Christy Mack Fleshlight Sex Toy Review – The Booty Pocket Pussy

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Thanks to her alternative looks, Christy Mack received early attention during her time as a tattoo model. However, her career as a highly successful porn star is due to her own talent, determination and of course good looks.

Many of Christy’s tattoos are designed by herself, and she is tattooed on both arms, across her stomach and back and has a funky Mohawk that sets her apart from other porn stars.

Christy quickly became a favorite after entering the adult entertainment industry in 2012. The DD breasted temptress has won an XBIZ award for Best New Starlet in 2014. She has now decided to team up with the Fleshlight masterminds to bring the Christy Mack Fleshlight to life.

About the Christy Mack Fleshlight

Pocket pussies like sex dolls have been around for quite some time. However, since it is a topic most men don’t feel comfortable talking about due to being ridiculed or judged, lots of men have shied away from these pleasure toys.

For men who are not scared to enjoy these sex toys, pocket pussies have been priceless. So if are new to male masturbators and would like to invest in one or more, but you are not sure of how to go about purchasing a fake vagina, you should continue reading our Christy Mack Fleshlight review.

The Texture

The entrance to the sleeve is surprisingly tight but soon widens as you approach the second chamber. This chamber has two rings of textured bumps all around. It then constricts at 0.4 inches as you enter the next canal.

The bumps in the main chamber are subtle; however, thanks to the spiraling pattern, they can definitely be felt as you thrust in and out. The sensation is gentle, but realistic at the same time.

The chamber tightens once again as you near the end of the chamber, providing you with a pleasing finale.

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Steve and Kathy Shubin. The idea sparked when as per their doctor’s orders, Steve could not have sex with his pregnant wife due to complications in their pregnancy.

The couple decided that the idea would be helpful for many other couples in their situation and various others. So they invested millions, approximately 5 million dollars into the research and development of the Fleshlight range.

Since then the company took off, and Fleshlight has sold millions of pleasure toys over the last few years.

So thanks to a hard-working couple who were able to bring a brilliant idea to life, men all over the world can now experience the Christy Mack Fleshlight in the comfort of their homes.

How to Use the Christy Mack Pocket Pussy

The Christy Mack sleeve has a number of different bumps and protrusions in various shapes and sizes. It also has plenty of ribs and constrictions to deliver pleasure to every user.

There are three large chambers and one chamber at the end that can actually be sub-divided into a further three chambers.

Just after you enter the sleeve, you will feel yourself thrusting through the first chamber which consists of two rows or rings of bumps. The first set of pointy bumps all point in the same direction, towards the middle of the canal while the second ring of bumps is twice as big as the first one

This canal is bell-shaped and has a length of 1.0 inch, and its maximum height ends at 0.8 inches nearing the second ring of bumps.

The second canal is 3.9 inches and has the most extensive variety of texture. The first row has long-stemmed bumps that are arranged diagonally. The second row consists of smaller and more circular bumps while the last row’s surface includes pointy bumps of approximately 0.16 inches in diameter.

When it comes to Fleshlight girls Christy Mack lotus is one of the most popular in the range and this is thanks to the real feeling of the inner sleeve and design of the chambers.

Part of the thrill of using the Christy Mack booty Fleshlight is the intensity of the tight and wide chambers, the high pressure and the soft stimulation which all work together to deliver an immense orgasmic experience.

The Use of Lubricant

Using lube with all Fleshlight pocket pussies is recommended for several reasons. Firstly it makes the sensation all the more realistic, and secondly, it avoids friction which could lead to bruising.

However, the type of lube you use is important. Oil and silicone based lube is definitely not advised as it can damage the material used on the inner sleeve of the Fleshlight. Water-based lube such as FleshLube is highly recommended and will ensure the longevity of your fake vagina.


While it is relatively easy to clean the main chamber, it may become a bit tricky towards the front and end of the chamber due to the lotus-like constrictions. These areas will, therefore, need more time and effort to clean thoroughly.

It is especially important that all the lube and semen trapped inside is eliminated. Thanks to the main chamber which is much wider than other Fleshlight models, drying time is also quicker. A couple of hours in a warm spot will have your pocket pussy dry in no time.

In order to maintain the Fleshlight, you should rinse it with Isopropyl every now and again and dust it with corn starch. The alcohol disinfects the inner sleeve, and the cornstarch will keep the flesh-like material supple and in great condition for as long as possible.

Who is this Fleshlight Designed for?

According to our Christy Mack Fleshlight review, this male masturbator is designed for men who want to feel a plethora of sensations before jerking off. If you prefer to try something different each time, you can manipulate the cap of the Fleshlight to tighten or loosen the pressure and suction.

However, if you want a realistic feeling and don’t mind sacrificing the intensity, this Fleshlight may prove to be the next best thing to a real vagina. In fact, you may actually prefer it to a real vagina in time.

The Christy Mack pocket pussy can be used by all men irrespective of penis size or length, however, men with an above average penis size or a penis length of more than 5.9 inches will get the maximum usage out of this Fleshlight.

The Price of the Christy Mack Fleshlight

Compared to other male masturbators on the market, this pocket pussy is priced high. However, considering that it is made from super skin material, giving it a realistic, flesh-like feeling, it is well worth the price for men who want a fake vagina that feels like the real thing.

The Pros:

•    It has a realistic feeling

•    The penetration sensation is intense

•    Fleshlights suction effect and pressure control is available in this model

•    It is easy to clean and dries quickly

The Cons:

•    The main chamber is quite long making certain parts of the canal feel too loose

•    The various sizes of the chambers can make an orgasm less enjoyable

•    It is priced in the higher side as compared to other fake vaginas

Why Should You Buy this Fleshlight?

There are times when having sex with your partner may not be possible. In cases such as these, the pocket pussy is your best friend. Not only will you get to relieve your sexual frustration with the Christy Mack pocket pussy, but it’s a much better alternative to other forms of sexual gratification.

Owning Christy Mack sex toys that are as realistic as this one, eliminates the need to sleep around and get sexually transmitted diseases. You also don’t need to cheat on your partner when you need sexual relief. Ultimately, using the Fleshlight will help you last longer in bed by building your stamina, which in turn makes you a better lover.

Where to Buy the Christy Mack Sex Toy

This Fleshlight is available for purchase online from quite a few vendors. However we would always advice you to buy directly from

Doing so ensures you that you’re getting an original product, and don’t end up with a low quality counterfeit.


If you enjoy a more natural stimulation, then the texture of this Fleshlight will deliver exactly that. Although it is subtle, the tightening and widening sensations come together to create a pleasurable feeling. This is a good option for men who are not looking for too much intensity, but a sensation as close to a real vagina as possible.

If you do want to experience more intensity with the Fleshlight Christy Mack offers, then you can play around with the cap on the device which will alter the suction and pressure that the pocket pussy delivers. Alternatively, you may also choose to invest in the Christy Mack anal Fleshlight for tighter and more intense stimulation.

Ultimately, this is for men who want to experience less intensity and a more realistic feeling during orgasm.

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