Lelo Vibrator & Sex Toys Review

legs swinging to sky with pink vibrator

Whether you’re a vibrator aficionado or you’re just getting started on your happy vibe journey, you’ll no doubt come across quite an array of vibes in all shapes and sizes. However, when it comes to state of the art vibrators, Lelo is your number one choice. 

This cutting edge sex toy company specializes in all kinds of vibrators from rumbling, buzzing, and vibrating ones to waterproof and rechargeable vibes. 

So if you’re looking for a toy that is going to keep you satisfied for years to come, you need to check out the tantalizing selection from Lelo. 

Let’s take a closer look at the most popular vibrators from Lelo’s selection. 

The Experts Choice

The Lelo Sona Cruise

The Lelo Sona Cruise black

The Lelo Sona Cruise is one of the company’s most innovative sex toys. Unlike traditional vibrators that use vibrations, this one makes use of ultra-sonic airwaves. These airwaves envelop your clitoris and suck it upwards, creating more stimulation than you ever thought was possible. 

This pink and gold, sleek sonic massager has different intensity settings, vibration modes, and a head that resembles a small mouth. It’s also a real game-changer. One of the benefits of this toy is that you don’t need to move it around. All you do is place it over your clitoris, and it does all the hard work. So ultimately, you will experience a phenomenal orgasm, without even lifting a finger. Now nothing is more refreshing after a long, hard day at work.

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The Contender

The Lelo Soraya

If you want a vibe that hits all the rights spots, this is the one. Some woman want clitoral stimulation, others prefer G Spot stimulation, and then there are those who it all. If this sounds like you the Soraya is your best pick. It has a subtle teasing buzz that feels like internal sonic waves. The dual-motor on this vibrator will leave you breathless both figuratively and literally. 

The vibe is also well designed and feels like a luxury toy. Made from the signature latex and free from Phthalates, this silicone toy is pure elegance and luxury. Its also plated with a high-end ABS metallic plastic. It is quite pricey, but then again, you get what you pay for. 

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The Bargain 

The Lelo Tiani 2

While most vibrators are designed for solo play, very few are intended for couples play. The Tiani 2 is one of the few that caters to couples play. It is dual armed. The smaller arm inserted while the bullet size arm rubs against you. 

You probably have seen vibes from Lelo that are remote-controlled; however, this one goes one step further and syncs remote to vibrate along with the toy. So while you enjoy pleasure from the device, your partner may choose to enjoy the vibrations coming from the remote. 

The Tiani 2 is also great for solo play. 

Discount Codes and Coupons from Lelo

One of the best ways to get Lelo products for less is to make use of discount codes and coupons. These are available from time to time, so keep an eye out as we will always post available coupons below. 

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Other Lelo Products worth Looking at

Lelo Sona Cruise

The Lelo Sona Cruise is one of Lelo’s cutting edge designs. It makes use of sonic airwaves that literally pull the orgasm out of you but in the most pleasurable way. 

The device is rather odd-looking with an elongated and fat curvature with an opening on one end. It is designed to be placed over your clitoris, so the sonic airwaves can get to work. Because these are not traditional vibrations, they reach deeper into the clit and give you an overall better and more fulfilling orgasm. Since there is no direct contact with your skin, there is no soreness or numbness afterward as well.

One fascinating feature on the Sona Cruise is the Cruise control function. Once you apply pressure to the clit with the device, this feature automatically kicks in and gives the vibe a surge of power.  

Lelo Sona

Lelo Sona pink

Like the Sona Cruise, the Lelo Sona makes use of sonic waves and not vibrations. 

These waves penetrate deep into the layers of the tissue and produce an orgasm that is nothing short of mind-blowing. Because it uses airwaves, it doesn’t make direct contact with your skin. This eliminates a lot of the side effects like numbness and soreness. 

The Sona Cruise contains eight different vibration patterns, and it is entirely waterproof. It is also made from 100% body-safe silicone and is USB rechargeable. The Sona is similar to the Sona Cruise except it does not have the Cruise control function. It only contains three buttons, so it is fairly simple to use.

This is one of the most sought after clitoral vibes on the market and surpasses its predecessors which are the Satisfyer and Womanizer.  

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Lelo Ora 2

Lelo Ora 2 black

The Lelo Ora 2 mimics the human tongue as carefully as any device could. This synthetic tongue swirls flicks, and vibrates as it leads you to orgasm. 

