Lelo Noa – The Ultimate Couples Sex Toy Review

Lelo Noa package

Sex toys need not be used alone. While some toys are fun for solo play, it’s certainly more fun when you include your partner. Some vibrators can be used for couples play and then there are others which are specifically designed for couple’s play. The Lelo Noa is one of those vibes designed for use by couples. 

Features of the Lelo Noa

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This is one sex toy that is designed to equally pleasure both male and female. The bonus for women is the sought after clit stimulation. The Noa delivers dual stimulation if you like since the vibe sits on your clit and the tail can be inserted into the vagina to hold the vibrator in place. 

The tail is also designed in a such a way that it doesn’t get in the way of your lovemaking. Not only is it flat and plain but leaves room for the penis to move. 


The device contains a small button that is almost undetectable. When you hold it down for 5 seconds, it switches on the vibrator. The same button switches it off as well. The vibration strength settings are lacking in this device and it can be expected when you consider the petite size of the vibe. 

However, the pre-programmed modes have not been left out. There are a total of six modes on this vibe and the first one is the constant vibration mode that starts when you switch on the device. 

Unlike some other models that remember the last setting you used before switching it off, the Noa does not. So you will have to cycle through and find your favorite setting each and every time you power it on. 

If you want to have a pleasurable and comfortable session, you should insert the tail of the vibe into your vagina before you start having sex with your partner. Also don’t forget to lube up for an even smoother feeling. 

The Noa is designed for couples to enjoy together, but this does not mean that you can’t have some solo fun with it. Just slip it in while doing your thing and let the vibe do its thing. 

The Sense Motion Remote

If you are familiar with Lelo’s products then you have definitely heard of their signature SenseMotion feature. Unfortunately, the Noa does not includes this feature, but it is compatible with the SenseMotion remote. 

In fact, it makes more sense to use the remote to control all the features on this device than fumbling about and looking for the buttons. 

The remote control adds a whole new element to the enjoyment of this device. Just imagine all the possibilities out there. You can even use it out of the bedroom, perhaps while you are doing your chores and what better way to do it than by allowing your partner to control the vibe while you are wearing it.

Charging the Lelo Noa

This vibe contains a rechargeable battery and this is awesome because you don’t have to deal with cords. You also don’t have to think about buying batteries all the time. There’s a USB port so feel free to charge it on your computer or phone charging socket as well. 

To find the USB port you need to unscrew the cap on the vibe and remove the tail. Once you’ve done this, you will see the charging port. The first time you charge the device you need to do it for four hours. Thereafter, 2 hours should be adequate for a full charge and the device will give you approximately 4 hours of play. 

A pink light will show when you plug the vibe in to charge and when it turns white the batter is fully charged. When the white light starts blinking it means that the battery is low and needs to be recharged. 

Other Features

If you love using your sex toys in the shower and bath then you will love the Noa. It is 100% waterproof and therefore gives you more possibilities when it comes to where to enjoy it.

You should be aware though that the placement of the charging port may put the vibe at risk of water damage, if it is not screwed on properly. In this case a loose cap will allow water to seep in and cause possibly irreversible damage. So be careful of how you used this waterproof functionality. 

One of the best things about the Noa is that it is super quiet. Noise is something you never have to worry about when you use this vibrator. This makes it great for sex and also for moving around with the vibe.


This vibe contains an internal Li-ion battery. It also has a charge time of 2 hours and a usage time of 4 hours. The Noa is waterproof and has a circumference of 3.25 inches with an insertable length of 3.25 inches as well. You’ll be pleased to know that it is phthalates and latex free too. 

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  • It is easy to use
  • It is waterproof
  • It is rechargeable and battery powered 
  • It is easy to clean and super quiet
  • The device is compatible with the SenseMotion Remote


  • The vibrations are weaker than other models
  • It also lacks intensity control
  • The supplied charging cable is small

Who is it designed for?

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If you prioritize clitoral stimulation above all else then this vibe is a must have. Most women would opt for a device that has clitoral stimulation as opposed to G Spot stimulation for one reason and that is because most of them cannot achieve an orgasm without clitoral arousal. 

Some women are admitted power queens and want strong and rumbly vibrations, while others are a bit more sensitive and prefer mild to moderate stimulation of the clitoris. If you are like the latter then the Noa is your best pick. 

It won’t leave you uncomfortable and feeling numb afterwards. If you actually prefer a slow build up to orgasm, then this is exactly what you are going to get with the Lelo Noa. 

Because it does not have intense vibrations, you can never come too quickly or feel like you were rushed. Instead you will enjoy ever moment of your build-up to orgasm before enjoying the grand finale. 

Since the tail can be inserted to keep the vibe in place, you may also enjoy some much needed G Spot stimulation too. So what better way to achieve the ultimate pleasure than by having pin point clitoral arousal with a touch of G Spot stimulation. 

Where to Buy

Amazon does stock this item, however, we found that it is better to make your purchase directly from the manufacturer. One of the biggest advantages is that you cut out the middle man when you buy direct from Lelo. 

In the event that you receive a defective product or your vibe breaks too soon due to poor quality you can resolve the issue quicker by getting in touch with Lelo. So it will be a shorter process and no middle man to cause delays. 

So when you are ready to make your purchase contact the trusted team at Lelo to bu your very own Lelo Noa. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

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This vibe is waterproof and not only does it give you more options when it comes to usage but it is easier to clean the device as well. All you need to do is ash it with warm, soapy water or some other solution of your choice and allow it to dry. 

The device does not contain any texture and this ensures that bacteria does not breed on the device. If you want to use a special disinfectant liquid to sanitize it make sure it is safe to use on the material the vibe is made from. 

If it is then go ahead and make use of it. Ensure that it is completely dry before packing it away or using it again. 

Reasons to Buy

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There are so many reasons to buy this vibrator. It is made by Lelo which is a premium and luxury name in the world of sex toys. The quality can therefore be counted on unlike purchasing cheaper and poorly made devices. 

It is nice to have something to spice up your sex life and this is one of the best tools to have. Clitoral vibrators are dear to every woman’s heart and are something no woman should be without. 

The Noa is a once off investment that will give you and your partner years of pleasure. It is designed offer you the ultimate pleasure as a woman. 

The waterproof feature is a bonus and the fact that is doesn’t need batteries to be replaced is another. If you have ever experienced the embarrassment of someone over hearing you use your vibe then you will appreciate how quiet this one is. 

It is so quiet that you can use it on the go. It works with the SenseMotion remote so your partner can control it while you are using it and this is great for public play. 

The small size of the vibe also makes it ideal for travel. So there are so many reasons for you to purchase this vibe that not buying it means you are missing out on a world of fun. 

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The Verdict

The Lelo Noa is one of those vibes that you can’t go wrong with. It has so much to offer although you may be fooled by its tiny size. 

The small size however is one of its strengths and not its weakness. Because it is petite enough, it can fit easily between you and your partner during lovemaking. It is also small enough to be a wearable clit vibrator. Being discreet is one of the biggest advantages you have with a vibe of this size. 

It’s also super quiet making it great for using undetected. If you love to travel and don’t like leaving our vibes behind, you’ll be impressed with just how portable the Noa is. 

Although it may take more effort to climax using this device, it is definitely worth the work. 

Its waterproof capabilities are also a bonus and provided you use this feature with caution, there is no reason for you not to enjoy it. 

The Noa is one of the bets clit vibrators out there and you will never has buyers remorse if you invest in it. 

So why not make an investment into your love life and enjoy powerful and sensational orgasms for years to come.