Abella Danger Fleshlight Review – Are You Ready For Dangerous Sex?

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Here comes our hot and steamy Abella Danger Fleshlight review – are you ready? 

America porn star and actress Abella Danger was born on November 19th, 1995 and hails from Miami, Florida. The 24-year-old beauty is of Jewish-Ukrainian descent and as a child, dreamed of being a ballet dancer. Little did she know that life would have a more provocative path in store for her. 

The porn star and award-winning actress became a Fleshlight girl in 2017 and has a reputation for her hot, steamy and intensive sex scenes. Her lady and butt Fleshlight will bring this same passion to your bedroom. Known as Abella Danger Fleshlight and featuring Abella’s own pussy imprint, there’s no telling where this Fleshlight will take you. 

About the Abella Danger Fleshlight

In 2017 this fleshlight girl won the award for Best Star Showcase at AVN for one of her first features called “Abella”. She has been taking the industry by storm ever since. Now she is yours.

This Abella Danger lady fleshlight contains six sections of bulging and intensive structures. There’s a strict division between sections and the different parts of the sleeve. Each part of the canal offers a completely unique sensation in contrast to each other while featuring long bars, bumps, and varying widths. 

After experiencing sections of bumps, bars and different tightness zones, you’ll reach the last section of Abella’s pussy. This one consists of longitudinal and cross ribs, however, due to the wideness of the canal, the intensity is reduced to a pleasurable tugging and pulling sensation. 

This sleeve will, of course, require more lube due to the bountiful and unique “Danger” structures. 

The “Danger” sleeve is a product of Fleshlight, a company that has been working with porn stars for many years to bring both vaginal and anal fleshlights to life. 

How to Use the Lady Fleshlight

To heighten your experience and make it feel closer to the real thing, you are welcome to warm the sleeve before using it. You can do this by placing it in some warm water for a few minutes. 

Using lube is always recommended and more so with a highly textured sleeve like this one. However, you should only make use of Fleshlube, which is Fleshlight’s very own water-based lubricant designed for use with the delicate silicone material these sleeves are made from. 

To clean the sleeve, remove it from the hard case and turn it inside out as gently as you can. Washing with warm soapy water is recommended and to rinse, simply hold it up in warm running water. As a final step, you may spray the sleeve with Fleshwash, Fleshlight’s official cleaner. 

Also, cleaning this lady sleeve is going to take a considerable amount of time and effort thanks to the countless structures and textures inside. The drying time will also be longer than the average sleeve. To dry, leave it near a radiator or on a wire rack to air dry. 

After a few uses and washes, your sleeve’s SuperSkin texture may become a bit sticky, and for this, you can reach for your Renewing powder from Fleshlight to freshen up your pocket pussy before the next use. 

Who is the “Danger” Pocket Pussy Made for?

This pocket pussy is made from SuperSkin material and is, therefore, a high-quality masturbation device designed to last you for years to come. 

The Abella orifice is available to consumers at an average price point. 


  • Compatible with other Fleshlight accessories
  • Realistic feeling
  • Great for training premature ejaculation


  • Clean up is tedious
  • May be too big for men under 6 inches

This sensuous sleeve will definitely become more popular and assist lots of men throughout the world to enjoy sex without that guilty feeling. The dimensions of the “Danger” sleeve means that it is suitable for men of various sizes. This is credited to the not-too-wide canal diameter and the incredible stimulus of 5-7 inches provided by the abundant texture.

Tips and Tricks

One of the highlights of using the “Danger” orifice is that it is compatible with lots of other fleshlight products. You may use it with the Fleshlight mount to hold it in place while you eagerly or patiently build-up to orgasm or you may opt for the Fleshlight Launch and use it in conjunction with a video from Feelme.com for a heightened experience. 

Additionally, you can choose to use this device to enhance your staying power. 

Where to buy the Abella Orifice

Fleshlights should be purchased from reputable and authentic retailers of this product. So the best thing to do is buy it directly from Fleshlight.com and enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are getting an original product from the most reputable seller. 

Rest assured that the manufacturer will offer stealthy shipping and ensure that you get an original product. 

While conducting our Abella Danger Fleshlight Review, we invested lots of time in researching and finding you trustworthy webshops that you can make your purchase from in the event that the manufacturer was not an option. 


The Abella Danger sleeve texture is truly an exclusive one that offers something new from the beginning to the end of the canal. So you can expect tighter, wider, intense and more gentle passages as you thrust your way through her orifice. While not all men will make it to reach the last chamber, the pocket pussy offers plenty of excitement from the start to the middle of the sleeve. Although lots of lube is recommended, so it doesn’t become too intense, especially for larger men, this fleshlight is worth every penny because it delivers phenomenal orgasms each and every time. 

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