The device contains ten modes of stimulation as well as other features. The SenseTouch technology is one of those noticeably different features. It is activated as you press the device harder against your body. Once you do this, the tongue flicking becomes faster. The device is capable of producing 180-degree flicks and 360-degree swirls, which ultimately work to stimulate and bring you to climax. 

There is a full instructional manual, but it would benefit you to do some experimentation of your own to find what works best for you. 

Thanks to the waterproof capabilities, its simple to clean and maintain. Whether you want to engage in oral sex with your partner or simply want to use it for solo play, its a great sex to either way. The Lelo Sona is a great investment that will give you years of pleasure.

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Lelo Soraya

Lelo Soraya purple

The Lelo Soraya combines clitoral and G Spot stimulation since it is a rabbit vibrator. This luxury sex toy is made from medical grade silicone making it 100% body-safe and durable. It is also flexible without sacrificing power and intensity. The Soraya is extremely quiet, and this is one of its best features. 

It contains a cut-out handle that helps you get a firmer grip on the device during use. You need two hours to charge it fully, and this charge lasts for approximately 90 days on standby. 

The Soraya has 6.5 inches of insertable length and is 9 inches long, so it will satisfy most women. The shaft is also stiff and firm which enables it to transmit powerful vibrations. 

Being 100% waterproof, you can enjoy hours of aquatic adventures in the shower or hot tub and clean up is a breeze. 

Like many other rabbit vibes, it contains three buttons and helps you navigate the device. Since it doesn’t resemble a penis, it’s discreet, and you can take it anywhere.

Lelo Gigi 2

Lelo Gigi 2 blue

The Lelo Gigi 2 is a G Spot vibrator and is probably one of Lelo’s best selling ones. It’s made from body-safe silicone and is safe to use in the bath or shower because it’s waterproof. 

The device has a diameter of 1.5 inches and is 6.5 inches long. The insertable length is approximately 3.5 inches. While it is on the smaller side compared to other vines, it does get the job done. It’s also one of the more substantial vibrators in the bullet vibe category. 

The Gigi 2 has a curved shaft which leads to a semi-flat area that stimulates the G Spot. There are eight variable settings as well as several other patterns and waves of power. 

Although it is priced on the higher side, considering it is made from the best materials and its performance is spectacular, it is worth every penny.

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Lelo Mona 2

Lelo Mona 2 red

The Mona 2 is a tapered vibrator designed to make your session as pleasurable as possible. Since it is tapered and pointed at the tip, you don’t get that uncomfortable fullness at the opening of the vagina, and it’s great for clitoral stimulation too. 

The insertable length is 4.5 inches, and the device has silicone and ABS plastic body.  It is convenient to operate and maneuver thanks to the contoured handle. 

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Lelo Mona Wave

Lelo Mona Wave purple

The Lelo Mona Wave also has a tapered tip and curved shaft like the Mona 2. Therefore holding it even with lubed hands is easy. 

The Wave has an instant on and off button making it simple to use. It also instantly powers down if you are interrupted or need to end your session. The advantage of this functionality is that when you switch the device back on, it picks up where it left off.

Lelo Ina 2 & Ina Wave

Lelo ina2 and Lelo wave vibratior review banner

The Lelo Ina 2 is a quiet vibrator, and this is rare, to say the least. Aside from that, the other features include added flexibility and improved design, waterproof capabilities, FDA approved and free from latex and phthalates. 

This device is an upgrade of the Lelo Ina. The upgraded version is meatier and contains more curves. The length of the base handle has been reduced by 2 centimeters, while the shaft has an added 2 centimeters. 

The Lelo Ina Wave recalls the last setting used before you switched off the device. The shaft strokes your G Spot nicely and mimics the feeling of fingers. It also has a great hands-free feature, making your orgasms effortless. 

If you are looking for a Lelo sex toy that delivers deep and rumbling vibrations, this is the one. It gradually builds you up to a satisfying orgasm which begs for more.

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Lelo Luna Beads

Lelo Luna Beads pink and blue

If you’ve always wanted to know how to do kegels workouts, then the Lelo Luna Beads is a great way to get started. These beads combine fitness with pleasure and deliver results. 

Each set has four interchangeable weighted beads, which can be used to increase or decrease the resistance. 

These are recommended if you want stronger orgasms or more intense sensations. The beads help achieve this by vibrating according to your body’s movement. 

