Fleshlight Ice Review – Go Torque & Lady Crystal | Butt & Pure Orifice

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Fleshlight is a universal name when it comes to male sex toys. The company has sold more than 7 million pleasure devices over the last few years and every sale allows them to grow stronger.

Fleshlight ice is one of the company’s most innovative products, and although it’s been around for years, the only difference between the Fleshlight ice and the traditional Fleshlight series is that the color insert is transparent and not pink or skin-toned like the original Fleshlight range.

The material resembles frozen water, hence the name Fleshlight ice. Other than that, the only difference is that a unique Crystal texture has replaced the sleeve’s inner surface.

The Fleshlight’s chamber offers you a choice of the standard orifice, the lady orifice, butt orifice, and the circular pure orifice. Unfortunately, there is no Fleshlight ice mouth orifice as yet; however, that may be in the planning stages, so we’ll have to wait and see. The textures resemble that of large angular bumps and ripped walls.

The varied combination of textures gives the user much to enjoy in the Fleshlight ice series. Although average guys may not reach the end, the second section of the canal provides more than enough stimulation to enjoy. Furthermore, if you love watching yourself masturbate this transparent Fleshlight model will give you the visual stimulation you require by watching yourself in action.

The Fleshlight Ice Review

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When you enter the Fleshlight ice chamber, you’re greeted by large angular bumps immediately. The canal quickly narrows to around 0.4 inches with gently rippled walls.

It then widens to 0.6 inches, and the rips become more emphasized and distinct throughout this section.

After that, another section is followed by regular bumps lined all around the sleeve, and then you feel a tight constriction in the final chamber. The walls of the last chamber are aligned with rectangular looking bumps, and finally, a narrowing of the section is included in the last 2 inches.

The final chamber is approximately 7 inches from the entrance of the Fleshlight orifice therefore unless you have an above average penis length, you may not be able to reach this final chamber. However, there’s a lot to enjoy along the way.

The Fleshlight Ice Lady Crystal Texture

The unique crystal texture is a combination of different sized chambers and an alternation between different surfaces and bumps. The varying textures make for intense and differing stimulations.

The textures are felt as soon as you enter the sleeve. The first chamber is perhaps the most stimulating as you are greeted by trapezoidal bumps and as you push deeper your penis is gripped firmly by the ribbed connecting passage.

Unfortunately, a penis length of 5.9 inches which is the average penis length will not be able to reach the final chamber which provides a heightened sense of simulation as it tightens considerably.

How to Use the Fleshlight Ice Lady

Although seeing your penis slide into the Fleshlight Ice is quite a novel experience not to mention a very erotic one, this sleeve has much more to offer.

The variety of texture, such as the alternating ridges and bumps makes the Fleshlight Ice Lady one of the more complex designs by the company.

When you look at this Fleshlight, you will naturally expect intensity and thanks to the truly unique design, you will not be disappointed.

The sensations are felt immediately as you enter the chamber and are greeted by bumps that provide immediate stimulation to the head of your penis. The deeper you go, the tighter your penis is gripped providing you with immense pleasure.

The second chamber not only constricts but contains a mixture of bumps and rib-like textures.

Even if you’re not able to reach the final chamber, the initial sections will provide enough stimulation to bring you to a wonderful and intense orgasm.

How to Clean the Device

Due to the unique and the complex inner texture, the Fleshlight crystal sleeve will require a little more effort to clean. This is especially since lube and sperm can become trapped between the bumps and ridges.

Therefore, it is recommended that you turn the sleeve inside out during the cleaning process. This will help you clean up thoroughly and will reduce the drying time as well.

You may also choose to wipe the inside of the sleeve before allowing it to dry further.


•    The Fleshlight Ice sensation is pretty realistic, almost like the real thing

•    The transparent material lets you watch yourself in action

•    It provides a deep sucking action, and ultimately this leads to an intense orgasm

•    It is easy to clean and very durable

•    It looks stylish

•    It also offers you more options as you are able to buy different inserts and spice up the different sensations, colors, and textures


•    It takes some time to get used to

•    More often than not two hands are needed to adjust the lid

•    It’s a bit on the expensive side

Who is the Fleshlight Ice designed for

According to our Fleshlight Ice review, the Fleshlight Ice lady is designed for existing Fleshlight fans. If you have room left over for self-love, then this is the perfect addition to your Fleshlight collection.

If you’ve never experienced a Fleshlight product before but have a love for female genitalia, then although the product may not necessarily represent the real color of an actual vagina, it will definitely provide you with the real sensations of one.

The Fleshlight Ice series is much the same as the original Fleshlight range; however, it is entirely transparent. This range also includes the Fleshlight Ice butt model, so if you’re more of a backdoor guy, then the latter model will suit you.

So if you are an experienced masturbator, but are tired of the same experience and sensations over and over again, why not take a walk on the wild side and experience all that the Fleshlight Ice Lady has to offer.

What You Should Know About Using Fleshlight Ice

This device is best used with a generous amount of water based lube. It also comes in three models specifically the Ice Lady, pure Ice and butt orifice and is approximately 9.75 inches in length. So even an above average length penis size will be able to enjoy all that the sleeve has to offer.

Thanks to the transparent material, you and your partner will be able to watch the action.

Some of the drawbacks of this product are that the bumps and ridges are actually too intense to handle. So if you like quick orgasms, then that’s not really a disadvantage, however, if you have an especially sensitive penis, the intensity could present a problem.

It’s also quite bulky considering the almost 10 inches length of the sleeve. For some men, both hands may be needed in order to operate the device. In fact, this specific Fleshlight model doesn’t fit into a shower mount as well. If you would prefer something smaller, The Fleshlight Go Torque Ice is practically a replica of the Crystal sleeve but in a small and more compact case.

Also, the more friction that is created, the warmer the device becomes and in some cases, you may need to use additional lube during the process.

The Fleshlight Ice operates in two separate modes. The first mode provides a powerful sucking action and the second mode is designed for hard thrusting. So depending on how you like it, you can either use it with the lid on or off.

Ultimately, you can use the device with the lid screwed on if you would prefer a powerful sucking sensation, but for hard thrusting, the suction created will literally make the lid pop right off and you will have to pause to put it back on.

So this could ultimately put a bit of damp on the entire experience.

For more tips and tricks on how to use the device, keep an eye out for our Fleshlight ice video coming soon.

Where to Buy

Although sex toys are sold at various online stores, it is important to take note of the fact that not all of them are made with the same quality of materials.

During our reviews, we’ve taken the time out and invested the effort to ensure that you only make your purchase from credible and reputable sources.


If you’ve been a faithful Fleshlight fan throughout the years, then all that’s left to do is add the Fleshlight Ice Lady to your sex toy collection.

The variety of textures and the clear inner sleeve is enough to bring you to orgasm quickly. So if you enjoy intense stimulation, alternating tightness, and insane textures, this is the Fleshlight for you.

You can also check out the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice, or Fleshlight Go Ice versions which are smaller than this model, but other than that provide the same unique crystal texture.

If you’re looking for a non-anatomical sleeve, the Fleshlight Ice Pure will allow you to experience the best blowjob you’ve ever had or the best tight ass you ever experienced.

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