Jenna Haze Fleshlight Review – Obsession Sex Toy & Pocket Pussy

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Porn star Jenna Haze is well known for her insatiable sexual appetite. At the beginning of her porn career, the dark-haired beauty spent a great deal of her time working with females.

It was later that Jenna became involved in sex scenes with men and to date has appeared in more than 600 erotic movies. She won approximately 30 adult industry awards for Best Solo Sex in 2003, Best Group Sex in 2007 and Best Tease in the year 2009, showcasing her multi-talent in the porn industry.

Although she no longer makes erotic movies, you can follow her on her website where she also advertises items for sale, from her career in the adult industry.

Jenna has teamed up with the talent at Fleshlight to bring you two different butt and pussy orifices so now you can have sex with Jenna anytime you want.

About Fleshlight

The idea of the Fleshlight came about when owners and operators Steve and Kathy Shubin experienced complications in their pregnancy. As per doctor’s orders, they were advised to refrain from sex for the duration of their pregnancy.

This gave Steve the idea for Fleshlight sees and the couple soon decided to invest in the research, development, and manufacturing of these fleshlights.

$5 million later, the company has sold more than 7 million male pleasure toys and has been featured in publications such as Gizmodo and Huffington Post.

By teaming up with sought after pawn stars such as Jenna Haze, Fleshlight has brought various pocket pussies to the forefront, and one of the most popular is the Jenna Haze Fleshlight.

The Obsession Texture

The Obsession texture has a simple design with a tight and short entrance and two chambers with different textures that follow.

The first chamber is wide and ribbed. It contains five circles that are equally spaced between each other inside the sleeve. The next section has lots of long-stemmed bumps that narrow towards the tips. They are facing a 45-degree angle and point towards the entrance much like the Stoya Destroya design.

The rest of the second chamber is filled with bumps that extend for the entire six-inch length. The diameter of this second canal also narrows from 0.7 inches to 0.5 inches the deeper you go.

The Jenna Haze Lotus or Jenna Haze Lotus Fleshlight and the Jenna Haze Swallow Fleshlight were previous versions that have since been discontinued and replaced with the Obsession texture.

How to Use the Jenna Haze Fleshlight

When you enter the Jenna Haze sex toy, you’ll experience a short tightness and shortly after that a powerful massage on the head of your penis. This is caused by the cross-ribbed texture present in the first chamber. There five tabs in this canal that slide firmly over the head of your penis and give you a very intense stimulation in high frequency.

However, the truly intense bump like stimulation is present the main chamber and gives the head of your penis pointed stimulation impulses. This experience from all sides by the many bumps which swerve all around you is one of real pleasure.

An intense amount of pleasure is created by the bumps which bend in the opposite direction as you thrust in and out causing extreme pleasure.

The first chamber is approximately 2.7 inches wide and the bumps are spaced between 1.5 inches and 3 inches in the sleeve. The second chamber includes long stemmed textured nodules which extend into the chamber at a 45° angle and ultimately point towards the entrance of the sleeve.

Ultimately, the textures in the first and second chamber of the Fleshlight both give you an immense amount of pleasure. So it should be noted that orgasm can come rather quite quickly.

The Use of Lubricant

The Jenna haze pussy is designed for use with water-based lubricants because it is delicate on the super skin like materials used on the inside of these devices. While you could use oil and silicon-based lubes, it is not advisable since this could damage the delicate material.

It is recommended that you use the FleshLube water-based lubricant designed by Fleshlight for use with all of its products. This will ensure that you get the maximum amount of pleasure out of your Jenna Haze pocket pussy while preserving its life span at the same time.


The Jenna Haze obsession texture is quite intricate and dense making cleaning time-consuming. Lots of running water needs to be used and the sleeve needs to be rinsed from both ends if possible. Thereafter you should leave it out in a dry spot, preferably above a radiator for a good few hours to ensure that it is fully dry before packing it away or using it again.

Every now and again, you need to rinse out your sleeve with some Isopropyl to disinfect it and then dust it off with some cornstarch to keep it supple for as long as possible.

Who is this Sex Toy designed for?

The Jenna Haze obsession Fleshlight has a one size fits all sleeve which is extremely elastic and stretchy at the same time. Ultimately, irrespective of penis size, it is designed to suit most men.

However, due to the extremely textured inner sleeve, it may be a little too intense for some men. So if you like an intense and quick orgasm, this is definitely for you. Alternatively, if you have a more sensitive penis, then this model is probably a bit too textured for you and you should consider another Fleshlight product.

However, one thing is for certain and that is if you are a Jenna Haze die hard fan and have fantasized about getting in on the action with this dark-haired beauty, you need to try this Fleshlight out.

The Price of this Fleshlight

While there are many sex toys in the same category available online, it is important to remember that not all products are made equal. They are many companies out there that make cheap imitations of the Fleshlight using an inferior quality of material that does not last long or feel like the real thing for that matter.

Genuine products like the Jenna Haze obsession sex toy are made from high-quality super skin material that is also free of parabens, latex all plasticizers. So ultimately it is a 100% medical grade material used inside the sleeve of the Fleshlight. Therefore, considering what you are getting for the price, it is in the average price range and definitely gives you more for your money’s worth.

The Pros:

  • It delivers an intense and strong orgasm
  • It is made from premium quality, 100% medical grade material
  • It is in the average price range

The Cons:

  • The texture may be too intense for some men
  • It is tedious to clean
  • It takes longer to dry

The good news is that’s the sleeve is made to fit various penis sizes, so irrespective of whether you are small or large, you’ll be able to enjoy the texture and stretchy feel of the inner sleeve.

Reasons to Buy this Product

During our Jenna haze Fleshlight review, we found that pocket pussies have various benefits for men. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve never heard of the idea or you’ve been using it for quite some time, you will still benefit from trying out the Jenna haze obsession Fleshlight.

There are many porn stars out there, however, of all the Fleshlight girls Jenna Haze was perhaps the most popular temptress in the adult entertainment industry and this is why when most men look for a Fleshlight Jenna Haze comes to mind immediately.

If for some reason you are unable to have sex with your partner, this product will give you hours of pleasure. It is also a much safer alternative to cheating or sleeping around. So inevitably it keeps you away from sexually transmitted diseases as well.

Men who do not have partners will also be able to indulge in some self-love with the help of this pleasure toy.

Where to Buy It

You always need to beware of cheap imitations when purchasing products such as these. The best way that you can do this is by only purchasing from honest and reliable sellers.

As part of our Jenna Haze Fleshlight review, we’ve taken the time out to ensure that you buy your Fleshlight from credible sources.


The Jenna Haze Fleshlight with Obsession texture is a simple design containing one of the most intense textures in the Fleshlight series. The two chambers, each containing unique bumps and stimulation provide a strong and pleasurable experience, making it almost impossible not to come quickly.

However, unlike other Fleshlights, there are no limitations when it comes to penis size. The one size fits all inner sleeve is elastic and stretchy enough to give you an unforgettable experience over and over again, irrespective of whether you are small, average or large down below.

If you would like to enjoy a different version of this porn star, the Jenna Haze anal Fleshlight promises not to disappoint.

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