It comes with a silicone harness that you place the beads in. The kegel balls itself is made from ABS plastic, which is body-safe and can be purchased in an average or miniature size. 

There are motors inside the balls, and they are battery-free and don’t offer extra sensations, aside from what you get by pure virtue. There’s a string attached to the end of the kegels to make removal easier. 

This is the classiest and sexiest way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. 

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Lelo Smart Wand Large & Medium

Lelo Smart Wand Large & Medium purple

When it comes to wand massagers, the Lelo Smart Wand is as powerful as it gets. There are seven standard vibrations, and it also makes use of SenseTouch technology. 

The device is dual purpose and works on all your muscular knots. So not only does it bring relief to sore and aching muscles but is the perfect sex toy. 

Its also 100% waterproof and is probably one of the only wands on the market with this feature. The wand is 12 inches long, and the head is 2.5 inches in length. The neck might not be as flexible as other vibes, but it’s adequate enough to give you control while using it. 

Wands like these are perfect for beginners and those who enjoy clitoral stimulation. So if you want a multi-purpose device that will give you countless hours of pleasure, this is the one.

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Lelo Tiani

Lelo Tiani black

The Lelo Tiani series is a premium range from Lelo and a part of their Insignia line. It is essentially a couples’ vibrator. The device comes with a disc-shaped wireless remote that controls the vibrator. 

The smaller arm is inserted into the vagina and the larger arm rests between your labia and nudges against your clit. The partner then inserts his penis just beneath the inner arm and can also use the remote to control the vibe while it’s inserted. 

Experience thrilling sensations when making love with the Tiani series. With a flick of the wrist couples can now enjoy mind-blowing orgasms. The innovative remote even vibrates when in use to let you know what your partner is feeling. 

The device also makes use of Lelo’s SenseMotion technology and the remote is wireless. This is primarily a clitoral vibrator and has 2 distinct ends. 

There are various models in this series and each one will suit a specific taste. Ultimately though, each one is designed to stimulate both partners and that is the advantage of Lelo Tiani.

Lelo IDA

Lelo IDA pink

The Lelo IDA is another premium range vibrator from this award winning company. There are quite a few features including the SenseMotion function. 

The device itself is made from medical grade silicone and comes in Lilac, Pink and Black. 

The device is rechargeable and the remote contains batteries. While the device contains buttons, you may use the remote exclusively. 

The function on this vibrator are not straightforward and you ma need to consult the instruction manual. 

The part of the vibe that slips into your vagina is known as the “probe” section. Your partner can also penetrate you while you are using the vibrator making it more fun. 

One of the most sought after functions is that when you shake and tilt the remote it controls the vibrator. Therefore, you get different sensations depending on how you move the remote.

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Lelo Siri

Lelo siri purple

If you are looking for a clitoral vibe the Lelo Siri is the cream of the crop. It is made from plastic and silicone; however, the plastic parts do not have contact with your skin. 

The device is also splash proof and has a simple four-button interface. The vibe also contains a travel lock function ensuring that you avoid those embarrassing moments when you travel with it. 

The top and bottom arrow on the device are used to control and navigate to the different patterns. Some of the patterns are pulse, steady, Wave, escalate and a mixture of vibrations and patterns. 

Power queens will enjoy the steady, powerful and consistent vibrations. It’s comfortable when holding it in your hands and comes in a feminine pink color. 

The Lelo Siri is surprisingly quiet for a powerful vibrator. Two hours of charge will give you several hours of playtime.

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Lelo Lyla 2

Lelo Lyla 2 black and gold

The Lelo Lyla 2 is a hands-free vibrator that will make you smile. For those long, tiring days at work, you can come home, put your feet up, pull your pants down, and let the Lyla do all the hard work. 

The device is wearable and therefore, hands-free. It’s made from 100% silicone and ABS plastic. It’s not only safe to use but easy to clean too. 

This is what you would call a bullet vibrator and is approximately 3.2 inches in length and has an insertable length of 3.1 inches, which is almost the entire bullet. 

Since it is small, it’s comfortable to wear. The device is also 1.3 inches in diameter. The noise level on this device is 50 decibels, and that is about the loudness of an average conversation. The wireless remote can be used from 39 feet away, which is impressive. 

Everything is controlled by the remote, and there are eight vibration settings which are ideal for solo or couples play. 

Two hours of charging gives you two hours of play. The bullet has a string attached to ensure it doesn’t get lost inside you. 

