Ella Hughes Fleshlight Review

If you’ve seen Ella Hughes in action, then you probably know that she’s as sweet as candy.

This buxom beauty is a huge sensation in the porn industry, and so we’ve decided to create this Ella Hughes Fleshlight review so you can learn more about her and of course, experience her sweet and tender pussy orifice. 

Keep reading as we explore her candy sleeve and find out exactly why men around the world can’t resist its sweetness!

About the Ella Hughes Fleshlight

This redheaded beauty was born on June 13, 1995, in Southhampton, England. Ella Hughes is better known for her role in the Game of Thrones TV series, where she played the Volantene whore in one of the episodes.

Believe it or not, this blue-eyed sex Goddess is actually a former law student who decided to forsake a career in law to become a porn star. And aren’t we glad she did?

The camera-ready and extremely photogenic beauty queen has received various awards by UVN and Paul Raymond for her role in the adult porn industry.

When it comes to her Fleshlight sleeve, the textures don’t come much sweeter than Ella Hughes’s “candy”. It contains a tight set of waves before exploding into a geometrical paradise filled to the edges with pliable triangular nodules, all designed to tantalize the shaft. The upper chambers are where you will experience really intense sensations with lots of features that make even the most stamina-ready man blow upon contact.

Ella’s candy orifice came about when she teamed up with the prominent sex toy company Fleshlight. They are a leading company in the male masturbation toy industry and have been delivering some of the best and most realistic sex toys to the world for almost a decade.

How to Use the Candy Sleeve?

The Ella Hughes candy sleeve texture is filled with lots of ribs and an abundance of exciting bumps, which all start off extremely sweet. So feel free to simply go ahead and use it straight out of the box.

However, for those looking to add a more realistic sensation to the thrusting session, you can warm up the sleeve using the Fleshlight sleeve warmer. Alternatively, if you don’t own one of those, simply place the sleeve in a sink full of hot water for a few minutes until the desired temperature is achieved.

For those looking for a less intense sensation, try using a bit of FleshLube to make the entire process more fluid and enjoyable.

Cleaning the candy sleeve is slightly less enjoyable than actually using it. This is due to the multitude of ribs and bumps, as well as gaps between the structures that get filled and clogged up with residues. So you’ll need to rub alongside the walls paying close attention to the middle section in order to get it squeaky clean. Drying time is also prolonged due to this reason.

Who is the Candy Sleeve Designed for?

Thanks to the delicious candy sleeve which allows you to plunge into the entire 9 inches, the sleeve is designed for men with large penises. 

The sweet candy texture is also rather intense, so be warned that you won’t last long. But if that’s what you are after, then you definitely won’t be disappointed. 

The best news is that the Candy sleeve is available at a competitive price point, and thanks to Fleshlight’s signature SuperSkin material and body-safe materials, it adds value for money. 


  • A realistic mould of Ella’s delicate pussy
  • Temperature responsive canal
  • Pearlescent case with suction control


  • The super-tight and intense texture may be too much for some men to bear

Tips and Tricks

After having tons of sweet fun with your candy sleeve, you’ll no doubt want to keep it in tip-top shape for as long as possible. The best way to do this is to only use it with water-based lubricants such as Fleshlight’s FleshLube and to clean and sanitize it immediately after use. To make cleaning easier, use FleshWash cleaning solution and thoroughly dry before storing it away. 

The sleeve may start losing its smooth feeling after a couple of uses, and this is normal. However, to remedy that simply throw some talcum powder over it after it has been washed and dried, and this will get rid of that sticky feeling which often arises after many washes. 

Where to Buy

During our Ella Hughes review, we discovered that she is not only smoking hot but sought after by men around the world. This has lead many online sellers to take advantage of the situation by selling fake products.

However, rest assured that we have invested the time and diligence into making sure that your purchase is made from reputable and trusted online sellers.

You should always buy directly from the manufacturer where possible; however, when it isn’t, use retailers that we recommend. This will ensure that you are getting an authentic product, and you will receive the necessary support afterward as well.


The Ella Hughes candy Fleshlight is one of the most exciting combinations of different structures ever seen in the range. In almost every review, Fleshlight Girls sleeves remain superior to other male masturbation products. 

There is no butt orifice that we are aware of at this time, but this lady sleeve provides you with the sweetest and most intense pressure, which all starts with incredible tightness and then combines a series of ribs, bumps, waves, and unexpected twists. 

If you’re looking for an exciting experience, and you don’t mind finishing early, the Ella Hughes Candy sleeve is the right fit for you.