Fleshskins Blue Ice (with case) – We Review the Grip

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The Fleshlight Fleshskins range is a skin or sleeve only male masturbator. Unlike the original Fleshlights where the sleeves are used inside a casing, the Fleshskins do not have a case around it.

If you are a dedicated Fleshlight fan, you’ve probably used a few Fleshlight models and probably even tried using the sleeves without the case. Although, this is probably an interesting experience, it will not deliver the full effect of what the Fleshlight was designed to do.

Without the casing the sleeves lose their structure and suction. However, the Fleshskins range is designed to function fully without a case.

About the Fleshskins Range

The Fleshskins range consists of a single sleeve. This version is designed to be held in the grip of your hands. Therefore it includes four holes for your fingers to slip through.

You also have the benefit of controlling the tightness during your masturbation session with the grip of your hands.

Although the Grip is much like the Quickshot, which is much smaller than traditional Fleshlight sleeves and open at both ends, it is still flexible enough to facilitate various penis sizes.

It is approximately 5.35inches in length and 4.7 inches in diameter. Thanks to the open ends your penis slides through to the other end.

The Fleshskin Texture

The Fleshskin Grip comes in a neat case which also doubles as a storage unit and stand for it. It is made in a transparent blue ice material which is how it gets its name.

The texture consists of circular, large bumps that are ribbed and alternate throughout the sleeve. There are initially three rows of dome like structures, covered by small, nipple like protrusions. Thereafter you will find another three ribs and three rows of irregular dome shapes. Finally you will experience the rib and row of small bumps.

There’s a final rib and a tight hole to end the sleeve. Ultimately the larger structures inside the sleeve are felt easier and in a less constricted way since there is no outer casing. This gives you more freedom when using it.

The Main Features of the Fleshskin

Perhaps one of the major benefits of this model is the fact that it is travel friendly. It’s completely portable and doesn’t have the extra weight of traditional Fleshlights.

You can also control the tightness by simply using your hand and there’s no need for suction caps and so on. No special buttons, chargers and control portals are necessary either. In fact, this is as simple a sex toy as it gets.

It comes complete with a custom drying case as well.

How to Use the Fleshskin Grip

Using the male masturbator is simple. There is no extra weight since it eliminates the outer case, so it’s much lighter than the original Fleshlight range.

You should use a little water-based lube as is recommended with all Fleshlight sex toys. However, take note that a little goes a long way especially with the Fleshskin since it is open on both ends instead of one. So using too much lube is likely to cause a mess.

Start by inserting your fingers into each of the designated holes. You may apply lube to your penis or directly inside the Fleshskin. Thereafter slide your way into the Grip and do your thing.

Once you are done, simply rinse it off with warm running water. If you want to make extra sure that the sleeve is clean, use the FleshWash cleanser.

Thereafter dry it on the case provided and leave to air-dry for a couple of minutes. The case is actually intended to be used when you are drying the unit. So you are supposed to leave the sleeve inside the unit to dry to avoid dust and debris from settling onto it.


  • Taking control of your tightness, speed and overall control of the sleeve has never been easier thanks to the flexibility of the sleeve only design
  • The superskin material is also used in this version making it feel like the real thing
  • It’s compact enough for travel
  • It does not need batteries or chargers to function fully
  • It comes with a practical drying and storage case and dries in a matter of minutes


  • If you don’t use it the right way, it can get messy considering the unstructured design of the sleeve with no case
  • It’s only a few inches long making it unsuitable for men with longer than average penises
  • There is only one texture from which to choose

How Does the Fleshskin Grip Feel?

Initially the sleeve feels loose and the material feels soft. Due to the absence of the outer case, it may not be as easy to slide into it as you would into a traditional Fleshlight or the Quickshot. So you may need both hands to help manoeuvre your penis into the canal.

Once you are inside the chamber, the grip you have from the four finger holes and control from our hand starts to kick in. You can now customize your experience using only your hands.

So the stimulation you get is intense but not overwhelming at the same time. The sleeve does narrow as you approach the other end and as you push through that final hole at the other end, you feel unspeakable pleasure.

Like all sex toys, this Fleshskin blue ice Grip has its drawback and lacks the feeling of full immersion. It’s also messy and all lube and sperm ends up all over the floor, bed or wherever else you choose to use it.

The Fleshskin Grip vs Fleshlight Quickshot

It is probably the most expected thing to compare this Fleshskin to the Quickshot considering the similarities. However, there are some slight differences between the two.

The Quickshot is tighter than the Grip due to the casing; however this case also provides some firmness which aids in gripping the device.

However, the Fleshskins lack of structure is tedious to handle at first, but allows you to customize your tightness during your session. It is also great for bigger guys.

Where to Buy

As always you should only make your purchase of a Fleshskin sleeve from a reputable seller. There are many stores out there all selling sex toys such as male masturbators; however, there are just as many cheap knockoffs.

So ensure that you make your purchase from credible sources.   

Reasons to Buy the Fleshskin Blue Ice Grip

If you are no stranger to the Fleshlight range, but are looking or something different, you can’t afford not to try this out. It is completely not what you are used to with the traditional Fleshlights.

It is not only smaller than the original range, but it does not contain an outer case. So inevitably, it is just a sleeve with no outer casing. However, the good news is that it is designed to function 100% without the case.

You have great flexibility b making use of the four finger holes outside the sleeve and this allows you to grip firmly or loosen your grip as you masturbate. This degree of freedom while using a Fleshlight is the new and lots of men are definitely going to enjoy it.

It you love taking along your Fleshlight when traveling; now you can do it more often. It is lighter and can be hidden easily between your luggage.

This is also a great option for men who do not have partners and need some self-love. Then again thanks to the small size and open ends, it makes a kinky toy for couples’ play.

If for some reason you are refraining from sex with your partner, this is a safer alternative to sleeping around. The best part is that you can jerk off as many times as you want without getting anyone pregnant.


The Fleshskin Grip is not perfect; however, if you want something lighter and smaller than the initial Fleshlight, this is your best bet.

It includes the same complex texture and mildly intense stimulation of the big Fleshlights without the heaviness and bulkiness.

So there isn’t any compromise. In fact, it is also affordably priced and much cheaper than the traditional Fleshlight which is just another incentive to buy it.

Thanks to the sleeve-only design, cleaning is quick and easy. Drying time is also accelerated thanks to the handy storage and drying case.  You may feel a slightly sticky texture after washing and drying it out, but a slight dusting of corn starch will resolve that issue. However, it may cause a cloudy appearance afterwards. So another solution would be to simply avoid the cornstarch and just rinse it again before your next use.

So if you are looking to add another addition to your day-to-day pleasure collection, this would be ideal. It is smaller and lighter, so you can use it everyday and take it absolutely anywhere.

The absence of the case also means that it’s suitable for all penis sizes.

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