Maitland Ward Fleshlight Review

If you’ve secretly fantasized about the sexy and sultry Maitland Ward or her sitcom character, Rachel McGuire, then join the club, because so have we!

In fact, we’re so taken with her that we’ve decided to write up this Maitland Ward Fleshlight review so you can learn more about this seductive porn star. 

Keep reading as we discuss the Toy Meets World sleeve in more detail.

About Maitland Ward Fleshlight

After already having a successful career in modeling and acting as well as cosplay personality, the star joined the cast of the “Bold and the Beautiful” team and also found fame in her character Jessica McGuire on the beloved ABC sitcom “Boy Meets World”. In 2019, she jumped headfirst into shooting adult firms with not much persuasion.

The 5’10” natural redhead is rare in that not only is she beautiful and built for the porn business, but her skills as an actress mean she will carry both dramatic and comedic scenes with finesse. Her professionalism, playful energy, and transparent sexuality earned her a contract with the world-renowned brand, Vixen Media Group.

The Maitland Ward texture is unlike any other, and just like the sultry temptress will leave you begging for more. As you enter the sleeve, you’ll find two sections before hitting the tight disks of delight. Thereafter, you’ll reach the tantalizing ridges, and lastly, the two areas of mouth-watering massage beads that will surely give you a head rush. Just like the desirable adult porn star, this Toy meets world texture will leave a smile on your face each and every time.

How to Use the Sleeve?

As with all Fleshlight sleeves, the signature super-skin material makes the sensation realistic while the intense texture of the Toy meets world sleeve will add to the real-feel. The complexity of this texture means you can use it as is, but for a more realistic sensation, you can warm it up. 

In order to do this, place it in a sink filled with hot water. Wait for a few minutes until it reaches the desired temperature and then remove it. 

The intensity and complexity of the texture mean that you may require extra lubrication. Fleshlights’ FleshLube is water-based, meaning that it is safe to use on the delicate super-skin material.

Cleaning the sleeve may prove to be a bit tedious due to the complexity of the texture and the multiple sections; however, by making use of the FleshWash cleaning solution, you’ll be able to get it squeaky clean in no time at all. All you need to do is pay attention to areas where lube tends to hand around

In order to keep your sleeve in good condition for as long as possible, dry it out as thoroughly as possible before storing it away. Another point to remember is that your sleeve should be washed immediately after use to keep it in pristine condition. 

Who is it Designed for? 

The sleeve is designed for men who enjoy intense sensations. Thanks to the various sections, and selection of textures inside the sleeve, it delivers something for everyone.

Priced the same as the other sleeves in the Fleshlight Girls range, it gives you value for money and is also suitable for different sized penises.

Tips and Tricks

A soak in some hot water or a few minutes in the Fleshlight sleeve warmer will have this sleeve feeling like the real thing. Add some of Fleshlights FleshLube to your thrusting session and it creates a pumping session worth savoring. 

Where to Buy

During our review, Maitland Ward was found to be extremely popular with men all over the world and due to this many unscrupulous sellers will try to capitalise by passing off fake products as the original. We recommend that you make your purchase from credible and reliable sources to protect yourself from buying fake products and also to ensure the best possible customer service after your purchase.

We’ve taken the time to ensure that you buy your Fleshlight sleeve from only the most trustworthy sellers.


The Maitland Ward, Toy meets world orifice is something that men around the world have been waiting for, for quite some time. The good news is that thanks to its exclusive texture, which is unlike any other Fleshlight Girl sleeve and the variety that it offers, men all over the globe will not be disappointed.