Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight Review – The Angel Sex Toy

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Kendra Sunderland teamed up with Fleshlight in 2017 to create the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight. However, her porn career kicked off when she started filming cam shows in various unexpected locations such as the college library.

In fact, one such video of her masturbating in the university’s library went viral and almost got her arrested for public indecency. She became an overnight sensation known as the “Library Girl” and soon after that got the attention of Playboy and Penthouse.

This pretty porn star has appeared in more than 30 adult movies and been nominated for 18 awards, three of which she won in a space of three years.

About the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight

Male masturbation is often made light of, especially in comedy routines and buddy movies. However, a new study reveals that frequent masturbation reduces your chances of suffering from prostate cancer.

The study conducted by Harvard University says that men who enjoy 21 or more orgasms in the month will probably cut their odds of prostate cancer by 33%.

It is believed that ejaculation flushes out harmful bacteria and toxins in the prostate. That said male masturbators can assist you in your quest to keep a healthy prostate.

Although some men are happy with using their hands, fake vaginas or pocket pussies can be used to heighten the stimulation and consequently the entire orgasm.

The Angel Texture

The Angel texture is interesting, and as you enter the chamber, you will notice a smooth, long cross rib that winds around the inside of the canal and covers almost the entire 2 inches of the chamber length.

After the spiral texture, you will feel six large bumps, which are followed by a slight constriction with mildly textured walls.

The next section of the same chamber has several lengthy ribs that twist around the chamber walls in a clockwise direction. This is also the opposite of what happens in the first chamber which has an anti-clockwise spiral.

Ultimately, each chamber provides waves and bumps that make for a stimulating experience.

About Fleshlight

Fleshlight is an idea that was brought to life by Steve Shubin who is also the owner and operator of the company, along with his wife Kathy Shubin.

The couple experienced complications in the pregnancy and were in their 40s at the time. Naturally, they were advised by their doctor to refrain from sexual intercourse until the end of her pregnancy.

This caused Steve to consider his options, and after discussing it with his wife, the couple decided to fork out $5 million into researching, developing and buying the equipment that would make the Fleshlights come to life.

The company has sold over seven million sex toys to date and been featured in publications such as Gizmodo and Huffington Post.

So thanks to these innovators at Fleshlight and this sexy porn star the Kendra Sunderland sex toy can now be yours.

How to Use the Kendra Pocket Pussy

The best results with any Fleshlight are experienced when you combine it with lube. FleshLube is water-based and compatible with all Fleshlight models.

The Kendra Sunderland Angel texture sleeve starts with a narrow opening and after entering you will feel a spiraling rib that follows. It is approximately 1.57 inches long. Small gaps are felt between the winding turns. Each twisted turn finishes off with a nub ring, and this includes six, large, round nubs, all pushing against the penis as they point towards the entrance of the canal.

The second chamber provides gentle stimulation with small and round bumps. The main part of this Angel sleeve is the third chamber which is 4.92 inches long and 0.78 inches wide.

The narrow entry gives you immediate pleasure while the long, twisted grooves massage the head of the penis. The less structured area is constricted allowing you to feel a pleasant suction that is not overwhelming.

Only men with an above average penis length will be able to venture to the final canal.

The Use of Lubricant

Using lubricant with the Kendra Sunderland sex toy is recommended the same way you would use lube when you are jerking off by hand. However, in this case, you will need to choose your lube wisely.

Only water-based lubricant should be used with Fleshlight products because of the delicate material it is made from. Oil and silicone based lubes have the tendency to damage the super skin material used on the sleeve of the Fleshlight.

So if you want to get the maximum enjoyment out of this Fleshlight by Kendra Sunderland, and ensure its longevity at the same time, use water-based lube every time.

Cleaning the Sleeve

While conducting our Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight review, we found that thanks to the wide diameter of this Fleshlight cleaning time is significantly less than what other models require. The only parts that may present a challenge are the grooves and gaps between the ribs. So it is advisable to wash or rinse your Fleshlight immediately after use or at least before the semen and lube dry up.

You may need to trap come water inside by blocking one side the sleeve and then swirl the water around to remove any lube that could have been hiding in those grooves and gaps.

Thankfully the large width of this Fleshlight cuts drying time, and you will only need a few hours to get your Kendra Sunderland male masturbator dry.

Who is this Fleshlight Sex Toy designed for?

The wide canal in this Fleshlight implies that it is designed for men with a thicker than average penis. The chambers are fairly loose, especially in the middle and while some men may not be impressed by this, others will enjoy the loose sensation as it is more real.

The mild texture in the middle also allows for a slow and steady build-up to orgasm and is ideal for men who don’t want to be rushed.

Ultimately, if you are without a partner, you still need to administer some , and there’s no better way to do that than by using a Fleshlight pocket pussy. If for some reason you cannot have sex with your partner, this sex toy will help you relieve the sexual tension and also build up your stamina for when you are having actual sex.

The bonus is you will not get anyone pregnant; neither will you get an STD by using a Fleshlight sex toy.

The Price of the Kendra Sunderland Male Masturbator

During our Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight review, we found that some pocket pussies are cheaper than others; however, this is mainly due to the fact that they are made with cheaper materials and the construction is flimsy. That said, they also do not last very long, making them a bad investment.

The Kendra Sunderland male masturbator may be higher priced than the average pocket pussy; however, it is definitely not your average pocket pussy. It made from high-quality materials and precision construction which is designed to last for a long time.

So that said the price is relative to what you are getting for your money.

The Pros:

•    It is suitable for various penis lengths

•    It is recommended for men with thicker than average penises

•    The wide canal makes it easier to clean

•    Although it contains multiple textures, it is still not too intense

•    Suitable for beginners

The Cons:

•    The main chamber is loose and may not provide enough stimulation for some men

•    It is available in the Angel texture only

•    It is priced high

Reasons to Buy a Fleshlight

There are many reasons as to why every man should own a Fleshlight. For one it means that they can receive sexual gratification whenever they want. This is a liberal and empowering feeling for men.

Secondly, if you cannot have sex with your partner due to religious or medical issues, using a pocket pussy still allows you to ejaculate and experience all of the benefits of jerking off.

Furthermore, you can do this without getting anyone pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease. According to recent studies, regular ejaculation may help to prevent prostate cancer in men. So if there was only one reason to masturbate, this would be it.


The Angel sleeve is probably one of the most unique textures in the Fleshlight range. The variety of grooves, ribs, bumps, and nodules make this sleeve anything but boring.

While hardcore pocket pussy fans may prefer a tighter chamber with more suction, lots of men prefer the loose and mildly textured main chamber which reminds them of a real vagina.

This Fleshlight Kendra Sunderland promotes is ideal for first-time pocket pussy users as it is not overwhelmingly intense and you can enjoy a slow build up to orgasm.

You may require more lube with the Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight due to the many grooves and gaps, and this will make cleaning a tiny bit harder, however, the orgasm that you experience is well worth the effort.

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