Kendra Lust Fleshlight Review

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The shapely and buxom beauty, Kendra Lust is a real knockout, and if you’ve watched her steamy porn scenes, you already know why. Her explicit hard-core movies and X-rated features have men all over the world feeling mesmerized.

The Queen of porn is so intriguing that we decided to put together this Kendra Lust Fleshlight review to find out more about her interesting new pocket pussy and why you should be investing in it.

Stay tuned as we explore Kendra’s True Lust Fleshlight sleeve in more detail.

About the Kendra Lust Fleshlight

The brown-eyed brunette was born on September 18, 1978, in Madison Heights, Michigan. Her real name is actually Michelle Anne Mason and not only is she an adult entertainer but a director as well.

This MILF performer actually has a degree in nursing and is of French, Canadian and Italian descent. Another interesting fact is that she is also bisexual and married to Charles Cleve Mason Jr, who also happens to be a police officer.

When she is not getting hot and heavy in steamy porn scenes, the sexy diva enjoys chowing down on anything cheesy, and she has a net worth of approximately US$3 million.

Her lady orifice is named “True Lust” and is a versatile lady Fleshlight with tight canals at the beginning and wider areas deep inside. It has a rather special composition and unusual design with two very different chambers.

Kendra teamed up with Interactive Lifeforms Company to bring her new pocket pussy to life in 2018. Interactive Life Forms has been designing and developing male masturbation toys for over a decade now and is now known for the superior quality of their super skin Fleshlight sleeves.

How to Use the True Lust Sleeve?

Due to the constriction at the beginning of the first chamber, it’s highly recommended that you lube up before using the sleeve. FleshLube is Fleshlights own brand of lubricant and designed for use, especially with the delicate super skin material. Depending on how smooth and fluid you want the experience to be, you can use a little or a lot of lube.

The fact that the first chamber is covered with small knobs ensures that the lube sticks quite well to the surrounding walls allowing you to glide more efficiently through this part. The short but exciting structure, in the beginning, adds a wonderful touch to the overall sensation of the texture.

Cleaning the sleeve is relatively quick as compared to other models. However, the part that is going to be the most trouble is the first spiral since it has a lot of deep grooves. The other interspaces are good to reach and widen so cleaning won’t be a hassle. 

Drying time is also quite short when you consider other sleeves in the same range. The part of the sleeve that may take the longest time to dry is the end of the sleeve. So be patient and allow it to dry thoroughly before storing it away or using it again.

Over time, your super skin material may become slightly sticky, and this is normal due to the repeated washing. However, using Fleshlights Renewing powder to lightly dust your pocket pussy sleeve after each wash will preserve the super skin material and keep it in tip-top shape for as long as possible.

Who is the True Lust Sleeve Designed for?

The True Lust lady orifice offers one of the most realistic sensations in the Fleshlight Girls range. In fact, it is as close to a real vagina as possible. For men who want more control over the suction, the end cap can be tightened or loosened to add even more idealism to session.

This sleeve is designed for men who would like to climax during solo sessions or couples play. Due to the realistic feeling of the chambers, it is suitable for men of various penis lengths and sizes.

The True Lust pocket pussy is also priced in the same range as the other Fleshlight Girls sleeves so it’s really affordable considering it is everything you could ever want in a Fleshlight. 


  • Versatile
  • Can be used during solo sessions or couples play
  • Suction can be controlled using the end cap


  • Some men prefer more tightness and intensity.

Tips and Tricks

In order to preserve the delicate superskin material, Fleshlight suggests that you only use water-based lubricants with the sleeve. Oil and silicone-based lube are not recommended as it could damage the delicate material. FleshLube is the ILF’s own water-based lube and is the most suitable lubricant to use with this sleeve.

Another tip to prolong the life of your pocket pussy is to wash it after each and every use. Although you may want to wait till morning, it is highly recommended that you don’t. Putting your Fleshlight aside before washing it could cause bacteria and pathogens to accumulate inside the sleeve, and you don’t want that to happen.

Another tip is to thoroughly dry the sleeve each and every time. Drying times could vary depending on the weather, and the method of drying you are using. However, it could take between a couple of hours to approximately three days to dry out completely.

Never use too much pressure on your Fleshlight sleeve while washing it as you could cause the delicate material to tear. So use the utmost care during your washing sessions.

Where to Buy

While creating our review, the Kendra Lust Fleshlight was found to be extremely popular online. Lots of sellers could use this to their advantage to sell fake products. However, we’ve taken the time and effort to sift out the scams from honest and reputable sellers to ensure that you make your purchase from authentic Fleshlight retailers. 


The True Lust sleeve by Kendra has a unique texture and a special composition with the two unequal chambers. The exceptionally large structures create a never seen before combination of intensity, tightness and variety. And why might that be at as tight as her butt artifice, Booty Lust, it is extremely fulfilling, and you have to try it out to fully understand what all the rave is about. 

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