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Lelo Lily 2 

Lelo lili 2 purple

The Lelo Lily 2 is an upgrade of the original Lilly. It is 3 inches long and 1.5 inches in width. 

The Lily 2 is also waterproof so you can enjoy hours of aquatic adventures in your shower. There are a variety of eight stimulation modes in this upgraded version of the Lily. 

Some of the patterns you can enjoy include the ascending mode, two-tone pulse, medium speed, and oscillating pattern mode. 

This is a small device that is aesthetically appealing too. The shape of the vibrator resembles that of an egg. It starts off with a wide base and ends with a narrower and more targeted tip. 

The device has two buttons, so it’s relatively user-friendly. The travel lock feature is handily and will keep you from having any embarrassing moments while traveling. 

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Lelo Mia 2

Lelo Mia 2 pink

The Mia 2 is a bullet vibrator like no other. It contains a variety of pulsations and patterns designed to make you scream with pleasure. 

The design is simple and sleek, unlike what you would expect from a vibe with so much to offer. The vibrations, although not as strong as other sex toys from Lelo, is still enough to bring you to a powerful orgasm. 

The bullet is small enough to fit comfortably in our purse and is classy and elegant. 

It’s also light and easy to hold. The most powerful vibrations are found at the tip. Perhaps the only drawback is that when it gets wet or slippery, it is hard to hold on to. 

This device is rechargeable, and you’ll find the USB port when you unscrew the tip on the angled end. It’s small and discreet enough to charge on your laptop without being detected. It can even pass for an oversized USB flash drive.

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Lelo Elise 2

Lelo Elise 2 black

The Lelo Elise 2 combines the benefits of a clit vibe with a G spot vibrator. It is also robust and sturdy for those who like it that way. 

This upgrade of the original Elise has newer and more improved features. It is one of the larger toys offered by Lelo with an insertable length of 5.25 inches. If you prefer a fuller feeling, this is ideal. 

Made from 100% medical-grade silicone, this is one of the luxury vibrators from Lelo. The device has a classy matte finish and a velvety touch. With two motors this vibrator is extra powerful and certainly the best option for power queens. It contains four buttons and has a circular shape. To lock in the pattern, you need to press and hold down the plus or minus button. Repeating this process unlocks the control.

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Lelo Nea 2

Lelo Nea 2 black

The Lelo Nea 2 is one of the smallest vibes from Lelo. It is a rather charming looking vibrator and packs quite a punch for such as small vibe. 

It contains a plastic body as compared to the signature silicone used on most of Lelo’s other devices. The ABS plastic gives it a glossy finish that speaks of elegance. 

Although you need to hold it in place the entire time, the powerful orgasm is worth the effort. It’s a handy tool used to spice things up during intercourse with your partner. 

This upgrade of the Nea is better and more powerful than its predecessor. Depending on the setting you choose, it can go from a gentle humming sound to a loud rumble. The two buttons on the vibe allow you to change the intensity and patterns. In total, there are eight vibration patterns and modes.

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Lelo Noa

Lelo Noa black

Women looking for sought after clitoral stimulation will love the Lelo Noa. The rabbit-style vibe has an arm that can be inserted and another that sits on your clitoris, making it ideal for both solo and couple’s play. 

There’s a small button on the device that is practically undetectable. Strength settings are lacking on the vibe, and this is expected due to its small size. The pre-programmed modes have not been left out though. All in all, there are a total of 6 modes, and the very first is the constant vibration mode. 

The Noa, unfortunately, does not have the function that enables it to remember the last setting used. This means that when you switch it on, you will have to cycle through the patterns to find the one you are looking for. 

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Lelo is an award-winning name in the sex toy industry and for good reason. The vibrators mentioned above are amongst the most sought after Lelo vibrators on the market.

These products and more are sold on Amazon, although we would recommend that you make your purchase from the manufacturer directly. The benefit of doing so means you cut out the middles man. 

In the event that you have a defective product or it breaks sooner than expected, you can get a quicker resolution by dealing with Lelo directly. You will also benefit from all the warranties and guarantees that come when you buy the device from Lelo. 

You will also receive an original Lelo charger with your purchase. 

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Lelo promotion and coupon codes as this will help you save when making your purchase. 

If you are looking to add to your sex toy collection and have never tried Lelo before, you are missing out on loads of fun. So make the smart choice and purchase a Lelo device today.  It will bring you years of fun and enjoyment and you will never do without another Lelo vibe again.