading our Teagan Presley Fleshlight review as we take a closer look at her lady orifice and why you should own one. 

About the Teagan Presley Fleshlight

Teagan Presley has always owned a feisty and independent streak. This blonde bombshell started stripping in defiance of her then-boyfriend and soon made the decision to move to hard-core porn. She soon started to progress to adult roles at the tender age of 18 before going on to star in well over a hundred porn movies. 

Sadly she retired from the adult industry in 2013, and this was a blow to her many fans. Luckily, it was not permanent. In 2017, she announced her return to porn with a celebratory role in Dirty Masseur – Head over heels. 

The fleshlight sleeve by Teagan Presley is named Trigger and appropriately so since this buxom beauty has a passion for guns, and not surprisingly, the trigger texture is like no other fleshlight in the range. 

The entire 9 inches contains protruding elongated bumps, both small and large, which look more like breasts minus the nipples, and there are also larger bumps that sit in spiraling rings and point away from the entrance of the sleeve. Alongside the canal, in a parallel spiral, you’ll find much smaller bumps that point slightly towards the entrance. 

Teagan Presley joined forces with a Fleshlight to bring the Trigger sleeve to life. While there is no but orifice made mention off at this time, Trigger contains more than enough interesting structures and textures to keep you pleasured for hours on end. 

The company responsible for Trigger is known as Interactive Life Forms. They have been bringing male masturbation toys to the market for well over a decade and are well known for their premium quality super skin material used in all their sleeves. 

How to Use the Trigger Sleeve?

Most men will enjoy the tugging sensation as you try to pull out of the fleshlight. In fact, it almost feels as if Teagan’s pussy is trying to hold on to you as you pull away. Although it’s not intense at first, it can quickly build up to an explosive focus. So if you last long in this sleeve, then boy, do you deserve a pat on the back?

Using the Trigger sleeve is much like using any other Fleshlight sleeve, and that means that you need to lube up. It is important to remember that only water-based lube is suitable for the delicate super skin material. So invest in a good quality water-based lube or try FleshLube, which is Fleshlights own water-based lubricant. 

Alternatively, if you want to heat things up to a more pleasurable or desirable temperature, feel free to invest in a sleeve warmer. You may also remove the sleeve from the case and place it in a sink full of hot water. You can do this for a couple of minutes or until you achieve the desired temperature. 

Cleaning the trigger sleeve is going to be tedious due to the tightness of the sleeve as well as the heavy texture. So you will be investing some time in cleaning it up. Drying time will also be considerably longer due to the narrow canal. However, it is important to remember that the fleshlight needs to be washed and dried out before storing it away to avoid the buildup of bacteria and mold.

Who is the Trigger Sleeve Designed for?

When it comes to truly incredible stimulation and a variety of bumps, the Trigger offers just that. It has a strong that strong grip that you’ll feel pretty early in the canal, and the special shape of the bumps is an added bonus. It’s fairly easy to enter Teagan Presley’s pussy, and as you do, you’ll notice a pulling force just as you’re pulling in and out of the Fleshlight. 

Ultimately, this creates a pleasant pressure on the underneath of the penis head, and this results in a strong rubbing sensation as you move over the structures. 

Ultimately, due to the numerous structures as well as the tightness of the chambers, the sleeve is suitable for men with different sized penises. The pulling sensation is also ideal for any man irrespective of penis size.

The trigger pocket pussy is affordably priced. You are getting a premium range product made from realistic super skin material and you are also getting a product that is hypoallergenic. Considering all of the benefits you receive from the Teagan Presley Fleshlight, the price you pay is a steal.


  • Stimulates trigger points across the length of the sleeve
  • Heavily texture canal for mind-blowing orgasms
  • Realistic vagina


  • No discernable chambers
  • Too tight for some
  • Hard to clean

Tips and Tricks

Keep your fleshlight clean and dry at all times when not in use. Clean and dry it thoroughly after each use. If you feel it getting sticky, simply dust some talcum powder over it to get it back to its smooth condition. Invest in fleshlights accessories to spice up your sessions and experiment with it in your own way. 

Where to Buy

You can purchase your fleshlight from anywhere. However, what we’ve learned during our review of Teagan Presley is that she is extremely popular in the adult entertainment industry. So you can bet that lots of unethical sellers will be trying to sell fake Teagan Presley fleshlights. You can avoid being a victim of these scammers by only purchasing from the manufacturer or sellers that we recommend.


The Teagan Presley Fleshlight is a gentle sleeve but still has a surprisingly stimulating effect. The tightening sensation combined with the angled bumps quickly leads you to orgasm. It’s a good medium-intense sleeve that will suit most men out there, irrespective of whether you are an experienced Fleshlight user or a newbie.

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